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About love and the relations. How to keep harmony? There are no

In this world anything infinite and constant. Times, and with them the human principles and customs change. Someone builds career, someone studies, someone builds love, and someone breaks the relations.

All speak about love whether but many know, what is it? Where there is a side between love, passion and love? It is important not to confuse these concepts and not to report to each new boyfriend about love not to depreciate true value of fine feeling.

All so like to play the drama. Happy love now not in fashion? Among opposite sexes there take place cruel wars and everyday reconciliations, and all this is taken out for show. In this facade all failures in the relations are put. It is important to know - what it is better known about your relations to other people for, that they it is worse. Errors of many couples are that they seek to create illusion of the ideal relations or simply wash “dirty linen in public“ on people.

From personal experience and supervision over familiar couples I output several rules about what you should not do to keep your relations harmonious. So:

Point 1. Concede each other. Your half will estimate it. Having learned to concede, you will get a good trump, it will help you to avoid the conflicts. Over time your half will begin you to concede too, and it will be pleasant to you, it is better than continuous quarrels.

Point 2. Never you say that you consider someone better than, but also do not declare that you it is better than others. It is pleasant to nobody.

Point 3. Women cannot state all to the man directly in a face, men by the nature are that that will be made by all on the contrary. Men should not speak to the woman about her shortcomings, women know that they are not ideal, it you strongly offend them and develop in them new complexes.

Point 4. Women, never solve for the man as will be better for him . Men are very freedom-loving and if you try to restrain his freedom, it will become will move away from you, and it will not go to the benefit to the relations at all.

Point 5. Do not offend each other. In the course of quarrel do not try to win against any valuable, offending by it the half, it leaves hems on your relations which can not drag on. The wise woman has to be able to stop quarrel, but not to add fuel to the fire. It is one of the major rules if reached quarrel.

Point 6. You do not rake over the past. Everyone has “skeletons in the cupboard“ and if you strongly want to learn more about the former relations or about something from last darling(s), think whether also you are ready to that he knew about you all? Is not present? There now and all.

Point 7. It is very important not to arrange checks. Solve for yourself whether you will be able to trust the person. If you organized check, you made a step to an abyss. You do not trust the person, and then there is nothing to demand trust from it, to receive more, than give, simply unfairly.

Point 8. Tell each other about the experiences, problems and be able to listen. Be not only couple, but also friends. It will help you to trust the half, and trust, as we know, pledge of the happy relations.

Point 9. “What you are a man if you cannot make this or that!“ Write down this phrase on paper, then burn a leaf and get rid of ashes, and together with it and of this phrase. Women, remember if you behave, as the woman, then your man will behave as the man. There is nobody to blame, except himself, that “men were translated“. You face the truth, now not all women are gentle and womanly. There are no weak men, just in some it is necessary to awaken its man`s force and the wise woman has to know how to make it.

Point 10. Do not tell about the relations to friends, relatives and relatives. Not that at all to tell nothing, but it is not enough. Only you have to know about what occurs between you. Intelligently you treat councils of others. It is possible to listen, but it is necessary to think and solve a problem exclusively. Only you can give to yourself right advice, the main thing - it is good to consider everything.

These rules make sense only in case to adhere to all of them at the same time. They are very simple, but to carry out them very difficult. Protect and love each other, believe in yourself and in the relations, and then you will become the happy person!