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Liam Neeson in the drama “Fight“. Nothing venture, nothing win?

Dreams and thoughts have property to materialize in the most perverted way. Our creator (if that in general is available) - the fair joker and the master of provocations. He chooses the most dark so if you dream of death, then be ready to meet its most terrible appearance from all intimate desires.

… John Ottueya has a cherished dream. Closing eyes, he sees the late beloved and secretly is eager to join her. For now the determination ripens, he earns additionally by a log method on Alaska, shooting wolves and other predators. Situation in these parts unfriendly. Dog eat dog, not to mention the real-life gray poganets striving to bite for the soft place. But Ottuey is even in own way glad to alienation. Here, among outcast, far from wellbeing of the outside world, his misfortunes seem tolerant. But every time, coming back to a civilization bosom, John feels panic fear of freight of the collected nightmares.

Ottueyu it “was lucky“. The next flight of drillers halfway home “safely“ landed parts. John and six more people survived, however can call them lucky only feeble-minded. Unfortunate came to be in the middle of the cold desert, without food, without communication and without uniform hope for what will come to someone to mind to look for them in this Godforsaken place. But cold and hunger, alas, not the only reason of their concern. Began to smell blood and the meat medley from tens of bodies of the dead attracted pack of blood-thirsty wolves who do not intend to release strangers live to the place of crash.

Ottuey as only among escaped, it is not enough - malsk knowing habits of these artful predators, suggested to collect belongings and to leave plane remains in favor of a forest thicket. Among trees and the snow-storm is not so terrible, and firewood for a fire always near at hand. However morally and physically emaciated travelers cannot resist to pack of hungry wolves as equals. Driven by fear and pain, they, despite of fatigue, make advances in the unknown direction to the destiny. “Live or die in this day, live or die in this day“ …

American Joe Carnahan proved that the relative grief (first of all, financial) which it came to with reincarnation of a TV series “Team “A“, was accident. After failure on a field of blockbusters, the director returned to a bosom of low budget cinema. However, it is quite possible that its return was compelled. If 100 - the million budget Carnahan did not pull, to it suggested still “to be trained on cats“. More precisely, on wolves. Ian Mackenzie Dzheffers`s story “Ghost Walker“ became a basis for new work of the director, and the tape in the original carries the name “The Grey“ (Grey).

Originally the director planned to invite Bradley Cooper with whom he cooperated on shootings “Commands “A“ to Ottueya`s role, however the actor for the unknown reasons left the project. And thank God. No, against Cooper I have nothing, he is a talented performer especially as the first version of the scenario was written counting on it. But now it is difficult to imagine that Ottueya someone could play other, than Liam Neeson. The role of the laconic, severe yokel with the broken heart and the deformed soul is ideally suited for him.

It is amusing to read comments of some audience that supposedly Carnahan`s picture is improbable also a shtampovana, as well as all Hollywood cinema. But defenders of the rights of animals, on the contrary, apprehended the events on the screen for a pure coin, having accused creators of “persecution of defenseless animals“ and having urged to boycott a premiere of a tape nearly. It is thought that these “zashchitneg“ at the time of signing of the petition rubbed with soft places cozy chairs, but did not freeze a bum in the wood, risking to be eaten at the time of banal “withdrawal on - small“. As well as those commentators that with a clever look argue that it is impossible to survive, having fallen down from height of 9000 meters snow-covered rocks. And unless tired, hungry people with such speed can run what even the wolf cannot catch up with them? However, hardly anyone from opponents will agree to check this postulate on own skin.

It is difficult to imagine feelings of people, miracle of survivors in plane crash that as One-legged John Silver used to say, “to envy the dead“. Out of the frying pan into the fire. It is asked whether it was worth wriggling and running from own fate if ahead of you wait not for warm sand, palm trees and a sea breeze (we remember the well-known series “Survive“ and Robert Zemeckis`s drama “Derelict“), and prickly wind in the face and sharp canines of a wolf biting into your flesh?

Certainly, absolutely did not do without stamps. Actually, Carnahan removed own … “Destination“. Only without pubertatny school students and twisting fatal coincidence. Heroes of “Fight“ survived one by one to fall prey of own weakness or nonsense. This time the old woman with a braid did not begin to invent the bicycle, and the wide movements cleared the list of “refugees“, having called to the aid forces of nature and imperfection of the human race.

I hurry to disappoint admirers of prompt movies of action like Gibson`s “Apocalypse“. On the action level “Fight“ in many respects loses to them, despite generous promises of a trailer to the movie. By genre Carnahan`s picture gravitates to the drama or even more, considering the general atmosphere of a hopelessness and despair, the tragedy. It is promoted in no small measure also by dialogues of the characters discussing at a fire of the family and as if putting end of the life. Unlike the audience at whom the hope for hepp - and still glimmers they - that subconsciously understand that their belief (in God, Dyavola or Santa - Claus, it is unimportant) will not help any more and it is necessary to count only on themselves.

Despite some flaws of a plot and too harmonous structure of the narration, “Fight“ really deserved both laudatory responses, and the impressive cash desk earned by the movie for the first month of hire. In it and a merit of the director who held the project within the severe rustic movie without having allowed to turn the scenario into buffoonery or a feast of special effects. And a cast where, besides Neeson, Dermot Mulroney (“A wedding of the best friend“) and Frank Grillo (series “Escape“, “Soldier“) got. And, certainly, the operator Masanobu Takayanagi who turned a peace site of British Columbia into a terrible jungle of the taiga woods of Alaska.

“Fight“ is not the instruction on a survival at all. Anyway, it did not work. And it is not an occasion to begin to hate wolves or people. Here it is not necessary to look for morals or deep undercover meaning. “Fight“ is not cinema - a call, and cinema - a situation. In which, alas, in this or that look, everyone can get. And here it is not enough councils, but for all times. Contrary to everything remain the person. Remember death, but be not afraid of it. And if circumstances force you to leave life, fight for every instant and die adequately.