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What is Lyubov?

the Answer to this question concerned and concerns many people throughout the millennia. Someone found on it the answer, and someone is not present. Also we will try to look for the answer to this question. Let`s remember
that most often speak about love.
Ya I love this person. I love these flowers. I love fried fish. I love music. I love God. So? Let`s stop on these examples and we will try to understand, each case, what is Lyubov and that means to love.
Ya I love this person. What does it mean? It means that I want to think constantly of it (i.e. I want to merge with it in the thoughts), I want to see constantly it (i.e. to merge with it through the eyes, through contemplation of its look), I want to hear constantly it (i.e. to merge with it through the ears, through hearing of its sounds), I want to smell constantly it (i.e. to merge with it through the nose, through feeling of its smell), I want to feel constantly this person to the touch (t. e. to merge with it through the skin, through skin feelings), I want full merge to it, full unity with it what I want to achieve through sexual merge during which most stoutly there is a perception of all above the listed feelings - feelings. And besides, all these feelings are very pleasant to me and as it seems to me, are necessary for me. So?
Conclusion: I want to have continuous contact with darling and to test at the same time, from it pleasure. And the most continuous contact it to be uniform with this person, i.e. to be a single whole with it. Let not for a long time, let not on always.
Ya I love fish. (Mean love of eating it more often). What does it mean? It means, I want to have all is higher the listed feelings, having only replaced sexual intercourse, the act of really full merge to object through eating - its absorption, assimilation and absorption with its all the organism.
Conclusion: I want to be uniform with fish and I connect, only not myself to her (fish), and it to myself. And fish becomes me.
Ya I love flowers. Means, I want to have all is higher the listed feelings to these objects. I.e. I want to think of them, to see them, to smell them, to touch, put them, to raise, care for them, to receive them as a gift etc. I.e. what I, as long as possible, would be among these fine plants.
Conclusion: I want that feelings which in me cause flowers were in me constantly.
Ya I love God. What does it mean? It means, I want that God was constantly with me, constantly preserved me, gave me gifts. I want to feel constantly its presence to be quiet. I want to have continuous contact good luck to feel it as a row, I want to feel it in myself and myself in it, and, therefore, I want to become a God. (This laudable desire. Because having become God, at least, in the soul, the person will not be able to sin, do nonsenses, mucks. Will begin to love all, always to help all, to give itself, the help, the participation, etc.) . And the most continuous contact it to be uniform good luck.
Conclusion: I want to become such as it, and it is better to become uniform good luck.
Is attentive having studied everything listed above, we come to a conclusion that Lyubov is desire to be constant at the same time whom you love, and not just together, i.e. in one place near it, namely the related most naitesneyshy image i.e. Whole. And it not the simple desire, is similar to scratch a nape, to stroke a cat or to eat, and the strong aspiration going from depth of our soul, is irresistible pulling us to merge and be a single whole with darling. In other words: - Lyubov is the aspiration going from within to be uniform with object of love! If is even shorter, then Lyubov is ASPIRATION to UNITY with object of love.
not to confuse Unity to the Unification. The unification is action, the act, Unity to eat a state.
not to confuse Aspiration to the Inclination. The inclination is an influence from outside, the aspiration is the movement generated from within.
That is not Lyubov.
Often people confuse Lyubov to unity to object of love, to love to a unification, all the same to whom. T.E. Lyubov to the person is confused to an inclination to sex, Lyubov to food, to a gluttony or gourmandise, Love for God with fanaticism of worship and hatred to all who does not recognize object of their worship. Etc.
If in Love is absent any component, let us assume, there is no aspiration to feel taste or a smell of darling, then it means that the person does not want to be uniform with darling. And time does not want to be uniform (completely) with object, this feeling not Lyubov means, and it is impossible to name this feeling Lyubov. It can be, any inclination or coercion, any means or still that, but only not Lyubov! It is necessary to define and call correctly things by their proper names, but not everything in a word.
Great Sil Kosmos.
When that was gold egg of Brahma, it is all Universe squeezed to the egg sizes. Then there was a Big Bang of Egg of Brahma, and it began to scatter in different directions. But together with force scattering the Universe on the parties also force collecting the Universe in a whole began to be shown. And the further the Universe scatters, the force collecting the Universe becomes stronger. Sil, collecting the Universe, it is put in each atom, in the smallest part of the Universe. Therefore all in this world to seek to gather, merge in common and to become a whole. Sil which attracts space bodies to each other, doing them to a whole, gravitation, an attraction, magnetism etc. is called. But this force has one more name - Love. Human love it only slightly - slightly understood by the person, manifestation of the attracting force of great space. Love to seek to unite everything scattering in space. Both matter, and energy, and space, and time and everything that there still is. The love which is in everything and going from within everything this most all also directs to each other, attracts, merges, forces down, slipat, alloys in a whole. In that gold egg of Brahma which was to the Big Bang, and in which the Universe will gather again, collected by Great Force - Love.
So what is Lyubov? Love it Sil Velikaya! The love is a woman or just Lyubov.