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About the Internet - acquaintances or how “to survive“ on a mamba?

Thanks to availability and convenience, the Internet - acquaintances, even despite criticism in their address, strongly entered our life: it is unlikely, in the near future, will begin it is universal to refuse this type of communication. More likely, on the contrary.

But such communication has the features disregarding which, itself can fill cones. On the contrary: if to consider them, communication (and acquaintances!) on the Internet will open many new opportunities.

The most popular in a RuNet, for certain, known for all (precisely, much) dating service is a mamba. System the mamba has some degrees of protection of the user: for example, here just like that it is impossible to download photos. Why it is important - slightly farther.

At placement, will check your photo and a certain service - the real Cerberus of a mamba will reduce to thumbnail ( English miniature of a photo for presurvey and the button at the same time) . Personally, I seldom managed to place a photo so that it was not cut to pieces to a state worse, than in the passport (carefully cut out the person without hairdress, even increased in scale) that does not add presentableness. Complaints, requests and even arguments met the “eternal“ answer that “at moderation all photos are cropped on the person“.

Literally nearby it is possible to come across on pass - a photo where in a shot - at all not the person. But U-00AB he pose of the lady or the car exhausted“ from which dark glasses quasi - the oligarch look at light is well visible some . But even if you rub the nose service, sorry, it holds the ground: on the person, and all here!

Guilty business, already you begin to think that the Cerberus needs to throw something... in exceptional cases, however, can reduce as it is necessary. Probably, if you or your photo to someone there strongly attracted (or on the contrary). Correctly reduced photo strongly lifts viewings, believe experience. To fight is for what.

Sometimes moderators “crop“ just furiously: came across somehow on present, a nose - yes, took and cut short a photo of the lady to a nose!
A so-called “virtuals“ (frequenters of the virtual world the Internet - acquaintances) are presented, on the contrary, to very PR - number quality.
K to what all this, are asked by you? And to the fact that, judging by approach of moderators of a mamba if the nose photo gets to you, - you can be at least sure that a nose (and the person) - the presents.;)

If you passed a stage of placement of a photo successfully, you is what to congratulate on!

The following stage, actually, the choice with whom will communicate with whom to continue communication in real life. Not all who will write you, are sincerely interested in acquaintance. Not all to whom you will write, will answer. Do not take it personally. Even very and very nice users can be left easily “high and dry“ too.

About “virtuals“ I already mentioned above: questionnaires - baby`s dummies, additional questionnaires, questionnaires without photo or with strangers come across (for example, a photo of any stars which the joint venture also selectively persistently does not notice and vice versa). On some dating sites some kind of “animators“ of the virtual world come across. Without trying to get into darkness of their souls, I want to give several practical advice.

do not carry on vast dialogues, you transfer acquaintance to real life. So you will be able to understand at once whether really this person is interesting to you. If it is not possible to transfer, think well: whether the game is worth the candle, and virtual communication of your time. It can be spent with advantage for someone another.

Never send the photos to others on email: this someone easily can create the false questionnaire with your photo. It is unlikely you want that.

the good rule, I consider, not to provide the phones and personal data to the person whom you did not meet yet. It is unknown who will come to a meeting and that from this will turn out. Suggest to exchange phone after a meeting. This rule to execute not easy, but nevertheless it is worth trying: you will know at least that contacts to anyone not got (the tautology is pertinent).

Having come to a meeting, get up aside and look for whom it is necessary for you a look. If you the girl, and yet are not present the guy - it is worth pricking up the ears. Perhaps, he stands apart imperceptibly and observes. It is not really polite, but. happens.

At last, the rule which just “rescued“ me: to put on dark glasses on a meeting.
Was so: I learned
of the Guy at once. He waited and too understood that it I though before the exit from the subway something, all - pushed to put on glasses. We began to speak. It stopped attempts somewhere to pass from the place where he waited for me (I did not recover the breath yet, here - a shadow, etc.) . And all the time “took offence“ that I do not remove points. Though, it was in the summer, and close the face is perfectly looked through.
Ya wanted to pass slightly further - to sit down somewhere, at least, but - no. So we stood minutes five just on the passerby of part. The triviality of conversation and my bewilderment grew.
Is absolutely casual, translated a view of his jacket (what is it?) : I remove a jacket and I see a badge “Channel XX“ - quite famous local TV - I do not know
channel whether someone removed me, whether was going to show somewhere, but having developed to the subway, I deeply sighed from the fact that I all - put on glasses at the last minute and did not give in on arrangements.

It is not an isolated strange occurence. I will not begin to describe others. All the same I can explain only with guesses. Just it is better to be on the alert and not to give itself to provoke to something.
Perhaps and is not a lot of such cases, but “negative“, as we know, is better remembered. There is a mistrust up to unwillingness to tie new acquaintances; everything that is told or done by other person, seems suspicious. Manipulators can use this psychological feature. And you should not forget about it.

On a mamba communicate much: diaries conduct, teach others to live … Everything, apparently, is harmless, but the amount of “universal wisdom“ in the form of hackneyed maxims, the written-off glossy magazines and frank nonsenses reads off scale. To listen to they are to harm themselves: in information chaos it is easy to come across what will remind you your situation. Perceive such oracles of cum grano salis.

Be careful, think soberly, and let good, normal people come across to you.