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Gratitude. Why and to whom it is necessary? Many people do not know

or do not understand for what the gratitude is necessary. I want to show and tell on the example why it is necessary and as it is correct to use this effective remedy of achievement of success in life.

Gratitude - the most powerful force and the strongest feeling which gives us strength to move forward. Notice that when you feel gratitude - your fear disappears. When you thank or you are thanked - you cannot be afraid.

When you are grateful to someone, you have a special feeling of a certain wealth inside. And, of course, all of us have happiness and warm feelings when all of us can help other people. I will give the detailed instruction how to enter such state and as it is correct to use it. And you learn to be grateful to everything that waits for you ahead. You feel a difference?

I will tell you as it is done by me. I begin with the fact that I think of all events and the moments of the life for which I am grateful. No matter to whom: to parents, friends, or darling. I just close eyes and I scroll those moments for which I am grateful in the head. I represent those remarkable people thanks to whom I have an opportunity is where I am now. To be engaged in in what I am engaged.

This process reminds a spiral. I begin with something one and then I untwist a chain of remarkable opportunities which I have today. I thank myself for the health. I thank my girlfriend for the fine moments which we spend together. I thank even Pipka, ours that is a terrier, for pleasure and delight which she gives us!

All those thanks to whom I saved up remarkable experience and gained fine abilities. I think of them, I imagine their faces, I represent how I with pleasure spend with them time and those emotions which we experience from each other. And the more I think of it, the more heart is filled with joyful emotions.

All these moments are very important for me. From them as from bricks, there is my life. And remembering all this, I tell myself “Thanks!“. Thanks for my friends, thanks for my fine occupation. Thanks for my free way of life, for those people whom I meet on the way. Thanks for my girlfriend. Thanks for remarkable and powerful BMW which gives me pleasure and comfort. Thanks for the modern apartment in which I live...

Continue to do it, and you will see how the gratitude comes “by itself“. For bigger effect you can sit down or lay down in a comfortable position, turn on the pleasant music and scroll in the head these scenes from your life. Try!

And if it seems to you that you have nothing or there is nobody to thank in this life, think twice. If it seems to you that you blood and get then everything that you have if you think that all think around only of themselves and therefore everything is so bad, think twice. Each of us has opportunities to work. Each of us has resources, knowledge, history. And for all this it is possible and it is necessary to thank someone. Even if this person - only you.

Notice that when you think of it, all your stresses, all your fears fade into the background. You are filled with gratitude. You are filled with love. Millions of people on our planet gave a lot of things if only to get rid of the stresses, fears and uncertainty though for some time. But they do not know such remarkable way. It is known by you. Therefore use it for 100%.

In the life I saw many people who have at first sight, at first sight, nobody to thank for the life. They have neither special achievements, nor huge abilities. But believe as soon as they began to practice gratitude, they became much happier. They filled the heart with love, and people around, seeing it, stretched to them. Began to pay attention to them. To ask what makes you such happy. Life of these people qualitatively changed thanks to this simple exercise.

When you are grateful - you are rich. In you a certain special feeling of the importance, feeling of ponderability appears. When you long time do not feel gratitude, you will begin to have a stress, fear or feeling of loneliness. Begins to seem to you that nobody and nothing is going to help you or to share with you. That all people wolves, and everyone thinks only of himself.

Believe, all of us are hungry also what to share with each other. But we choose by certain criteria with whom to share and with whom is not present. Think what you can be thanked for and than to you it is worth thanking other people. And if you do not find such - begin with yourself.