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Kot Barsik. Life and love.



There lived at us in the Moscow apartment a fluffy cat Barsik who not just lived, but also skillfully ego-tripped. But about it it is a little then. I Brought to
it home still a halfblind kitten. Near our institute where I studied, was unsightly shop with an extension under which the cat gave birth to kittens.
When we, students, went from shop, saw how hungry and halfblind kittens continually looked out of a mink under an extension. We sometimes pinched off pieces of bread, sausage from the purchases and enclosed all this to a mink. Hungry kittens, after our removal, were enough the put forage and with rumbling headlong disappeared in the den. Cats, their mothers, we nearby never saw.
Ya thought and why not to bring one of them to my old granny, the entertainment on an old age of years will be her. Having approached a cat`s mink, I put a sausage piece at an opening and began to wait. And after a while the muzzle of a hungry kitten who seized a bait leaned out from there. At the same moment I promptly caught it by a nape. He furiously screeched, began to coil, be scratched, trying to escape and get away. But I, strong holding it for a nape, pressed the little body shivering from rage against a sweater on a breast which it seized at once and gradually became silent. Without letting out its nape, I began to stroke-oar it another - he began to squall again, but is now not so loud.
So, strong pressing to a sweater on a breast the small, hardly covered with a hair, shuddering from time to time lump, I also brought it home for the granny.
First, she pretended that the kitten is not necessary to it, but when I told that I will carry it back, she protested and instantly took away it from me. Time went, and the wild halfblind kitten turned into a big and fluffy cat. From good food, wool at it shone and shone. When the grandmother lay on the bed and had a rest, about it there was always nearby Barsik who dozed and purred after tasty grandmother`s food enough.

Once, having returned from work, I found a cat walking between old furniture in our closet. When he saw me, he jumped on a case and, ulyogshis there, looked at me. White tips of pads gracefully hanged down from edge of a case. Having approached a case, I slightly slapped a hand on one of his pads. He did not expect it and reflex drew aside it. But then, stubborn again exposed it, as if offering - and here now try to osalit, now supposedly it will not turn out. I quickly accepted his call and again decided to osalit it on a pad. But this time I already did not manage it - he managed to draw aside instantly a pad before I touched it. It was pleasant to Barsik, and he exposed the snow-white pad again.

From this evening Barsik “got sick“ with game in a tag. Lying on a bed near the grandmother, he did not doze in the late afternoon any more, and waited for my arrival from work. Once I entered the apartment and to knock an entrance door, Barsik headlong broke from a grandmother`s bed to great disgust of the granny, opened a door (it easily opened under the weight of a well-fad cat) and rushed in a closet. There it, having jumped on a case, quickly laid down, having lowered tips of pads for edge of a case, and tensely waited for my emergence. Happened, I came from work tired, but all the same went to a closet, knowing that there I am already waited by Barsik. As in the heat of passion he sometimes showed the teeth more “put on game“, I already approaching a case, dressed on the right leather glove “salting“ a hand.
Gradually to me the respect for Barsik for his unshakable fidelity to this game and surprising came (for a cat) passion, understanding that that all day waits for evening, and tried not to bring it and to be at a case even if it was necessary to me where - or to be late. When I approached
a case, the cat already waited for me (he heard my steps in a corridor), nervously jumped and, having twisted on it, again laid down at its edge, having lowered white pads, tensely watching my right hand, the tip of his tail at the same time nervously twitched to the right and to the left. I slowly brought a hand to his pads. He continuously also watched closely my hand so that even the hair lay down to his head.
As always, I tried to osalit unexpectedly one of his pads and to quickly draw aside the hand back before it in reply osalit it the other pad. Each time I managed to win against it more and more seldom: Barsik became safe.
would be Seen by you what celebration his round eyes after each its successful osalivaniye shone. When it managed to osalit after my hand, it was in obvious delight. But, when I managed to draw aside quicker a hand before it osalit me, and he missed, came to such frustration that at once jumped, began to run discontentedly on a case, showing these accident of the loss. At last he calmed down and laid down in the sports pose again - pads down. Game was started over again. Barsik even more often showed to
the superiority in speed and reaction and, as a result, left me few chances of a prize. It is worth to remember, I came often home tired, hungry, and he ate the whole day the cat`s food, slept, dozed near by at the grandmother, saved forces and waited for my arrival. He, of course, did not know that I need to eat after the working day too.
I when I, very hungry, went on kitchen at once that to itself to warm something, he some time sat on a case and, without having waited for me, jumped off from a case, went on kitchen to me, rubbed about my legs and mewed, causing on the next sports fight.
Once, came to my mind idea to joke with Barsik, that is to osalit it on the other hand from where he for certain could not expect emergence of my playing hand, contrary to the rules of the game which developed already for quite long period of time.
Having come, as always, in the evening home and, having entered through some time a closet, I found on our case in patient expectation of Barsik up in arm. And here, I put on a glove on the right hand and I begin to drive it before an attractive face of a cat, that all in tension watches my passes. Having lulled, thus, into a false sense of security Barsik, I suddenly and quickly osalivat him the left hand by his back part.
That was! From surprise (and, probably, with a fright) it jumped up vertically top. Well he did not expect such dirty trick, such “mean“ act from me going to a section with long ago the established rules of the game in any way and, without looking at me, in indignation, wanted even to jump off from a case.
Ya was struck and did not expect such reaction from Barsik, such frank offense on me, for an unsportsmanlike act for my part. He long could not calm down. Its cat`s head could not contain in any way that in the established game by the rules developed already by time the dirty trick is possible, the actions going to a section with them are possible. But on that the person and “king of beasts“ … frankly pokrovitelsky relation of the highest being to the being standing on the lowest step of development was

In all my actions in relation to a cat. After this case I had a radical revision of these my (universal) delusions.
Having rethought all deeds (not on evil intention) me, I understood that Barsik did not consider himself as the lowest being in any way, and tried to prove very much to me the return and, is concrete in this game in which he obviously succeeded.
After its genuine (almost sad) state, I as if began to see clearly, began to see in it a being with the motivational acts, capable, it is not worse than the person, to rejoice, take offense, triumph, to be indignant and, even, to decision-making: whether to continue the confidential contact with the offended his face or not.

I understood that Barsik absolutely independent and independent being, even proud though, probably, he remembered that I was his “godfather“. In our game in “tag“ he gradually became the leading player and obviously tried to emphasize it, showing the best, than at me, reaction. As he “considered“
, all around it run, fuss, rustle, argue, and only he one behaves as the barin: with advantage eats, has a rest, walks where it will want to it in the apartment, even battles as equals against “godfather“ and even successfully wins against it. As I understand
now, Barsik, playing with me, as if wanted to prove me the importance in our family, he so important took the igrovoyo the place on a case, treated this game with such surprising passion that I wondered that it proceeds only from a simple cat. You cannot imagine how Barsik when he gave miss genuinely suffered or lost “game“ (literally felt an inferiority complex). He so nervously ran on a case circles and even after loss could not look at me - so to it it was frankly bad and even, in some way, it is a shame, very much he wanted a victory and gave it some, full of “cat`s mysticism“, character.
Was such feeling that someone from the other, “thin“ world through our cat, wanted to prove me something, or just to show universality and perfection of mental life of an animal, in anything not conceding in this sphere to the simple person.
After compelled a time - a miss for my reason, me long was necessary to persuade to continue it the interrupted game - I long tenderly called him: Barsik, Barsik, do not take offense at me. At last he, it seems, forgave me and from the remains of offense settled at edge of a case, having exposed the pads. Life proceeded!


Now we will tell about unusual romantic love of our Barsik to a pretty kitty which happened before our eyes at us on the dacha.
our family decided to take away in the Spring Barsik on the dacha in Kryukovo, as was made with big work. When it was let out on a garden site, he was killed under the house and did not get out the whole two days, despite all tricks of our grandmother from there. For the third day Barsik deigned to appear as happened in anything and started survey and development of the territory of our giving. He quickly understood
where our possession come to an end, and in these limits began to prove to neighbour`s cats who here the owner. In the morning it appeared all in wounds, with the swum-away eye which is covered with wounds by an ear at a pan with food. The fighting look he brought the grandmother who at once began to treat him any lotions into indescribable horror.
Barsik understood that should be suffered and that wish well to it therefore he stoically suffered when the grandmother cauterized his wounds iodine. Tomorrow again in fight.
Gradually neighbour`s cats began to avoid our site, having recognized Barsik`s power over our site. Heroic victories of our cat drew attention of a neighbour`s kitty who favourably accepted his courtings.
Barsik entered Now a new phase of the country existence, vanishing for the whole days. From mutual love passion he began to grow thin inevitably directly in the eyes, than brought our grandmother into full frustration. She began it to feed strenuously, but he continued to grow thin, despite significant increase in “ration“.
In a month it for the first time led the passion to the pan on a verandah. The granny could do nothing in such situation and she had to reconcile to it, that is to feed now both of them.
It occurred so: miaow was early in the morning distributed, the grandmother got up and let in both of them on a verandah. The first a pan approached the lady, Barsik admired the passion at this time and watched how she eats. And only after his kitty was completely sated, he approached a bowl. And all this occurred under lamentation of the granny about what it thin, and admonitions that he ate more.

When there came the fall and came it is time to leave giving home to Moscow (near ENEA), Barsik became similar to a shadow. When it came from love appointments, now swayed it, sides fell, once its brilliant wool, pride of the granny, was felted and became dim - we already saw that from thus life he long will not stretch and with his such destructive love it is time to finish.
of his eye became covered by an unhealthy film and watered. It was necessary to take away urgently it to Moscow, otherwise it by all means here will disappear from the irrepressible lust. To be fair, it is necessary to tell that previous two years Barsik lived in the Moscow apartment the hermit and never communicated with cat`s society.
Is clear that this kitty was his first love, and all this two years` abstention affected his present temperament.
When came the moment of our general departure, the strongest of us (as the grandmother told), that is our father, imperceptibly seized a cat by a nape and quickly thrust him who is desperately squalling into a shopping bag, without having forgotten to push a lightning on it that the cat could not get away, during his transportation to the city.
With big work the granny took Barsik to the Moscow apartment. When it was shaken out from a bag, he hardly stood on the feet to anybody without paying attention and without showing any signs of interest in where it appeared. Frankly speaking, some of our family did not believe that he will survive, he looked so bad. But the grandmother believed in Barsik and began to nurse him as small child. Her such care was not in vain, in incomplete month the body at a cat was rounded, wool at it began to shine and shine again.

After country life Barsik considerably changed and matured, during this time his outlook immeasurably grew. He learned delights of mutual cat`s love and became more thoughtful - he obviously had a revaluation of vital values. We still, but already sometimes, played a tag in our closet.

And approximately in a month, there was a new unexpected event. There was a kitty on the other side of an entrance door to the apartment, on our sixth floor, and began to mew desperately. Having heard it, our Barsik as went crazy.
It rushed off to a door, began to scratch it and to ask outside to this kitty. The grandmother seized a cat in an armful and carried away to the room. The cat continued a siege of our door, plaintively mewing and summoning Barsik.
She caught its smell and as we drove away it from a door, it came back again and again. Our compassionate old woman, began even to take out her which - what I go. The granny recognized in her at once that kitty who ate at it from a pan on a verandah in Kryukovo.

And once we did not follow, and Barsik waited for this moment and darted by between legs at one of our house, leaving early in the morning for work and in a rush of lost vigilance. Here the kitty joined it, and both headlong rushed down steps.
was grieved Most by our grandmother, for these years she very much got used to Barsik and so managed to fall in love with it it that could not find any peace. We as could, consoled her. At first all of us thought that they, our lovers, located where - nibud in our yard. Therefore the grandmother, went to the yard with food in hands and called it, but everything was vain. There were other cats and cats, but our lovers among them were not, and the grandmother left food, and left with the broken heart which belonged only to the fluffy handsome Barsik.

Most likely, our Kot with the girlfriend went to a way back (to places of their unusual love) to its homeland in Kryukovo.
Here to you and a concrete example as are able to love in fauna, such here surprising love which is knowing no limit that also people can envy it!