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Kerri and Petya of


It was near Moscow where we are a father, mother, the grandmother and I with the sister lived in the country. Nearby, through small Liski, consisting of birches and bushes of a hazel grove, there was a city of Zelenograd where we sometimes went behind products.

Once, coming back from shop, my little sister Liouba found on a forest footpath of a small sorochyonk and brought it home. As during this period of time she read the book “sister Carrie“, and the chickabiddy was called, without hesitation, by Carrie. Carrie so unexpectedly entered our measured life in which, it seems, there was no place for any surprises that took the central place in our amicable family. All of us fell in love with it at once and unconditionally, apparently, she too understood at once it.

Our giving consisted of two adjacent rooms and a small verandah with a porch. We lodged the feathery favourite in the distant room, and placed on the top part of a wall carpet which pile that seized the small claws at once. This place was pleasant to it and, further, became its constants, she almost always there both was - had a rest and slept.

First to us some time was necessary to tinker with it, accustoming her, to drink water from a mug and is from the pan allocated for it, all - she was a little chickabiddy. Most often we crumbled white loaf in the milk poured in a pan - this food was pleasant to it at once and further began to enter its daily diet. We gave it both sunflower seeds, and different grain, generally, the were rich, the and shared.

She got used to us quickly enough, we removed her from a carpet and bore to a pan with food - she already knew the pan. I fed her, generally. After food Carrie liked to take seat at me on a shoulder and, quietly cooing, klyuviky touched my head hair.

When I got up and paced the room, it was not frightened and did not fly up, and, having slightly swayed, continued to sit on a shoulder with obvious pleasure, is proud glancing around itself at all our house: it was pleasant to it. So she lived in solitary life more than a month and turned into an adult beautiful soroka.

Carrie already knew the name and when someone called it, it first of all turned the head in that direction and attentively watched that want to offer it. As we tried to close behind ourselves all doors, there came the moment when someone from our family did not close, going outside, for itself a door.

Once, having come back home from shop and having passed to the second room, I did not find a soroka on its habitual place, on a carpet. Everything at me grew cold, I attentively examined all corners and understood that someone unintentionally missed it. I left in a garden, it it was not visible anywhere, and without any hope for success began to shout: Carrie! Carrie!

And here I see how some bird flew from top of a distant birch and flies directly to me - it was it! Without having reached me slightly - slightly, forty took seat on a pear branch before a porch of the house and looked at me with the brilliant eyes enough. Without trusting in proizshedshy, I slowly approached a pear and gave the hands to a soroka. Carrie continued to sit and look at me. When I, at last, took it in hand, it slightly opened a beak and made the weak hissing sound. Without trusting itself from such good luck, I quietly referred it on a carpet, and itself began to cook its favourite food - white loaf in milk.

There were a grandmother Vera and the sister Liouba. I arranged them small dispersal for an open door, but Carrie was on the place, and all were glad to it. They began to iron in turn a bird and to sentence: Carrie is good, Carrie the clear head. That as if understanding told by them, crafty twisted a head and cheerfully gleamed the eyes, then slowly was accepted to the meal. From this day our Carrie literally spent the whole light day among us on a garden site, we did not close a door any more. We were engaged in garden affairs, and our birdie flew from one to another, without forgetting anybody and paying all attention, at once flew to the one who called her by name.

It could be and annoying, and, to some extent, even disturb us in our garden work, but, despite it, we were always glad to its presence. For example, I am active a sharp chisel, picking out mouldering bark from an apple-tree trunk then to cover open parts of a trunk of an apple-tree with the garden thief.

And on a shoulder at me Carrie sits and it is hardly heard coos and brushes with the klyuvik on my head hair, after a while she decides to help me, i.e. puts the klyuvik there where I - a chisel which gloss very much was pleasant to it (as then it became clear, it liked all brilliant things). In this case, it prevented me to be active a chisel with which I was afraid to wound it. The way out was found of this situation simply: at my request the grandmother who gathered currant at this time, sitting on a small small bench, began to call to himself Carrie who could not refuse to it her request in any way and willingly flew to it.

It was very amusing to take a detached view of them. The grandmother Vera gathers currant, and at it on the head Carrie sits. Then Veranya gets up and with a small bench passes to other bush. Carrie having slightly swayed, kept and went on the head of the granny further. When there was a sister Liouba, everything repeated in a new way, Carrie joyfully flew already to her call, to displeasure of our granny.

Carrie always on a wall carpet in the distant room slept, having strong seized it the claws. She flew there, but loved more when to a carpet it was carried by me on the shoulder. In the morning it, having eaten from a pan and having drunk waters, took off for our garden. In the beginning our favourite sat down on a pear branch before a porch of the house and attentively surveyed the brilliant eyes the territory of our garden site. Then, without having noticed anybody foreign, began flight of already all our giving on duty. Our house soroka was found out also by forest sorok. Sometimes they flew by in the morning over a pear where our Carrie liked to sit, and loudly chirred, called her with themselves.

I saw when wild relatives with noise flew by at it over the head, at this moment Carrie involved the head in a coat hanger and askance, having turned a head on one side, watched them leave, without moving a little. After such flights I, just in case, tried to call not at once Carrie that that calmed down a little.

Carrie knew borders of our site accurately and out of its limits did not depart yet, jumped on beds, caught insects. But here the new phenomenon - appearance of other bird, the handsome of a rooster appeared.

To our neighbor in the general fence Maxim, mother with the daughter came once (from Zelenograd) and persuaded him to take to themselves three little chickens who lived at them in the apartment and to whom it became already close in a box from - under footwear. Two chickens, according to the neighbor, were dragged off by rats, and the third turned into the handsome of a rooster who as a doggie, went behind it and everywhere accompanied it in his movements on a site.

If Maxim dug up the next bed, then the handsome a rooster, the neighbor named him Petya, shaking a magnificent tail from multi-colored feathers, was by all means near it and too was busy with the work: raked the svezhevskopanny earth in search of tasty worms. Sometimes our father Fedya visited the neighbor for which - what agricultural stock which it did not have, just to talk on garden and another matters.

Carrie noticed it and once during one of such visit of the father to the neighbor she went together with the father there and quickly made friends with the handsome a rooster. Happened so: Carrie is absent, and there is no father too, then I go to a neighbour`s fence and I look at a neighbour`s site. Also I see, on a small bench in front of the house of the neighbor our father with Maxim sit and talk, and near them Carrie with Petya are busy with joint search of worms. The rooster important and efficiently powerful legs raked the earth on the next bed, and ours of forty as the diligent chicken, jumped near him and tried to imitate in everything to him.

It was such beautiful, such unusual and exotic couple that still I regret that then I had no camera. By the end of summer all children of near dachas already knew about our Carrie and, having clung to a fence, in eager rivalry called her to themselves.

All our house including I, very jealously treated it, but nothing against it could be done. But not without reason the soroka is considered as one of the cleverest birds, she accurately knew our site, our family and did not pay any attention to others calls. But for Maxim and his handsome of a rooster Petya careful Carrie made an exception, she visited them, first only accompanied by my father.

The fall came. The harvest of apples, pears, plums and berries was cleaned and partially transported to Moscow. The sister Liouba with parents moved to the city. On the weekend I continued to be at the dacha. There the grandmother Vera remained to live, the house was warmed, and there was a good oven (firewood was previously cut too). In the morning the grandmother left in an autumn garden together with Carrie who having jumped about her and having done some flying nearby, flew to visit the feathery friend Petya to the neighbor Maxim (who, being a pensioner, did not hurry to go to the gas-polluted capital too).

So Maxim, having a rest on the favourite shop, quite often admired efficiently babbling on autumn beds of the rooster and his guest Carrie, in search of any insects. When I came to the weekend, Carrie on a step did not depart from me, I brought fresh milk and cooked her favourite food. Then together visited the neighbor Maxim and his Petya. But everything has the beginning and everything, alas, has the end.

Time to go also to our pensioners to winter quarters came. The first there left Maxim, having taken away with himself the handsome of a rooster. Carrie lost the only feathery friend and became much more sad. The woman Vera started to hurry to Moscow also. The question of Carrie became an edge. The last word was for the father, and he decided - to be to a bird at liberty, we will not carry her to Moscow.

I continued to come to the dacha on the weekend, in the beginning on my call Carrie arrived, the truth with lateness - it was somewhere in the next wood probably already in the magpie pack which is closer to Zelenograd where at this time it was simpler with livelihood. She arrived, sat down on a branch of a pear and looked at me with grief and reproach - she understood everything and, as if, silently, spoke: I understand you, but nothing in your sincere experiences to help not with forces - if you process case to parting, then so to that and to be.

I approached it, took it in hand and carried in a lodge, fed with bread in milk, ironed it, keeping saying: Carrie, Carrie, expensive birdie you washing as so it turns out that we leave you, to me it is so painful to speak about it. I kissed it in klyuvik, then seated her to myself on a shoulder where it began to coo and touch quietly the klyuvik my locks of hair, caressed me - it was unusually touching that even heart pressed a little.

When I left giving last time, already froze (there was an end of October), the beauty Carrie sat on a branch of a pear and sadly looked to me in a trace (I felt it) - at heart at me it was very nasty. As was once correctly someone it is told: we in the big answer for those whom we tame!

Here such touching story how the bird of forty can faithfully be on friendly terms with people and even to love them, to be true and not to change them till the last moment, from it not dependent. And could not come to my mind earlier how many mind, ingenuity, cheerful slyness and a congenital step appeared at our pupil Carrie.

Most of people also do not guess (as well as I earlier), birds and, in general all animals are how clever. That they can, as well as people to love, to worry to suffer and take offense.

But that is absolutely surprising, animals do not make mean acts, to them human defects are unknown: envy, hatred, rage, insatiable greed.