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Between Moscow and With - The small village is St. Petersburg it was called Kunyovka of inhabitants there were ten yards all inhabitants there were Advanced age all elderly they were separated from the whole world uny Sveta radio of the TV they should lived piles of days but sredeny there lived the Young Family the Husband the tire and three boys they put at themselves to a vodvara four silver birches even Children called Birches by the Names finished the robot mudflows for fished the Table saw Milk and fir-trees dark Hlyeb speaks the tire the husband Pricking children ears stand on the feet umenya pomozhnik is is necessary you to go to the City to find to the robot to begin New life and a potekhonka and us will take away from here all young people left from the village to the city ostalis otn Stariky da Babulchi and zhay Kohl I with Detmi ostanus we will wait for you and drift you nevalnuysya. In the morning early sees off him the tire cries children nistal them sleep to awake in an uzelochka food and a peshochok went to a lesoposatka for niyo it any more not wine was on foot it reached Moskvy having got to such megopolyus he did not know what to do but the person came from the Village y an uny eye pokatilis for ears came it into grocery store of a kanezhn there is a wish to eat and uny money was not came to the director of shop and speaks I want to eat conceal a pozhalost a piece of Hlyeba and I from work know my friend and you on podaydyot at us is not present a grushchik you will work ablation and we you both will feed and will give to drink that us left all pogrushchik and you thinking vasmyot on the robot yes on write the application but I not competent I am not able to write and read that you that from Derevny yes and as call you Kohl`s Village but here Nikolay of a latn work with a nachovka what to ninut will think up a pokazht will sleep to the storeroom well told Kohl all day long Kohl`s robotala vygruzat the car of sinkers of the car dragged a box of a prodovshchitsa of Kohl are lean it carry it and it executed all orders that Yim was told only that did not expel the car with macaroni came to sledushch day it is necessary was the car remained to unload before opening of shop it is equal hour of Kohl you sinkers of a box with macaroni on the street the car left and it began potekhonko to drag boxes to the storeroom on two boxes Kolya carried and he did not think that they will be stolen to Yim and it did not come that will steal a box with macaroni Ten korobek was not enough the shop assistant of a potnyala panic caused militia and became you esnyat who stole a box with Kohl`s macaroni tried to obesnit that it did not steal but nothing could prove and it arrested put in an obeziyanik and told Yim to wait for the vessels Director of Shop that day it was not on the robot it came to sledushch day to Yim everything raskozal but it to nobody believed went to militia talked over with Nikalayem it to it obesnit that it did not varavat and why to it this macaroni of a kokt was possible to steal Tushonka Kolbasa and other food the Director of shop it called Vassili Ivanovich it panemat that theft sellers put everything on Kolya it was from the village to mind and snow were simpler to be asked sellers thought but Vasily Ivanovich had big communications to an onzha of robotala by the Director of Shop and the WTO all the time also Militia and Prokaratura and Doctors Actors were on friendly terms with Vasily Ivanovich and Athletes even were from a ligature in politbiro the USSR felt sorry for it for the young guy Kolya and he promised Yim that it will pull out it from a mintovka Vassili Ivanovich went to the friend at his dacha by his friend was the Prukurory USSR he obesnit to it that the guy is not guilty and in vain it arrested but Prukuror could not from show to the friend and still the Daughter went mad it heard ikhn conversation the Daddy help a betnyashka at us retired Sadomnik and Vasily Ivanovich speaks that it are good tavay vasmyom it to themselves and it to us will help with a garden I will go to Italy studies you soon will go to pension it will be a good sodomnik but Prukuror did not become long to think and summoned the Chief of Service Bezopasnosty and Told a poyezhayta behind it and will bring it here well Yury Petrovich and Dochka and Vassili Ivanovich obraduvalis began to fry shish kebabs on to the street was good weather Yury Petrovich wrote piles of posletniya of Mimuara where he odat to the homeland a floor of a century. Kolya was brought on Yury Petrovich`s dacha well to the davayena we posnakomtsya by the snashy hero as you