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How to catch a healthy sleep?

Actually, a dream are not the time deleted from active life. On the contrary, exactly the dream is the most important component of your activity. The better you sleep at night, the results of your work will be better in the afternoon.

Since 2008 at the initiative of the International Association of medicine of a dream annually on the third Friday of March the World day of a dream is celebrated by . Such attention to a dream is not casual, it provides not only rest of an organism. Still the dream promotes processing and storage of information, facilitating thereby fixing of the studied material. For this reason our parents advised us before going to bed to re-read the poem set by heart and to put the book under a pillow. Besides, the dream strengthens immune system of the person by activation of T - the lymphocytes struggling with catarrhal diseases.

The normal duration of a dream makes 6 - 8 hours a day. But the main thing is not the quantity of a dream, but its quality. In the modern world human brains are so loaded by information that continuous nightmares dream at night. As a result the woken-up in the morning and really well rested person is a big rarity. And whether it is possible to catch a good dream? It is possible! If only you trust in magic forces of Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher is a certain mascot which Indians used for protection against nightmares. It represents similarity of a web from the threads tense on a circle. Hang up this security amulet over a headboard of sleeping. On one of versions Dreamcatcher is a certain filter: passes through openings pleasant and dobryesna, and angry and terrible get confused in its web, with the first beams of the sun they disappear. Such amulet it is possible to make with own hands, and it is possible to get in gift shop.

And here if you are not fond of Indian culture, and are an adherent of traditional medicine, then the simple recommendations promoting a healthy sleep and pleasant awakening will be useful to you.

Rules of a healthy sleep:

1. You go to bed only when really you feel fatigue and you have first signs of drowsiness. If to you all - is not possible to fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and be engaged in some quiet business, it is better in other room. After a while return to a bedroom and repeat attempt to fall asleep.

2. Exclude external irritants. Ask a question: Whether “Convenient you have a mattress and a pillow?“ Listen to the feelings if you have a certain discomfort, then acquire new bedding, and you will feel at once how quality of your dream improved. When you go to bed, switch-off the TV because it is one of the main reasons for a sleep disorder.

3. Think up personal rasslablyayushche - the calming ritual before going to bed. For example, listen to melodious music or sounds of the nature, take a shower, make massage, read easy literature, solve a crossword puzzle or play solitaire. If you do it daily, then over time you will develop a habit that after the ritual done by you you fall asleep.

4. Observe a day regimen - it will help an inner clock of an organism to work trouble-free. Try to lay down and wake up approximately at the same time even on the weekend. During the day maintain regular physical activity. Do not overeat in the evening. Avoid the use before going to bed of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, greasy and spicy food.

5. Prepare the room in which you sleep. Remember that temperature in a bedroom should not be high. It is the best of all to sleep at a temperature of 16 - 18 degrees. It would be quite good to air the room before going to bed, and at an open window it is possible to do breathing exercises. If you have no allergy, use aromatic oils or special small pillows with medicinal herbs. For the best falling asleep it is possible to use also gradually dying away light source. Falling asleep at the same time happens slowly and smoothly.

6. Think of pleasant. Before falling asleep, close eyes, relax and remember something good, for example the moments of the leaving day which gave you pleasure. Dream! Try to visualize the dream, and then not only the good dream, but, perhaps, and execution of the desirable is guaranteed to you.

Let this article will be one more occasion to pay attention to the dream, so and health. Sweet, healthy, full-fledged dream!