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Why to put clock if time not to stop? All dear readers know

(or not all?.) that the territory of Russia was conditionally divided until recently by meridians (lines on the card from the North into the South) on time zones. Time zones one differed from another for 1 hour (in what was though some logic).

In 2011 the number of time zones was reduced by the decree of the Russian President D. A. Medvedev for convenience of some officials (as it is known, officials at us are ruling class) to be it though on time is closer to the center, that is to Moscow. Strange, but at us in Russia each new power first of all begins to scoff at hours, throwing a switch forward, back.

We will not leave in hoary antiquity though hours moved to and fro earlier. Let`s begin with our revolutions when time departed an arrow. In 1917 on July 1 the decree of Provisional government entered transition to the “summer“ time advancing local (zone) time for 1 hour. Then in December, 1917 hands were thrown at o`clock already the decree of Council of People`s Commissars of RSFSR again (probably, to spite of Kerensky).

The translation practice of hours to and fro proceeded till June, 1930 when “for more rational use of light part of days and redistribution of the electric power between household and production consumption“ transfer to “winter“ time was cancelled by the decree of Council of People`s Commissars of the USSR. From this point the country began to live on “summer“ time, advancing more or less “normal“ time for 1 hour. This time, “P +1“, also received the name of “decretive“ time. It exists physically to this day though in the last law definition of “decretive“ time disappeared.

It`s all right, for an hour so for an hour. Somehow got used for many years. However, to a livestock and some people it was bad, but who will be interested in opinion of cattle and old men when it is necessary to carry out “plans an ocean“! However in 1981 at the request of the State Planning Committee in the territory of the USSR entered “summer“ time again, without canceling “decretive“, that is with an advancing zone for 2 hours.

At 2 o`clock get up earlier, at 2 o`clock lay down etc. earlier. Probably, in the State Planning Committee the believing people living by the principle “Early bird gets the worm“ gathered. Started over again moving hands to and fro. Cows did not know any more, as to think (well, milkmaids come at 2 o`clock earlier, and milk - that still is not enough, did not collect). I already also do not speak about people. In “dashing nineties“ “decretive“ time and switching cancelled, restored until everything settled down return by “decretive“ time and the translation on “summer - winter“ time.

There passed 20 years. And here in dashing “oranzhevo - elective“ times the Russian President D. A. Medvedev decided to mark the enough - short board. Without canceling actually “decretive“ time, he cancelled transition to “winter“ time, that is the country returned to a situation of 1930, plus leapfrog with time zones. I am surprised to an ingenuity of our officials all the time. Well as they managed to break system of time zones and to palm off it in the decree of the president? It is inconceivable!

Time goes, the people write. Also he writes the governors. We suffer with this time conversion to and fro. So though explain to us what advantage from all this? That ourselves finished ourselves: here knowing speak, it is useful, so let`s suffer further, time it is necessary!

And what you think? The same people who argued advantage of spinning of arrows to and fro furiously could not count anything in concrete figures. Something is muffledly muttered about economy of the electric power whether for 0,5%, whether for 1%. And all. And others say that it is more real harm. That is all of us will suffer, advancing normal time for 2 hours, not to fill up, torment children, lifting them in a kindergarten and in school, etc., to break a natural rhythm of life, and all this from - for the fact that excess hour was necessary for some scientific Englishman in the morning that to catch butterflies? This imitation the West at us sometimes reaches idiocy!

Russia - not England and not Europe. Russia is the huge country located in territories in the north of Earth from the ocean to the ocean with time difference at ten o`clock. We have to the north of 50 parallels in the summer daylight of day it that hands should not be moved anywhere. And to the south it is possible to cope also without switching to and fro. And in the cities it does not make sense as light in office and production rooms is all the same included constantly at all, and in houses light in a toilet, want do not want, and all the same will include. And in rural areas just change the schedule of works. Begin in the summer earlier, and in the winter - later that habitually both for people, and for cattle.

Therefore I address our legislators and newly elected V. V. Putin. Please, listen not to Chubais`s voice, and to a reason voice. Enter in Russia legislatively for all times normal time which for some reason is called “winter“. Also you cancel “decretive“ (in the new law on it it is not even mentioned - forgot, perhaps, or hided that we forgot) and “summer“ time.

And as for electronic devices as - nibud we will adjust, our programmers - the best in the world (in vain America got rid to us on cheap stuff of illiquid computers in due time)! Who does not trust - visit the Silicon Valley in the USA, and you will hear there at every turn a perfect Russian mat!

And to readers I wish to return to a normal rhythm of life and work. Try to obtain it very much, and there will be to you happiness. Also be not ill, please.