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Unusual pike of


In the seventies of the last century in the neostepenyonny environment of the scientific intellectuals from - for chronic lacks of money and for the amendment of the budget it was popular during summer holidays, having hammered together small artels, to go to work. The most advanced went to Siberia and washed gold, others assembled cedar cones and handed over in places of acceptance, the third went to the North to bring down the wood, the fourth - on collecting “emergency wood“ among which there were also I.

Our crew, almost everything, was completed by employees of computer center of institute VNIIGIM, engineers - programmers. One of them could not go at the last minute, and to me (to the engineer - hydraulic engineering from the Ministry of Agriculture) suggested to replace it. Without thinking twice, I agreed. Even in the winter the main initiator of “active carrying out holiday“ (he is a foreman) went to Kandalaksha in local logging enterprise to agree about work: to collect the “emergency wood“ scattered on coast of numerous lakes (and where and the flooded wood stacks which are not taken out on ice by local lumberers).

In respect of works of the Kandalaksha logging enterprise “collecting emergency wood“ on coast of lakes it was allocated in the separate line on which the unlimited sum of money was annually released, however persons interested to perform this work among local population were not. There came the long-awaited summer. Our crew from seven people took the train Moscow - Murmansk and arrived to Kandalaksha. The inhabited lodge from gorbylya with two small windows and a door, built on a solid raft from two layers of massive logs was already ready to our arrival.

The raft moored to the coast of the gulf was fastened then to a tow which dragged it to the place of our future work where we also arrived in the second half of the next day. Our work was heavy, but by the end of contractual term the oplotnik given us (a floating ring from the six-meter logs fastened among themselves with massive chains) calculated on 2400 cubes was completely filled with logs and was near our floating lodge, pleasantly warming our souls. We proved to ourselves and the local lespromkhozovsky administration that we, “people of brainwork, intellectuals“, collected so many cubes of the wood how many it was stipulated in the contract.

Waiting for arrival of a big tow which could pull our enormous raft in 2400 cubes (and us in addition) there was an opportunity to fish, and we dispersed on the coast with the rods in different directions from our lodge. I departed meters on hundred and began to fish. I had a poklyovka, but when I cut, the worm on a hook was not any more. And so repeated several times. Not far from the coast there was a boulder which is sticking out of water on which I jumped that it was possible to throw further away a hook with a bait.
I here, at the time of the next replacement of a worm, I mechanically looked back and saw the big pike standing between the coast and a boulder. Depth was slightly more than a meter (and, maybe, more - water conceals distance). I was taken aback and was delighted to such turn of affairs. Being afraid to frighten off a pike, it began to be developed carefully on a boulder, already by a back to the lake, and facing the pike standing almost at the coast. Holding a rod almost vertically, I began to bring a worm to a nose of a pike. Brought centimeters on five and began to wait when the pike seizes the coiling worm. But the pike stood in water, without having stirred, without paying any attention to my bait. I even slightly sweated for nervousness and, having decided that she, maybe, does not see my worm, began to bring gradually a bait closer to a pike. It again zero attention.

Then I from impatience began to drive a worm before a pike nose - without results. Having become impudent, I began to knock slowly a bait on a nose of a pike (suddenly she sleeps and does not see such tasty worm and therefore such manners should wake her). But a pike, it is visible, such inconsiderate relation with her nose bothered, and she imperceptibly quickly changed the situation, having removed from an importunate worm, and turned so that that appeared in two centimeters sideways. Excited and angry such behavior of a pike, I began on impudent to shake a bait before its predatory mouth. here I began to suspect
I that she, maybe, sees not only a worm, but also me with my attempts and scoffs over me means available to it. But here, it is visible, I either bothered it, or bored, or the pike patience came to an end, at last: having enjoyed my flutter before it, it again imperceptibly turned slightly sideways and slowly and is proud floated along the coast.
Keeping a rod with a scaffold in vertical position and not losing still hopes to catch this big fish, I jumped from a boulder back on the coast and ran along it near quietly floating pike not paying any attention that I run nearby.
Here on the way of began to come across trees (slightly a forehead to themselves not rasshib about one of them), and I needed only to watch leave “my pike“, with a proud look slowly departuring under the next bush which hung over water.

Reflecting then over this my unsuccessful fishing, I decided that this self-satisfied pike showed me the superiority over me and that it has some pike reason, and, maybe, and some mischievous pike humour: painfully long she scoffed over me. Here indeed you will believe
in resettlement of souls - she suffered mine over it “mockeries“ exactly so much how many for it it was necessary to show me that it stays in a pike image only temporarily!