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Fear. How to overcome it?

Fear accompany us since the birth to extreme old age. We are always afraid of something: for example, women are afraid of spiders and mice, men - to lose the work, children - darkness and the closed space.

We cannot get rid of sensation of fear completely. This feeling is one of the strongest factors which prevents the person to realize up to the end the potential and to achieve success in life. That will learn to overcome own fear, it is necessary to know what it happens. Who is warned, that is armed!

Biological value of fear

In a critical situation fear will mobilize all forces of the person for active actions. At such moment volley emission in adrenaline blood is made that in turn leads to the fact that to muscular tissue more oxygen and nutrients moves with blood current.

Possibly, each of you at a fright felt unpleasant weight “in the pit of the stomach“. Besides, during a stressful situation the human face strongly turns pale. There is it because blood is cast from integuments and a stomach and goes to muscles.

Sensation of fear helps the person to make quickly strategic decisions at a lack of information. Overcoming fear, each person opens in himself new opportunities and begins to perceive life from a different angle of sight. He learns to appreciate life in all its manifestations, the world around looks for it brighter, each event is estimated from positions of the overcome sensation of fear. What

happens fear?

Real fear - this reaction of the person to some external danger. This fear is put in everyone at the subconscious level, and it carries out alarm function: danger very close, it is necessary to collect quickly internal reserves of an organism to be ready to defense and flight.

The neurotic fear can often not have under itself any reasons, but sometimes its emergence is connected with certain situations and objects. People with neurotic fear are always ready to the worst and live under constant oppression of expectation of misfortune at any time.

As well as any kind of fear, neurotic fear is a psychosomatic process, that is at the same time both physical, and mental. Physical manifestations of fear can be expressed in a silnomserdtsebiyeniye, motive concern or a shiver, cold sweat, dryness in a mouth and ponosa.

Various phobias. the Phobia is an unrealistic fear which very strongly prevents to live, work and contact to other people normally. Any phobia can be connected with some certain object or a situation. For example, fear of visit to the dentist, heights, flights by planes, fear of snakes, dogs - characteristic examples of specific phobias.

Various phobias differ from usual fears not in contents, and intensity. If the person suffering from any phobia faces object of the fear seldom, then it does not constitute any danger. But if the reason of a phobia comes across to it quite often, then it can strongly spoil life.

Fear of loneliness. The more we plunge into ourselves and we move away from people, the more often we doom ourselves to isolation. It is very common form of fear which forces us to communicate with people who are extremely unpleasant sometimes.

It is clear, that sometimes the person needs to be alone and have a rest from vain life. But if the loneliness lasts long, then the person begins to cover fear that it in this world is necessary to nobody. Each of us - a being social, and all of us want that we were respected, appreciated and loved to feel like full-fledged members of society.

Fear of trust. If has to open for us soul to other person, then in us the imp - fear always sits: “And whether correctly I do what I trust in this gentleman? Whether it is possible to trust it?“ The same fear visits the person when it is in love or takes a liking for the representative of an opposite sex.

Fear of changes. Each of us knows that in the world there is nothing eternal, everything changes sooner or later. And all of us without exception are afraid of changes because each change threatens us with uncertainty. Very often people perceive any innovations with big caution as they see in it a certain danger and threat. Never you know what will lead changes to, than it can do much harm to us, and the most important, we do not know how to be protected from the approaching uncertainty. Not without reason the Ancient Chinese damnation says: “To live during an era of changes!“

Fear of dependence. Living in society, we depend on its laws, installations, traditions. The more we want to be free “from fetters“ societies, the more sharply we understand that it is impossible. We depend on people, situations, a surrounding situation, various circumstances. We constantly live under fear that it is necessary “to go in the general team“ and if we do not want it, then fight in itself begins.

How to overcome fear

Fear makes negative impact as keeps it in constant suspense on the person, generates uncertainty in itself and does not allow to reveal up to the end as persons.

The most important cure for fear is a high self-assessment and self-confidence. needs to believe in yourself, in what all of you can make at the highest level. At some people the feeling of concern waiting for troubles is connected with the wrong system of values and the overestimated requirements to itself.

First step: define for yourself as it is possible more clearly what you are afraid of and why. If something is impossible to you at once, it is not necessary to reproach itself and to be engaged in self-flagellation. Try to inspire in yourself that it is temporary difficulties, but all of you will equally achieve the. Never draw attention of people around to the mistakes.

Step of the second : you have to get off mind that you the loser. If constantly so to think, then and will be in real life. The thought is material!

Step the third: Try to avoid communication with people who constantly intimidate you or tell about the fears and failures. Foreign fears - a thing infectious! After communication with such people at you the mood for certain will deteriorate.

Step the fourth: if you are afraid of serious conversation with the loved one or with someone from the administration, then scroll this conversation in mind in advance as you would like it. Then imagine that the situation will develop according to your scenario. It can help to improve your mood and to minimize unreasonable fears.

Step the fifth: leave the fears cheerfully. Attend cheerful performances, you watch comedies more often, read comic books and communicate with positively adjusted people. Perhaps, it will help to see your problem not in a tragic look, and in comic. You know that optimists are much more successful and happier in life, than people gloomy and absolutely deprived of sense of humour.

It is not necessary to follow the tastes of fear as a bull on sacrifice. Any fear - the bad adviser. If you are excessively careful, then know that it is the hidden fear of failure. Be not afraid to risk, without it you will not achieve success!