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Organize a wedding of your dream!

you Should not scorn opinion of relatives and girlfriends. Perhaps, mother`s life experience will serve to you good service, girlfriends can recommend wedding salon, shop, the hairdresser, and the sister will be able to make the scenario of repayment, knowing character of the groom. Listen to all councils, but make decisions independently. A wedding - that yours. The experience of the organization of weddings which is saved up earlier allows to formulate some of the most important councils which can be useful to you.

Preparation for a wedding should be begun in advance. 3 - 6 months have to be enough. First of all it is necessary to choose the hall for a banquet. If restaurant good, then there everything is painted for several months ahead. At the leader, the operator, the photographer, musicians during a season of weddings the whole days can be taken too. If you plan to carry out a list in one of the central Wedding palaces, then submit the application a bit earlier, there, for certain, too turn. What else should be made in good time, so it to warn witnesses that they are chosen for this honourable role. Write an exact detailed plan of preparation for a wedding, something so there are less chances to lose sight.

After the wedding day is appointed, it is necessary to decide on style of a celebration and financial costs of it. Depending on the scenario of a wedding also the place of its carrying out is selected. It is possible and vice versa if has the luck to remove the ancient estate, the wedding can be organized in the spirit of that era to which there corresponds the building. Perhaps, the wedding in piracy spirit or gangster or based on the favourite movie, a historical era, ethnic style was your dream. Take care of that all details corresponded to the set subject and then at you all it to turn out. For a wedding in the Greek and Italian style choose the hall in which interior a lot of tree and a stone, a wicker furniture and clay flowerpots is used. The Middle Ages era will be suitable for romantic weddings. If there is no opportunity to pick up the suitable room, decorate which is. By means of details, the corresponding musical background it is possible to achieve full feeling of the set style.

Choosing a banquet room for a wedding, pay attention to existence of the parking for machines, conditioners or heating of the hall, an opportunity to connect the musical equipment. Stipulate the menu and entertainment program. They have to consider pastime and entertainments, for example, for the children invited to a wedding. Do not forget to take care of delivery of guests to a banquet venue. Order enough cars and discuss an opportunity to decorate them. Report the detailed address of holding a celebration, explain how there to pass.

Send to all guests of the invitation. They can speak about style of a wedding, to be made of original materials, with your photos, in it it is possible to warn about dress - a code in style of your wedding etc.

The wedding dress of the bride has to correspond completely to scope of a wedding, to be convenient and not to hold down the movement. But you would not choose the most important, what style, the dress has to emphasize your advantages and is faultless sit. The groom has to look well matched to the bride. Therefore you have to discuss the dresses together.
the Wedding hairdress is not less important, than a dress. Register to the master in good time and make a trial hairdress and a make-up. If you liked result, photograph yourself. Then you will be able to show to the master in the photo wedding day - a sample. Several weeks prior to a wedding visit beauty shop, indulge the skin. Register in manicure and a pedicure. In the wedding day you have to look faultlessly.
do not refuse services of the leader - hosts. Professional the host will make a wedding cheerful and memorable. If recommended you such pro, all the same meet him personally. Perhaps, it not to be pleasant to you. Discuss the scenario, suddenly, you will count some of his jokes and competitions inappropriate. do not save
on a photo and video filming of a wedding celebration. It is memory for many years. Then it will be possible to issue a beautiful album.
Ordering wedding cake and a loaf for carrying out ceremonies, take an interest whether there is in a candy store a delivery.
Develop a route for a wedding train, walk after visit of the REGISTRY OFFICE. do not arrange to
a hen night on the eve of a wedding, it is better to have a rest this day and to carry out it quietly and slowly.
Turn a wedding into the holiday, but not on a holiday of numerous guests. Undertaking the organization of a celebration, you will be precisely sure that all your dreams will be realized. Let it and be not really easy, but it is interesting.