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You want to build the house the hands? A log in different foreshortenings of

Depending on desires and, naturally, opportunities, builders houses big and small, for year-round accommodation and especially summer interest.

Projects for individual construction there is a great variety now. Various design organizations and firms continue to develop them in very wide assortment: here both cottages, and various country houses of various styles and plannings.

Handymen who project and build the houses, introduce quite often very original finds in a moneybox of the construction experience very interesting and useful to other handymen. It is impossible to limit to any framework variety of interiors, at any two builders even of externally identical houses surely will be, not similar on any other decisions in this area.

But anyway before starting construction of the house, it is worth breaking fairly the head over a question what it has to be?

It is obvious that the design and technology are closely connected among themselves and inevitably influence at each other. Externally same house can be realized in very various constructional and technological options of production. Therefore, choosing a design and technology for the concrete independent embodiment, it is necessary to compare possible options taking into account their advantages and shortcomings.

No doubt - log houses are good. From them blows as natural heat and a cosiness; they are durable - fellings stand sotnilt; life in them passes in the healthiest conditions. But as the second, country dwelling such houses are unprofitable: and not only from - for construction costs.

The matter is that log houses at continuous accommodation in them are most durable. When in the house the furnace which not only maintains temperature necessary for people periodically burns, but also takes away from the house and throws out a huge amount of the air necessary for burning of firewood in a pipe. As “nature abhors a vacuum“, this air is replaced fresh, inflowing outside. Thus, the furnace at a fire chamber is the most powerful ventilating device that very positively affects service life of a log house in which at the same time there are no stagnant, crude zones.

It is clear, why the left houses decay surprisingly quickly. There is an opinion that visit in the winter of the log house from natural at the same time fenny furnace for a felling to equivalently year cycle of change of seasons. It seems that certain bases for this purpose are. Judge as your log house at periodic winter arrivals will quickly grow old - it is a pity! And if the log house is used only in the summer, then need for its good quality becomes doubtful.

Log and bar-shaped houses and for independent are difficult, especially the first construction - what is cost by only traditional cuttings and connections! For their high-quality implementation of one “theory“ a little - it is necessary to have serious practical skills.

And if you build the first house, most likely, not to do without experts. And if this first construction is also the last, and the builder is not going to master construction at the professional level, then independent construction of a bar-shaped or log house loses any meaning.

An important factor at construction of these houses is the increased labor input - alone, for example, can build them the very few.