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What the foozle dreams of, looking at a harmonous birch? We walk to spring towards to

With approach of spring heat at heart becomes brighten. There is a need for physical activity, feelings become aggravated, the desire to be pleasant amplifies. Longitude of day increases, and everything slowly wakes up from hibernation. The sun warms, from it melatonin synthesis - sleep hormone, and thanks to bright light decreases, production of serotonin - so-called hormone of happiness increases.

As it is known to science, the lack of a sunlight causes apathy, feeling of fatigue, depressions and pity to itself. Obviously, and warmed requirement of support and heat that somebody embraced, it is connected also with an ancient instinct of a survival since Ice Age. The season of snowfalls and the Antarctic blizzards ended so, observing prehistoric traditions - time to be chosen from came is central - otoplyaemy caves to the open spring world.

Eh that it to make to spring towards? It is possible to sit out, of course, the pensive foozle and to wait a high water a few months more. But it is better to straighten a coat hanger and to postroynet on - birch that all gasped. For the reason that the organism is tired gipovitaminozy and is not ready to trainings and sharp changes, the best option for a vitality and a figure - to go on foot where - nibud or for something.

“In a bath“, “in the wood“, “where Makar did not drive“ and more delicate uncertain places in our case will not be suitable for adventure.

We will sort popular ways of walking and routes which we well know, and options of their application for beauty and health?

Fast walking to the necessary destination (work, a stop, institute, sale).

you Hurry somewhere? You are late? Perfectly, increase the pace gradually. Concentrate at a distance. Maintain a breath rhythm, well helps to keep mentally or aloud count - time - two, time - two. At faster compelled speed for heart and blood circulation experts advise to take a short deep breath through a nose and an extended exhalation through a mouth. It is possible to help itself hands, like the skier or the skater - well develops pectoral muscles.

Trample at the escalator in the subway in rush hour.

it is difficult for b to pass

in transition, in the subway at the escalator? Use walking on the place in Penguin style. This practice perfectly develops gastrocnemius muscles, is prevention of varicosity, strengthens joints. For bigger effect serially pull to yourself and back at first a sock of the right leg, then left.

Walking - dance waiting for the turn or the bus. you wait for

Long ago? Let`s remember a Latina, namely the main steps of Cha - cha - cha. Taymstep, New - a York step, the opened / closed position - for this dance it is easy to understand these characteristic movements after couple of days of trainings. Thus, it is possible to be exempted from tension in muscles, to improve flexibility of all body and to put the psychoemotional state in order.

Circulation along a corridor with the mobile phone.

Important call? Use space for a power step Tye - chi, at the same time it is convenient to discharge phone of an ear or to bring closer depending on change of a pose. At exact observance of equipment and parameters for legs circulation of vital energy is restored. Besides similar exercises revitalize sexual functions and rejuvenate an organism in general.

Circulation by circles across the limited territory in search of the mobile phone.

Something was lost? The step - a half-split is useful. Here it is possible to use asanas from Yoga. The balance of soul and body which you will shave in the course of such exercises will help to remember where and that you put, and also why you came here and to this world.

Walking with obstacles during moving or cleaning. moving, repair, cleaning Is necessary to

? As it was lucky! Not any ninjia receives such opportunity to perfect the martial art. Inclinations, deflections, long jumps, in height through boxes, bags, basins with glue, banks with nails, the tense wires - there is so much variety and imagination in the movements! All this will help to develop coordination and a vestibular mechanism.

An informative campaign with a pet and other members of household.

did not communicate with the family Long ago? Show school where you studied, a fence through which jumped, a favourite window under which drew on asphalt. If house such excursion seems tiresome, take on walk of the favourite - a doggie, a kitty, a hamster or lend for this purpose at acquaintances somebody live and lovely for communication. It will relieve of a depression, normalizes pressure and will create internal charm.

Sports walking - the review in the museum or in a supermarket.

has nothing to take notice? You descend on an exhibition of objects of art or products. As in biathlon, it is necessary to pass a distance, to stop, sit down or lay down, then to aim and get precisely to a target. In a type of the fact that with the gun and on skis will not let in the museum or a supermarket we will use comfortable footwear - boots, shoes, slippers to taste, and firing by a confident look. Such training helps to keep an organism in a tone, develops ability to concentrate.

Zagrebaniye legs on reception to the dentist, the tax inspector or the chief.

Hauled up on the carpet? Time of power exercises came. Put on the weighted footwear, on a neck it is possible to hang up pair of weights, to take couple of dumbbells in hand, to cheer up and to safely move itself forward! After a meeting it will allow to dump weight - a temporary relief and relaxation before the following campaign, and besides, will strengthen muscles and immunity.

Podskakivaniye on appointment to effect of the slowed-down action.

you go for appointment? It is not necessary to go - to gallop couple of circles around the meeting place a cancan, unforgettable for passersby. Excellent means for combustion of excess fats, calories and any doubts. Do not forget to change tactics and to approach desirable object smoothly and it is not interested, with effect the deputy - e - e - perishable shooting - heartbeat and healthy realism of perception will so be restored.

I wish spring mood and the flying gait!