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Cooperation as a power source during creation of team.

If you have qualified employees properly trained and concentrated on achievement of the objectives of the organization, so you reached much.
But it is not enough.
to you should create such atmosphere in collective which would promote open communication, cooperation and trust, and not only in team, but also between your team and other divisions of the organization.
the Only way to achieve they are to discuss work on the projects which are of the general interest with all members of team and also to be engaged in common in development of ideas and offers on increase of productivity.
Cooperation if it is organized correctly, bears with itself a set of advantages.
Note a tick in the list those its advantages which are most important for you.

Cooperation gives the chance to feel interdependence. When people understand that it is useful to help each other, and see a demand of it, they begin to work together for achievement of common goals. There is nothing bad in it.
When people work together for achievement of common goals, they stimulate each other, and it induces them to aspire to higher purposes. Fresh ideas appear and used in practice, and as a result efficiency of team increases several times.
Cooperation promotes emergence and strengthening in team of mutual recognition and support. People see results not only the efforts, but also efforts of other members of team.
Cooperation strengthens devotion of employees to business and their aspiration to achievement of a common goal. If the person knows that the others share his views and work according to it, he feels stronger and more surely.

Also it is easily possible to understand why those managers who are capable to organize such work of the employees, consider as the real leaders. There are several ways to encourage and support cooperation in collective.
Mark out a tick those from them which you plan to use.

Define areas of interdependence - those sites of work where cooperation will be especially useful. Involve members of team in planning and the solution of problems - thus you will help them to understand in what and where exactly cooperation is necessary. you Hold
opened channels of exchange of information between all who participate in the solution of a task, in implementation of the project or some work. In advance let
to command know that mutual aid will positively affect an assessment of activity of each employee.

Sincerely yours,
Snezhana Zamaliyeva.