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Queen or chippy? The true story of Dita von Teese

28 of September, 1972, in a family of the manicurist and driver, was born the fair-haired girl Heather Renee Suit.

Her sister, Jennifer, actively proved in sport and study while Heather was very timid and silent. She liked to spend house time, trying on hats of the grandmother. The girl loved movies 40 - x years, she was attracted by this improbable feminity and she dreamed that having matured, too will become such.

“I looked forward to the moment when to an outgrowth and I begin to carry linen. Feminity at me was associated with it“.

Still, little Heather dreamed to become a ballerina, but her dream was not fated to be carried out - parameters did not approach.

Once, Heather found father`s magazines Play Boy. In them women wore stockings on garters, and it madly impressed the girl. She dreamed to wear stockings, thought that they are worn by all women. When time to buy the first brassiere came, Heather came tearing along in shop, in dreams to get something fine, embroidered by pearls or etc., but in shop there was only the most usual bra.

In high school, Heather settled to work as the seller of pizza. Opposite to its work, there was a shop of underwear. The girl became came into it, dreaming to get here something beautiful once. It was in is mute so often that once offered it in is mute work. Heather`s relations with the father began to spoil because that did not approve work of the fifteen-year-old daughter in such place as - shop of underwear.

In honor of the coming eighteen-anniversary, Heather employed the photographer to take pictures in Pin style - Up (the image beautiful, often seminude, girls in a certain style. In Russian it is used for designation of concrete style of the American graphics of the middle of the 20th century.) After this relation with parents were finally heated, and Heather left the house.

Together with the girlfriend Michele, she rented the small room in which only one bed was located. Girlfriends settled to work as Gough`s dancers - Gough. Heather has love affairs with the local DJ, he soon, advised the girl to pass to work in club which was in the neighbourhood. At first Heather began to doubt, but the DJ told: “You that?! Yes they there even do not take off brassieres!“

So, Heather went to investigation to Captain Krem club. By then, the girl had about 50 packs, she did them short and dressed together with corsets. It was hired. It favourably differed from the suntanned and almost undressed dancers hanging on poles of this club. It had the style. And soon she called with herself and Michele.

“She called me in a break and told: I just earned 90 dollars, you are obliged to pass here! - Then it seemed to us that it taaak is a lot of!“
- Michele, the girlfriend.

Heather began to develop production representations, having taken herself the pseudonym “Dita“ - in honor of the movie star 20 - x years of Dita Parlo. (When the Play Boy magazine, for the publication of a photo, requests her full name from Dita, it will open the telephone directory and “von Tris“ (von Treese) will choose a surname. But editors will allow a typographical error, and the magazine will appear with the signature of Dita von Teese)

Dita`s Make-up is always faultless, but who could think that it does it independently, spending for it only 10 minutes!

“I always considered myself as the ordinary person, I could feel special and exclusive, only, when I put on definitely. I consider, now, the big emphasis is placed on looking natural, emphasize natural beauty. I cannot adapt to it obrazuyestestvenny, not defiant beauty. I do not adapt to faultless super - models, I am engaged in what any woman can make - to create the imagination, to emphasize a charm.“

the Hobby of the girl for corsets did not die away, and it began to get them in one shop. At that time, was not to find in usual shop of underwear, corsets, and Dita went to “fetish“ shop. Soon, the owner of shop presented to her Los Andzhelessky a fetish to community. They asked whether she will pose for their magazine and Dita agreed.

It appeared on covers of several magazines, she was invited to all events. In nineteen years, Dita became a celebrity a world fetish.

Dita begins to create vintage Pin Up of the photo and to spread them on the website.

“I just wanted to be magnificent. “

She did not stop in photos, and began to shoot own movie “Dita`s Adventures“. On a plot, Dita incidentally gets to a time machine, flies through centuries and the millennia and gets into difficult situations when it is connected and she needs to run away. She liked to remove for a fetish of community because these people very much appreciated it. In the movie there was no platitude at all. However, Dita`s friends became agitated when invited her to himself to act Andrew Blake. He removed beautiful, magnificent women in erotic scenes. It was the only movie such, with Dita`s participation.

“You understand, it could never be caught on a pornography. It because it improved all in what was engaged.“ - Cassocks, the makeup artist.

“One will respect you, to hate others, and so will be always. And it is not important if you do not keep within a certain framework, you do not get under certain “type“ as no types in the nature exist. Try to please all and you will lose yourself, you will just stop being yourself. And to what it will lead? Therefore, for one I am an actress, the creative person, and for others - the untalented chippy to whom pay too much.“

Soon, Dita passed to statement a burlesque (fr. burlesque from ital. burlesca, burla - “joke“) representations for private parties. It was noticed thanks to numbers with feathers, from a bathroom, and of course with a huge glass of Martini.

Once, in the Dithat shop got acquainted with Brian Warner (1969) American musician, artist, founder and leader of Marilyn Manson group. Brian born in a family of the seller of furniture and the nurse as well as Dita, created themselves, having passed a way from the simple journalist to the most known shock - the rocker in the world - Marilyn Manson.

At that moment it met the famous actress Rose Makgouen. They went on shops, and there Marilyn saw Dita. He approached and told that delighted with its image. After a while, Manson began to do attempts to reach Dita.

He called her manager also told that he wants to invite Dita, to participate in shootings of the clip. The dense schedule of the girl, did not leave her time for shootings in the clip, but was not bent by Marilyn. He invited her to show in Portland, and it also became their first appointment. They spent all days off together, communicated and recognized each other.

“She was delighted with it. It did not have an affair with Rose Makgouen so by the end of month, Heather began to spend with it 24 hours a day.“ - Brook, the girlfriend of the childhood.

Tricks shock of the rocker were known to all as well as his love to parties, Dita understood that it is necessary to protect the new gentleman.

“Once I was called by Dita: I move to Hollywood and I will live with someone there, you know it. This is very lovely guy, not such to what he seems. - Also told the name: Marilyn Manson. I told - yes, I heard about it. And I felt ill at ease.“ - Sean, the photographer.

“My best friend was stolen from me by “Antichrist“... affairs are bad! She, of course, told me any lovely stories, showed photos, and it seems it even to her was very attentive. They went across Europe, watched sights, it turned out that he is very clever young man.“ - Michele, the girlfriend.

The couple was named “The beauty and the Monster at once“, their photos decorated headings of a set of magazines, it was the next take-off for Heather.

In May, 2002, in Roxie club, Dita`s performance was seen by Hugh Hefner. He invited the brunette, to act on a cover of the magazine in spite of the fact that Play Boy was always a citadel of blondes.

And in December, 2002, Dita appeared on Play Boy cover. Now, people understood that Dita is not just next dancer, and the girl who deserved this cover.

Dita attracted to herself and the world of fashion, the famous designers invited her to the displays, dreamed that she would show their dresses. In her honor Marc Jacobs called the line of handbags. It was pleasant to designers that Dita, that girl who carries their things not only on secular parties, but also in usual life.

You will never meet Dita in a sports suit in a supermarket, she always looks as a doll.

Perhaps for this reason, most of her admirers everything is women. Each of us dreams to be a beautiful doll, but not everyone decides to realize it. The disame, became the live embodiment smart, always a dressed fit to kill doll. Not for nothing its began to call “the Porcelain Goddess“.

On March 22, 2004, Marilyn Manson made Heather the proposal.

“It was very happy. They together chose the lock, designers, a dress. But I decided to talk to it, told: you know, he did drugs. - And it: I will be able to reconcile to it.“ - Brook, the girlfriend.

On December 2, 2005, Dita and Manson got married.

The wedding was in Ireland, in the magnificent Gothic lock. On Dita there was a smart, violet dress. Among guests it was full of celebrities: Keanu Reeves, the Family Ozbornov, etc.

After a while, invited Dita to act in the well-known cabaret of “Crazy Horse“.
of the Pit of Dita went uphill, and here family happiness began to fall.

“She told how she came in the evening home. She wanted to spend time with the husband, to have supper, talk, but there all the time were some people. She wanted quiet, family happiness, but in the house parties“ - Michele, the girlfriend were constantly conducted.

“He just wrote down a new album, and represent, just left the house, did not even tell it where and why. She calls him, speaks: Where are you? You will return? When you return? - And he did not answer“ - Stacey, the girlfriend.

In December, 2006 Dita and Merlyn`s marriage was on the verge of disintegration.

“He began to look for the girl for Alice`s role, in the movie which planned to remove. On a casting he got acquainted with nineteen-year-old Evan Reychal Wood, and suddenly began “to be on friendly terms“ with it“ - Michele, the girlfriend.

Dita could not forgive change. She decided to leave. For Christmas, she just packed things and left.

“She packed things and did not tell it anything, just left. And he did not even call when he came home and saw that it is absent.“ - Brook, the girlfriend.

In the course of divorce, a press dazzled with articles about what Marilyn and Dita cannot divide pets in any way:

“ The couple began a lawsuit for the right of guardianship over pets. In their house there lived cats Lily and Alistair and two dachshunds Greta and Eve. The source reports that cats are especially expensive to the former spouses. When Dita left their general house, she took away animals with herself, and now Manson misses the favourites“

as a result, Dita could seize from Merlyn their cat of Lily, and about it Marilyn is killed still though on Lily`s replacement, Brian has a cat Chuck now.

He is killed, on parting from Heather. The novel with Reychal Wood was not so long, one girl replaced another, but to forget Dita, Marilyn could not.

Dita von Teese, from the simple dancer Gough - Gough, became the queen of a world Burlesque. The ticket for its ten-minute performance costs about hundred thousand dollars. She thinks out suits, itself does statements. Is a person of many eminent brands, publishes books and not so long ago let out own spirits.

She made of the ordinary fair-haired little girl, the porcelain Goddess known for the whole world. Dita, the live embodiment of the fact that any girl, any appearance, can make of herself the real queen!

“Instead of every second changing, find yourself and own unique style.“ (c) Dita von Teese