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Art - house movies. For whom?

of Art - house. So “other cinema“ is called. Movies of this direction do not collect a box office, they are created to understand the world. But more often confuse it even more. If you like to dig in yourself, to analyze, think - then the art - a house will be to the taste to you.

There are movies entertaining which watch practically everything. Look and see quite clear history which develops according to a certain scenario. The movie is accompanied by the musical line, she prompts to audience the necessary emotions in the right places. It is the so-called Hollywood movie. Its main objective - to collect the maximum quantity of money to pay back shootings, to earn the fees of actors, plus.

An art - the cinema does not put a box office on the first place. Its history is divided into several episodes, between them is weakened or there is no temporary, is frequent also causal communications. Besides, the considerable attention is paid to an inner world of the character, his thoughts and feelings, but not the movement on a plot. The love can be here a flower which is picked, right there will show the girl in tears. And why it in tears? Who offended her? Why broke a rose? It is unclear.

As the profit should not wait from these movies, they are shot in small film studios. Budgets and an opportunity to invite the famous actors are also usually more modest, from - for what creators of the movie should resort to non-standard creative decisions. For example, instead of actors remove objects, and large-scale scenery replace with one room.

The entertaining cinema is aimed more at entertainment and uses subject lines and the characters similar at each other.

Directors of art look for new forms of art expressiveness and expand cinema directly - extensively. For example, Ivan Vyrypayev and his movie “Oxygen“.

The touching story of love intertwines with free reading of bible precepts and beatitudes against modern youth and its defects. The simple guy Sanek from a country town saw the beautiful free red-haired girl. It became air, oxygen without which he could not live any more. And the girl fell in love with the guy, but it is not fated to be him together...

Why you should see it? Movies an art - a house set thinking on life, to take a detached view of everything, other eyes or even from the point of view of other culture. They need not just to be looked, and to endure each shot, to attentively listen to each sound of the movie even if the most part from them - splashes in waves and howl of wind.

Surely look :

Romantic melodrama of Anna Melkiyan “Mermaid“.

A modern story about children`s fears and teenage loneliness of Igor Vorskl “The closed spaces“.

A rap - Ivan Vyrypayev`s parable “Oxygen“.

A series from five short stories about love under the general name “Short circuit“: “Urgent repair“ of Pyotr Buslov “to Feel“ Ivan Vyrypayev, “Kym“ of Aleksei German - younger, “A kiss of a shrimp“ of Kirill Serebrennikov, Boris Khlebnikov`s “Shame“.

The heart-breaking drama of Pavel Smirnov “On a face contour“.

Good choice and pleasant viewing!