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Life became similar to a ball or how to cease to go on a vicious circle?

the Ball - the soft elastic (as a rule) subject of spherical shape which is generally used in sports
of Feature:
Lack of ledges and softness reduce injury risk.
Spherical shape allows to slide or fly easily in any direction on long distances.
allows a ball to jump aside Elasticity, giving interest to game.
the Big elastic spherical subject complicates possession of it, it is easier to select or beat out it from the rival.

And what with our life? We always try to keep everything under control. At first we create a cover for years, long and persistently, referring to education, to the lived experience, to the habits or imposed to us, is a sphere. Then we try to fill it. Oh no!!! We fill it - or all this is illusion?! But we believe that this created Something and there is original life.
, What`s next? the Ball is created. it was necessary to start it in game. And as we know that our life - game!!! Only as to play it not all know. But the ball is created, and he already lives, or it exists? Only each creator of the ball can answer this question.
Began game - the audience in the stands, they wait for a victory. But they wait for a victory in a prism of the consciousness, the reason, the desires from the player for whom they came or came to be ill. To them it is important that their expenses, we will call it, depreciation, paid off. Game began, the judge blew a whistle... And here the most interesting begins: game is entered by features of each ball.
As speaks to us vikislovar the first feature lack of ledges and softness which reduce injury risk is. That is we have to clean all features our for years of the created ball and to be soft to reduce injury risk? But all this gives “masses“, and we are individual?! How to be?! Stale, rough, cynical what demands our time from us? But then injury risk will increase, - everything turns out in direct ratio... And the cover is created and whether it will sustain influence from the outside? To become reserved, to separate from society, - not everyone can, only the most courageous balls can take out themselves alone. Alone we learn ourselves. we Pass
to the second feature. Spherical shape allows to slide or fly easily in any direction on long distances. Now we do not mention contents which was created by feature number one, and we will consider only a form. We created spherical shape, having accepted it, it became suddenly simpler to us to live, like a ball we just gave a task a direction vector, and the beginning in itself all somehow to decide, we do not look deep into - we at surfaces. We slide, and further and further carries away us... to the world which was not known to us earlier it is pleasant to us - all new and surprising around. Yes, we took a step, and the frozen river rushed in the movement. Externally we are happy, but for some reason in us - emptiness. Because contents was not filled, it is only a form. Sphere form.
tells Point three to us to give interest in game, it is necessary to give elasticity to our ball that will allow it to jump aside. Periodically it is necessary to be able to jump out of the created covers, to do what was never done earlier, and perhaps we will receive what we never had, but always was in our ball. Even if on us presses, press, pressed, all this should be accepted, to cave in, but it has to leave only a mark, the state initial will return. (present you you press on a ball a finger, at first the dent is formed, the sphere is broken, but there passes couple of seconds and it is again equal.) But in life this couple of seconds can be to steam for years, to steam decades, and the print all the same will remain. With it it is necessary will learn to live, it will remain in memory - but it is not you the presents.
One more feature of a ball in game. The big elastic spherical subject complicates possession of it, it is easier to select or beat out it from the rival. Here we are filled with contents, we have a form, there is an elasticity, interest in game increased. And we need still balls. At first we get accustomed to them, then we begin to learn, to be on friendly terms with someone, it is pleasant to someone, to someone is not present, and we begin to love someone. But there is a lot of such balls, and everyone strives to select each other its close ball, and those who are more courageous - to beat out from other ball. And there is a question of self-defense and there is a purpose - to win! We win.... result? We can win against any rival, but we cannot win against ourselves and if we win, then we will be switched off from game. But we can win against laziness, win against bad habits, bad thoughts, we can become strong, hardy that there were enough forces to the end of the game. And what then? Game ended. The audience exults, music plays, there is a rewarding, but inside still melancholy? There is a wish that not just the audience rejoiced to a victory, and another rejoiced... the closest ball???

P. S. Where we would not move we will return to the beginning if we are balls....

With love, your DS