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Who creates “weather“ in the house?

the Man and the woman - as two communicating vessels: they constantly exchange energy, most often without realizing that. Nevertheless between them there is always a power exchange.

But the matter is that the main vessel in “climate“ of the relations - all - the woman, she fills with the energy the man. That is why with some women of the man literally blossom in the eyes, and with some and mark time, feeling unhappy, eternally they lack something. But what? Love!

Unfortunately, many women in modern society lost the natural ability to love. Or, maybe, did not meet the men capable to awaken in them sensuality, feminity, love yet.

Love - a basis only!

I know

Ya precisely that the main thing in the relations is the attitude of the woman towards the man, her sincerity. Men very need love. They need it. The woman as pure spring only loving, can fill with moisture the dried-up earth. The female love will be enough even for the desert! The love is really capable to work wonders! Here only the matter is that this love has to be pure, disinterested, real. the Man loves

, dominating, and the woman - submitting

If the woman falls in love, then the man becomes for it the best. And it has to keep this attitude towards him in itself, inspiring thereby the darling. What it is necessary for the man? Belief in its exclusiveness, in its force. Fidelity to it, readiness to obey its force.

They say that the man loves, dominating, and the woman - submitting. Of course, to all there are reasonable limits. But and the truth, the woman wants to see near herself the strong man who will want to obey. The problem is that there are not enough such men. But in hands of the woman there is an opportunity to inspire in the man that he is strong, to give him chance to believe in itself(himself), in the exclusiveness. And then he will be infinitely grateful and will seek to correspond developed about is mute to representation.

Is your choice! Love it!

can find

something good In each man. Some lines for which he can be appreciated and respected. If to you to respect and love the man there is nothing, the relations are doomed to crash. “Weather in the house“ depends only on female energy, on her desire to care for the beloved, to inspire him, to console.

For example, after work it is important to it to relax and restore the forces. He does not want to hear reproaches, complaints, doubts, does not want that it was criticized and “sawed“ endlessly. Make to it better massage, tasty feed and put bed, it is desirable near itself. Become its muse and the inspirer, the cosiness and the atmosphere in your house and your relations depends only on you.

No matter, what clothing size at you and how old are you, try to become internally more womanly, fragile, unprotected, and then at your man will appear desire to protect you! Become the queen if you wish that near you there was a king! And never speak badly of your darling, especially in the presence of others, same your choice! Means, this man you are worthy. Or so far only it. Love it!

Let female heart will be filled with love, trust, gratitude. Do not allow it to coarsen, do not turn into “crouton“. All of us are worthy in this life of happiness, love, the harmonious relations. Let`s be beautiful, kind, gentle, lovely and sincere, let`s learn to give the love disinterestedly, without expecting thanks in exchange. And then all life, I am sure, will be filled with happiness!