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Maria Gavina. You to the zneena such actress?

A on Medvedev?
- Of course, - Savina answered and left together with Lavrova to look from - for the scenes at the famous impresario, to get to troupe of which was honor for any provincial actor. Business happened in Nizhny Novgorod in 1871 where Medvedev arrived specially from Kazan to invite in the troupe Lavrova who was happily shining eyes and tremblingly expecting the end of a performance.
But was not succeeded to look at Savina on Medvedev: the assistant producer declared its exit.

“When the vaudeville began, Lavrova considerably worried, - remembered Savin that day that became critical in her life. - I grew cold, and both of us ran out with a couplet on a scene. My role begins the insignificant phrase, and then I go to bed and I lie long enough. As it was almost in the second one o`clock in the morning, … I nearly - nearly fell asleep actually. Lavrova awakes me, I stretched, yawned and … washing a fate, my scenic career, my life - was solved. Medvedev came behind the scenes and … instead of Lavrova invited me!
is a nature as she woke up - that! Child! It is the real ing é nue, - he said“.

Next day at Nikita Egorov`s restaurant Medvedev treated actors with a lunch. Savina, of course, was too, and in a pocket at her the signed contract for the season of 1871/1872 years with a monthly salary in 250 rubles (instead of 25 rubles that she received, working in Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga) providing also two semi-benefit performances lay. And in four days it already floated by steamship of Samolet association to Kazan.

The debut 17 - the summer actress in Kazan took place on September 19, 1871. Witness of its first success of V. A. Andreyev - Rubtsov wrote that “the graceful, its clever game differing in art grace quite was in harmony with her beautiful scenic appearance.

Simplicity of its game was amazing: on a scene the viewer saw absolutely living person, with big truthfulness giving all sincere disorders of the person executed by it. In its game something fresh was felt, new, not similar to conditional and routine game of the former coryphaeuses adhering still to old school …“ The Press was delighted with game of the young actress too.

Made debut success of Maria Savina also other consequences: Medvedev`s troupe in the height of the season (winter) was left by the talented and clever actress Natalya Ivanovna Stepanova playing the first drama roles. The Kazan public already accepted it quite chilly, including its “cold“, and here still unprecedented success of “this little girl“ (Natalya Ivanovna was more senior than Savina for about ten years). And Stepanova, having terribly taken offense at the Kazan viewer, and at the same time and on the impresario, left. And all its roles literally fell down the debutant`s shoulders.

Maria Savina during that season in Kazan very strong “plowed“: played about 30 roles. And in Kazan to it skill and glory came. It played dramas, comedies, operettas, and everything at it turned out incredibly naturally. “In it there was no falseness at all. Each gesture, a little angular, expression of eyes, a smile, intonations, the general tone - everything was vitally and truthfully“, - the actress M wrote.