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To whom and how V. Mayakovsky bought the car in Paris?

After Civil war of border of the Country of Councils began to be closed gradually. And in several years many which remained in native limits quite could agree with Ostap Bender: “... All this the invention, is not present any Rio - - Zhaneyro, both there is no America, and there is no Europe, there is nothing. And in general the last city is Shepetovka against whom waves of the Atlantic Ocean break“ .

Ostap in 1931 still could move smuggler tracks to the Romanian coast of Dniester. And inhabitants of the boundary Shepetovka who became suddenly too some time scurried about to and fro, to Poland and back until Homeland boundaries finally hardened. The special reasons for trip abroad were already required for law-abiding citizens. Trips for a cordon caused envy. Envy and suspicion as “competent authorities“ gave the exit visa.

Vladimir Mayakovsky was envied too as he went abroad nine times. The poet visited the countries of Baltic, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, and even reached Cuba and the USA, having crossed Atlantic by steamship. To envy envied, but these trips in anybody did not cause suspicions. And so everything was clear. Family Brikov, in which (or with which?) there lived Vladimir Vladimirovich, absolutely not secretly cooperated with OGPU.

Envy to “exit“ was among other things warmed up by souvenirs which those brought from - for borders. Shirts, trousers, socks and silk stockings, perfumery - everything was desired in the country of the won deficiency, and all “was put at line“ by that who visited where similar deficiency was not observed.

But V. V. Mayakovsky`s return from Paris at the end of 1928 caused in Moscow not just a wave - a tsunami of gossips. The poet bought the car in Paris! Renault! And now it (it is Renault) went by rail to the proletarian capital where cars were a rarity. Generally Muscovites used tram or carriers. The cars confiscated from “the old power“ were driven new, “red“, by the administration. However, in December, 1924 the Moscow Council it was decided to organize in the capital a taxi service. The first taksomotor, cars of Renault firm, appeared in Moscow in 1925, and in two years on the Moscow streets there went 120 cars. From - for them to the hero of “A gold calf“, Adam Kazimirovich Kozlevich, it was not succeeded to be private carrier in the capital:

“That day when Adam Kazimirovich was going to bring for the first time the child into society, on the automobile exchange, there was an event, sad for all private drivers. To Moscow profits hundred twenty small “Renault“, black, similar to brownings of taksomotor. Kozlevich even did not try to compete with them“.

Acquisition especially caused gossips that V. Mayakovsky was indifferent to cars and was not able to operate a car. Besides, and did not want to study it. Who ordered to the poet Dora a gift for anybody of Moscow literary “party“ a secret was not. Of course, the adored Lilya Brik. By the way, she was the first Soviet woman who acquired the automobile rights.

The choice of the car for the beloved was not so simple. Let`s begin with the fact that there was not enough money for purchase. Mayakovsky expected to sign the contract for a script writing with the French cinematographers. But it did not turn out. It was necessary to go to Berlin with performances and concerts so means for acquisition of the inexpensive car appeared. But with dreams of “Fordika“ or “Buick“ as it was planned in Moscow before departure, it was necessary to leave. Lilya Brik and “Amilkar“ did not want. Most likely because, that all a year ago such car was the reason of tragic death in Nice of Isadora Duncan. Spoke about it in Moscow of that time much: the long scarf was reeled up on an axis of the car by which the actress went, and suffocated her.

Except that the poet on hands had not much money, time for the careful choice of the car was just barely enough too. For several days he disappeared from Paris and went to Nice. But not for rest on the Mediterranean Sea ice cold at this time. At Mayakovsky in Nice the meeting with a certain American Ellie Jones with which he got acquainted in 1925 during a trip to America took place. Then to Ellie Jones the poet had a hot novel as a result of which the girl was born. As V. Mayakovsky did not know foreign languages and, therefore, could not get acquainted with the English-speaking American, we will not be surprised that Ellie Jones was on the birth the German a sort from - under Saratov. Before arrival to America called it Elizabeth Ziber.

Lilya Brik learned about a lightning trip of the beloved to Nice too instantly from the sister Elza Triole living in Paris. Naturally, the image of the American passion should from memory of the poet have been expelled, and quicker. For this Mayakovsky upon return from Nice acquainted with Tatyana Yakovleva (1906 - 1991) . Though it also sounds cynically, high, long-legged Yakovleva was selected “under growth“ to V. Mayakovsky. It is unknown whether “legs from ears“ were fashionable in Paris at the end of 1928, but Tatyana Yakovleva, apparently, took Mayakovsky`s heart also to these...