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Tragicomedy “This Is Foolish - Love“. A grant on pasting of the broken cups?

the Marriage relations have to, no, are obliged, to have a core. I do not know what you thought now of, but judge for yourself. People meet, fall in love, marry. Bring children, a dog, the car, the house and a country house in Spain. And then, having looked back, understand what them keeps nothing in this concrete status because a half of life is passed and what were in time what was reached?

Children grew up, the dog died, there is still not enough money for yellow “Porsche“, and once new and cozy house already namozolit an eye.

On this very spot many break. The love is called a habit, happiness - routine, tranquility and stability - a rotten bog. Fragments of the former happy families begin to ply in search of new feelings, experiences, feelings. The majority finds adventures on the fifth point and, having put the tail between the legs, falls back into place. Someone manages to escape from a vicious circle and to bring the existence to qualitatively other level. The third, in a type of lack of a consent with the inner self, suffer a defeat behind defeat, unjustly accusing people around of own misfortunes.

But the hero of the last year`s tragicomedy “This Is Foolish - Love“ (Crazy, Stupid, Love) not such is. He will fight for the ideal up to the end. And it is not visible to fight by that of the end and edge.

… 25 - summer marriage of Cal Uiver ended at supper at restaurant. Total cream - to the bryula, that is divorce. He did not manage to reach to the house as found out that the wife has a crisis of middle age that they got married too early that in 44 years life only begins, and his cloudless happiness departured in a certain David Lindkhagen`s hands. Cal resignedly collected belongings and went to the neighboring bar to fill in a grief with cranberry drink with vodka. Where met the magnificent handsome Jacob who took the grieving cuckold under the guardianship.

Jacob - Don Juan with an experience, despite early age. Everything is grabbed, is paid for everything. Schemes of the pickup fulfilled. Couple of easy phrases, the three of unostentatious compliments, cocktail - and the mademoiselle are already ready to give birth to it to children. Cal and Jacob - the complete antitheses. The first - the one-woman man who had only one woman on life the second hardly understands sense of any long-term relations. While the youth trains the forty-year-old man in elements of a sjem, that, in turn, imparts the life experience with it.

Cal`s problem is that he does not want to be a playboy at all. He wants to return the wife. No, certainly, the excess attention of an opposite sex flatters it, and even first causes euphoria, but the poor creature only also thinks that about the beloved Emily. And that, in turn, already is also not glad to the decision especially as the petty intrigue with the colleague - the accountant caused interest, being only secret. Here also each other Cal and Emily go around. Like a crane and a heron. Not to admit forces that everyone brought in matrimonial dissonance the powerful contribution …

In Glenn Fikarra and John Rekua`s movie all love all. Cal loves the wife, his son - the school student Robbie secretly vozdykhat on the babysitter, the senior pupil Jessica, and that, by the way, dreams to appear in one bed with his father. While the younger generation suffers Platonic torments, parents, taking advantages of age, actively train love at the practical level. One lady`s man Jacob loves nobody, preferring sex without obligations and sentimental nonsense. But also he under the final, under the influence of the general feverish search of happiness, will fall in love. In whom - I will not tell because the most amusing intrigue of a tape consists in it only and, perhaps.

The beginning cinematographers Fikarra and Rekua decided to shoot the second movie in more traditional key, than a debut “I love you, Philipp Morris“. Most likely, producers of a tape hinted screenwriters of “Bad Santa“ that if “This is foolish - the love“ will be comprehended by destiny of their first project, then work will be more difficult to be found it in the subsequent. I will remind that the picture of 2008 with Jim Carrey and Euan McGregor`s participation long knocked about on festivals waiting for at least limited hire. Having got to it 2 years later in December, 2010, the tape about adventures of homosexual couple naturally merged, without having paid back even a quarter of the incredibly modest budget to the Hollywood measures.

Yassen a stub, Steve Carel, the leading man and in combination the producer of the project, was not ready to sustain losses. So this time did without provocations.

The American origin of the movie is unmistakably guessed on two details: to talk on baseball (any family movie does not do without notorious scene with a perekidyvaniye of a ball) and stretched for twenty minutes of a heppa - to an and. In an ending heroes share the feelings, it is a lot of and long speak about the importance of love in human life and five times put end, however credits all do not begin in any way. As a result the picture lasts for two hours of screen time though, having cleaned superfluous, Fikarra and Rekua could achieve much bigger.

Nevertheless “This is foolish - love“ - a rare sample of modern American movies where it was succeeded to do without vulgarity and sortirny jokes. Humour in a tape unostentatious, easy, clear to the majority. Situation vital. Divorce became already so ordinary phenomenon that only lazy does not joke on this topic.

The comedian Steve Carel was lucky more than the others. He not only received 15 million dollars for the role, but also actually repeated the image from a picture of 2005 “The forty-year-old virgin“. With only that difference that Cal Uiver has at least one woman, but was. And here Ryan Gosling faked a little. First, when in its task entered to represent the desperate lady`s man and the playboy, he coped above any praises. As soon as business reached romantic fuss, Gosling was lost in melodramatic snivels of other characters and quietly wandered against, trying not to gleam.

Contrary to the name, a tape not so silly. In spite of the fact that all road characters detain the same thought. That marriage is at all not faded stamp in the passport, not long-term and voluntary cohabitation under the same roof, and a unification of souls. That the love is an everyday work. And that it is impossible to spoil where you eat because to offend the person - easier simple, and to return the status quo in the relations - very difficult.