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What are cats when there are no owners the house engaged in?

May I introduce myself. My name is Mr. Taksedo, but you can call me just Dachshunds. I have a girlfriend Sonya. We often discuss with it for what owners in the house are necessary. Can be to bring us few times in day something tasty? In my opinion, they more do not suit for anything.

Imagine, they arranged all house with cases, sofas, ponavesil of shelves on walls, and to us, to cats, and there is no place to be developed. All this furniture is very good to sharpen claws, but owners forbid to do it to us, only and hear: “Shoo!“ There is a strong wish to rock on curtains, but Kysh is again distributed opposite “!“ And as it is pleasant to be worn around, to jump on sofas, regiments and cases, but when hosts, we cannot be engaged in favourite fitness. I, for example, very much like to drink water from a vase with the flowers, but it is necessary to do it secretly that nobody saw.

What we do when in the house there is nobody? First of all, we bring the cat`s order. We begin, as a rule, with a bathroom. There the hostess laid any rugs - shmorvik, and it seems to us if they to throw out, then are more empty seat for our games. Still I like to work sport, for this purpose I have a special shell - a sports stick. When the host, he uses it for other purposes … but it is already other history.

My owner for some reason for days on end not movably sits at a table, looks at the screen and presses some buttons, and around it there are a lot of any papers with which it would be interesting to play. Yes, and buttons to press - occupation for the real cat! Once the owner for a while left, and I quickly shast in his office, decided to help it a bit. Jumped on a table, looked round and at once realized that to what: pieces of paper which were on the right went on the left. Which - that I left in the middle and still a little pressed buttons, and on the screen at the same time something moved, I wanted to play with it, but the owner returned, and I had to carry away paws, as soon as possible. Nothing - that owners do not understand cats who with all the heart want to help them!

When owners have dinner, smells very delicious, but they never allow us to sit down with them to one table. Once they ate and went to other room to look in some box. I long waited for this moment. The main thing in this case - speed. Until they returned, I managed to lick a plate clean. I will honestly tell, the human food is much more tasty than cat`s!

Mine gyorlfrend Sonya loves too when anybody there is no house. She retires to a bathroom and imagines herself the hostess of the house. And the house consists of a bathing curtain. She can sit in the house for hours. We also very much like to play with Sonya together. It is especially pleasant to get into a garbage can or into a box. How much interesting it is possible to find there!

It is very pleasant when owners are absent at home in the evening. Friends come to this remarkable time to us, and we have an opportunity to communicate. However, between us an insuperable barrier in the form of a transparent partition, but we understand each other from a semi-look.

When owners come back home, they for some reason see at once traces of our activity, at this moment it is better not to catch sight to them. We, as a rule, get on our cat`s tree and amicably we sleep, pretending that all this was made not by us, such soft and fluffy.

I do not know how is to other cats with owners, but we with Sonya solved, let ours live together with us. Where to disappear with it. Well, we sheltered them!