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Ideal man. Who is he?

Ideal man. What it? Hm... High or low, dark-haired or bald, in a strict suit or usual jeans, by machine or the subway, living on Babushkinskaya or Pure ponds, rolled or with a small puzik. I do not know... But one is indisputable: if I write about it, so it exists!

People look for ideals by certain criteria which thought up to themselves:

- it is similar to the first love;
- it is able to present phone for 45 thousand;
- it goes by Bentley, Audi, Lexus;
- lives on Tverskaya Street and according to visas in its international passport it is possible to study geography.

Such is it, the man`s ideal? Unambiguously not!

“The ideal man, actually, can even not know that he is ideal. He even never thought of it. He just lives. Lives under those laws which are dictated to it by mind, conscience and soul. If he invites you to a coffee cup, then he really wants to treat you with coffee and when helps with a difficult situation, then, believe, to it there will be enough your human “thanks“. The ideal man does not waste the words. If he told that he will call back / will call - means, he will make it! Let not today, and tomorrow, but will make. The ideal man is not able to speculate, put ultimatums and to dictate the terms.... You ask: where to take it, such ideal? I will answer: “I do not know“. (Series “Margosha“.)

The ideal man is the one who will take from you from hands two heavy bags, despite that four which he already bears. You ask: “To you it is heavy?“ He will answer: “No“. Of course, he will tell a lie, but will never allow you to bear weight! The ideal man is the one who snuffles in a bed late at night, having buried in your shoulder while you read these lines. The ideal man is for the sake of what all of you grow thin summer on 12 kg, and he, having met you after that instead of telling how you perfectly look, asks: “What happened to you?“ - only because any accepts you, and to it it is unimportant, you weigh 49 kg or 61.

The ideal man is that which does not know how the washing machine turns on and that means a basin with a strelochka on the dashboard. Therefore all things are always washed by you. The ideal man is that which, in the morning, leaving before you, gathering in the room, touches all rumbling objects, shuffles a hanger on a case and with noise takes away keys from a table. You through the thinning dream begin to be angry with it, but nothing except “I love you. Till the evening...“ you cannot mutter. The ideal man is the one who calls you from shop and specifies what need to be bought lettuce leaves or seasonings for pilaf because he does not know it. The ideal man is that which waits for you all 4 hours, so far you gather. He is nervous, trifles with phone and is perplexed what can be done so long, but he waits!

The ideal man, hurrying to you, it will never be developed through two continuous, having shown all those who cost at a stop that he is abrupt. He will reach to the intersection, will wait for an additional arrow and will be developed by rules because he knows that it has close people who wait for it.

The ideal man is that which on May 9 at 21:57 will tell you: “Darling we will go to a balcony rather, I prepared for you a surprise, ordered salute in your honor, in 3 minutes volleys will begin“! You will stand and smile... Being perplexed from where it fell down your head of such wonderful. But all the same it will be pleasant to you.

The ideal man is called: Pasha, Maxim, Roma, Sasha, Lyosha, Seryozha, Ilya, Kostya, Matvei, Dima, Zhenya, Kolya, Vitalik, Mischa, Vanya, Silanty...

The ideal man is your man! And another cannot be!