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The dog is....


Not all know that dogs, have the same variety of characters, as well as people. At dogs it is even stronger expressed, thanks to centuries-old removal of breeds for various practical purposes with a wide spacing of their customs from good-natured and peaceful to brightly aggressive (at fighting breeds). But all of them, having completed a special course of training, are not subject to spontaneous changes of mood any more, and behave in offices properly, not dangerous to people foreign and unfamiliar to them.
At natural mongrels, unlike their thoroughbred and “well-mannered“ fellows, character develops spontaneously as a result of a severe survival in the environment of ruthless natural selection. From the moment of the birth they are provided, mostly to themselves, and their character is built up by laws of dog pack.
their Small part turns into ruthless leaders. Other dog individuals take the subordinated place in dog hierarchy: among them there are brave dogs who did not reconcile to the subordinated situation; is quite happy and carrying out will of the leader immediately; is also cunning, at an opportunity able to betray old and to go over to new, stronger leader. Also in pack there are dogs, coward, capable of mean acts (generally just as at people).

When the puppy of a mongrel is brought up in a human family, properties of its character, negative from the birth, are partially muffled, but in certain extreme conditions can be shown from the most unexpected side, that is, other dog can, without expecting that, to bite the owner (without speaking about strangers).
If provide a mongrel since small years to themselves, and her owners only occasionally pay her worthy attention, then from her except dog gratitude for livelihood and constant fear possible (unexpected for it) punishments, you should not wait for any “noble“ acts. Even the thoroughbred dog from a big family tree, but not completely “well-mannered“ (i.e. not completed a full course of training), can throw out unexpectedly aggressive “feint“ - without command of the owner to attack on foreign person or to rush off for unexpectedly appeared cat. Such behavior is absolutely excluded for the trained dog - at her at the sight of a cat only slightly - the nape slightly will twitch, at the same time she will at once look at the owner, expecting from his party of approval of her such reserved behavior (naturally, reached by efforts of multi-day training).

There is a belief that dogs bite only those who are afraid of them. But there are many examples saying that congenital character of some dogs goes to a section with such postulate. Such “doggies“ in situations, stressful for them, prefer to attack the person not in front, and behind, and is absolutely unexpected for the victim, but, do it on a miscellaneous, depending on degree of their “education“. I will give two examples showing an essential difference in such behavior of a coward mongrel and not completely “educated“ sheep-dog.
In the childhood (to me then there were years twelve), I lived in the housing estate, and behind water, in our family, went to a street water folding column. But once, I agreed with neighbors at whom own well was drilled that I can take water from them. Having risen early in the morning, I went behind water along a new route and, having opened a gate, went by a verandah of the neighbour`s house to their water strut. Gathered two buckets of water to top and that not to spill it, went back without hurrying. And when I already almost passed a neighbour`s verandah, from - under it, suddenly, the small dog quietly jumped out and, having bitten through behind (through a trouser-leg) to me a leg, also silently disappeared under a verandah. Having stopped, I looked towards dark space under a verandah, but the neighbour`s dog did not give any sounds from there. With the bitten-through leg I brought water home and at insistance of the family, went to policlinic behind forty (during that time) pricks.

There passed several years, I went the middle of the country road (cars during that time were a rarity) to railway station. Passing by one giving from where cheerful voices reached, I saw through a shtaketnik of a fence big kolichestvolyudy, sitting at a long holiday table around which the big sheep-dog ozorno ran. And here, once again, running by a fence, she suddenly jumped it and, having appeared behind my back, snapped the at my leg, without having bitten through it. All this happened so unexpectedly that I could not think plainly that occurs. When I tried to move a little, the sheep-dog squeezed the jaws stronger. And here such situation - in the middle of the dusty and desert country road there are two: the passerby and the big sheep-dog who was “accurately“ holding it by a leg. On that side of a fence, disappearance of a dog did not even notice. When I once again without results tried to release slowly the leg from a dog mouth, having turned towards zazaborny rough fun, shouted: “Hey, you there! Take away the dog from here!“. Here cheerful noise slightly calmed down, behind a fence the young girl appeared and, having looked in my party, called by name the four-footed hooligan. That, having quickly unclenched the mouth, also easily, as before, jumped a fence in the opposite direction. Having endured a little shock, and, having thanked the lucky stars that the leg remained whole, I already at all not in complacent mood continued the way to station. Here to you, the second example of “shameless“ behavior, one-sidedly trained dog person.

About a difficult and unpredictable case, with for certain the trained dog my good familiar Lezgian Selimov Rasoul told me. Once, in Soviet period when it worked in one of the Makhachkala ministries, to it charged to carry urgently a package to one important official, it home. When it passed a way from gate to an entrance door of a magnificent mansion, on it the sheep-dog snatched, it is good that in front. Rasoul in time reacted and managed to seize her with hands by a neck. (I well remember his huge hands). It had such force that managed to strangle a sheep-dog, the hands extended before themselves, but that managed to put it deep stomach wounds with hinder legs. The official was not on the place, and a package Rasoul left on a porch it at home near the strangled dog. Then it went to the sea that salty sea water to disinfect the bleeding wounds. Then, when his mother saw deep his breast and stomach wounds, having terrified, asked who so wounded it. The proud son of Dagestan, did not begin to say how everything was actually not to upset the mother, and told what during bathing in the rough sea dragged it a breast on a sea pebble bottom. (Now he long ago on pension, lives in Lyubertsy, consists in the Moscow society of “walruses“, floated, even in an ice-hole of the Moskva River opposite to the Kremlin walls). I Will tell
still, about one amusing case relating too to a question of dog education. Somehow in the morning, at my last work, one of our employees of Ivanteyevka, appeared in very upset feelings. Some time he gloomy was silent, but then, nevertheless, decided to tell about the reason of the morning frustration. As always, in the morning he walked the teryerchik before departure for work. Unexpectedly, from where - that the cat jumped out, and its canine friend, having pulled out a lead from hands, rushed behind her. The cat needed to do nothing how headlong to get on the next tree around which desperately barking doggie jumped. Possibly, it occurred rather long time because the balcony door on the third floor of the next house is unexpectedly opened. On a balcony the sleepy little man in an undershirt, pants and the gun in hands jumps out, and shouts: “if you …. (obscenely) now you will not take away the dog from here, I will shoot down both her, and you together with her now. In such, unexpected situation for my acquaintance, he had to catch quickly quickly, jumping around a tree and loudly barking shaggy favourite and to leave quickly the territory, dangerous to his life. With deep offense on the undeserved insults heard by it in the address, it dragged the resting teryerchik from a tree back home. As a result of this incident it completely spoiled mood for all present working day.
Is interesting, the thought did not come to its mind that his doggie be trained as necessary and completed courses of dog “cultural“ behavior, nothing similar would happen. The “educated“ dog already knows how to behave in similar situations, and on foreign live the object, without allowing team of the owner will never distract. Here I remembered
how in Soviet period I had to patrol as the combatant evening avenues of one of the Moscow parks together with the militiaman and his guard dog. Unexpectedly from where - that the cat sideways jumped out. I saw how at a militia dog wool on a nape instantly rose, but having quickly looked at the owner in shape, instantly calmed down and “indifferently“ turned away from the running-away cat. I told about this case upset (on morning) to the colleague who unfortunately did not apprehend properly my moralizing example of other “cultural“ dog behavior in a similar situation.