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Whether it is possible to grow up a bucket of tomatoes from one bush?

the Normal gardener will answer the question raised above: “No“. Also it will be in own way right. Because to receive a bucket harvest of tomatoes from one bush, there has to be some not absolutely usual grade of tomatoes or a small bucket with a capacity of 4 - 5 liters. Besides it is about cultivation of tomatoes in the conditions of Transbaikalia where the bezmorozny period lasts only two months - from the middle of June to the middle of August.

In years of stagnation in Russia to thirty percent of vegetable production it was grown up on seasonal and personal plots. Hundreds of thousands of workers and employees in Sunday and holidays directed on the dacha that, having had a rest sincerely to work there for the benefit of the fatherland and own stomach. For inhabitants of the educated Europe such thirst for additional work was not clear, and they got used to buy vegetables in shop.

Nevertheless each Soviet citizen respecting himself tried to get the seasonal dacha on which it grew up all necessary vegetable production for the family. Giving still is for many Russians good help in the family budget, but already for other reason when socialism ended, and the capitalism which succeeded it did not bring closer us to the educated Europe at all.

Transbaikalia is a zone of risky agriculture therefore many vegetable growers grow up vegetables in greenhouses and hotbeds in due time to save plants from late or early frosts. In greenhouses and hotbeds tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pepper, water-melons, melons and other exotic and vitamin production which hostesses in large numbers prepare for the winter in the form of a different pickles and marinades are grown up.

In my family giving belonged to the mother-in-law and therefore, without being an owner of the land plot, I dared to combine “business with pleasure“ and was busy not only physical work, but also work intellectual. At the dacha I made different experiments, and then neighbors came to look what for a cucumber of meter length sticks out of a hotbed (then did not hear about a lagenariya yet) or to take the pleasant tomato on seeds.

About 30 - 40 years ago in Japan the tomato tree, information on which was published in different magazines, was grown up. The tree was grown up on a hydroponics with use of the special computer equipment which regulated the modes of a drop irrigation, lighting, the air mode and other necessary manipulations. The fact of cultivation of such tree was interesting to me.

It is very difficult to grow up a tomato tree in the usual greenhouse with a seasonal turn therefore first of all I was engaged in the solution of a question of formation of a bush on a lane. For this purpose chose «exotic“ for Siberia tall grades of tomatoes “Wonder of the world“, “A lemon - a liana“, “Kroner - the prince“ which can reach height of five meters. But as it appeared, we have not Japan and the tomato trees formed at me in the greenhouse were left without the expected harvest.

The Japanese grew up a tomato with a usual flower brush, with single fruits, tearing off excess flowers from a brush, I on plants had flower brushes grape type with two - three tens ovaries. And by September on my “trees“, naturally, only about two thirds of ovaries on two lower brushes ripened. But it was necessary to see what it is brushes! About twenty tomatoes an average of the size of small egg hung on them.

The next year only two bushes of a grade “Wonder of the world“ which I decided to grow up with a small stock on three and four roots participated in experience, using one of methods of selection - an inoculation. This inoculation was carried out by the simplest way and consisted in merging two a number of the growing plants which altercate in one capacity nearby (a glass for seedling).

When the seedling of tomatoes had the fourth leaf, and it grew to height about 30 cm, I cut with an edge of the razor on one quarter stalks (length of a cut from 2 to 3 cm) and, having connected together two plants, wound them with a fabric strip. Then weakened the place of an inoculation in process of growth of seedling a little. A month before disembarkation of seedling in soil cut off the second stalk and repeated an inoculation already on dual plants.

From the available landing material were selected two strongest and developed plants with three and four roots at which removed the second stalks after landing to the greenhouse. Then grew up on a lane, applying an agrotechnology, habitual for itself and without burying the imparted additional root system to the soil. On three roots grew up a plant in three stalks, and with four roots - in four stalks.

By fall my “tree“ had rather impressive appearance when the hanging clusters of the reddening tomatoes caused respect in all who had an opportunity to observe them. I did not begin to measure the received harvest, it was a pity to spoil brushes on which one hundred one and a half fruits with an average diameter of 4 - 5 centimeters hung, most likely, they were more bucket.

I was not engaged in similar experiments any more, continuing cultivation of vegetables in the usual way. Exotic is as a hobby and that to show to children unusual properties of plants. I quietly could receive the same bucket of tomatoes, without straining, growing up several plants of large-fruited grades on the same square. In the conditions of Siberia the harvest of tomatoes on a bucket (10 liters) from square meter of the greenhouse is a good result. On forty square meters of the greenhouse receiving 40 - a bucket harvest of tomatoes is more than enough for any family.