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In a dream or in reality?

are situated on the bank of the river the swarty girl and looks at water. Suddenly the nice young man with a short nutbrown hair and brown eyes behind approaches it, trying to embrace that. It, coiling, escapes from its embraces and speaks:
- Kohl, be not foolish! You were going on Svetka to marry, and she is, by the way, my friend!
the Guy, having slightly been confused, begins to justify itself silly:
- Well it is not now here! You are pleasant to me, expensive …
is heard in reply by the following argument not in its advantage:
- And I still if you do not know, meet Kostik …
the Friend waves away from it a hand:
- Da Kolya, Kostya - what difference to you?! Do not carp, - again tries to embrace the severe maiden - the situation with rejection repeats.
He is upset, but is not going to recede:
- Milena, listen: you know that I am very purposeful person, - grabs her hand and tries to press by force to itself.
the Scared young lady shouts, hits it with a fist on a face and … Evening continues to watch TV …
. Beautiful expensive restaurant. Clinking of glasses and modulating laughter is heard. The young couple sits at a small little table about a window. The guy, having given a toast with champagne, speaks:
- Svetlana, I long thought and … decided to make you the proposal …, - on what the girl, having smiled, looks down in a floor, - expensive, you agree to become my wife? - stretches it the smart Golden Ring with big diamond in a tidy red box in the form of heart. She takes
a ring and puts on it to herself a ring finger, joyfully declaring:
- Cool ringlet, darling!
That, having become puzzled, asks:
- And what you will respond me to my offer?
of Light, having slightly ruffled the smoothed hairdress, deeply reflects. Her gentleman does not decide to break silence. Soon the potential bride confusedly begins the answer:
- You Understand …, I cannot then … to agree what plainly to tell …
Nikolay directly explodes:
- At you what, there is a lot of options?! We with you planned to get married for a long time! So you refuse to me?!
the Girl, having absolutely become puzzled, sadly reports:
- Well so far yes … and then, it is possible if you well behave, I will be able to agree to your offer.
the Furious young man, jumping from the place, runs up to the unaccomplished bride and hits it on a cheek … Svetlana screams … He deafened by beep of an electric locomotive drops the newspaper on a floor …
On a reception of five-stars hotel two very young girls sat and, waiting for work, briskly discussed something:
- Svetka, you are happy!
- And what to you, Mai, yours will not suggest to marry him in any way?
That sighed and answered:
- I do not know … He says that yet not time. Somehow it is not convenient to me to force it. We, by the way, meet nearly five years …
- At - at - at! Time! We are only two years …
Suddenly at the smoothed blonde the mobile phone rang out, and on its screen the inscription “Milena“ was highlighted. Svetlana, having a little been delighted, accepted a call:
- Hi, girlfriend!
U calling was a sad voice:
- I See, you have a good mood! And I can afflict you …, - and it retold all that occurred recently between it and Nikolay, finishing the narration the phrase: - Well I, of course, as your devoted girlfriend, sent away him the rudely! And you, expensive, think: whether you should marry it. You, it seems, were going to register for a long time the relations officially. You there so far reflect, and to me the client came, - also hung up.
After heard Sveta could not even move …
of May very much was disturbed by a condition of the workmate:
- What she it told you - that?
Later minutes five the answer with obviously constrained sobbings was heard:
- Well, it stuck to it …
- Kolka stuck to Milenka?! - that guessed with big surprise. to
After the word of a nod which confirmed it the head distributed just hysterical heart-breaking crying.
stood the young man with very sad look Near a glass show-window of smart boutique. He got the mobile phone from a pocket and dialed familiar number. Having soon heard the voice welcoming it, began conversation:
- Hi, Kostik! I have it, &ndash here; and further retold to it sad events of recent time.
in reply the guy began to calm calling various assumptions:
- Well it can how the decent girl, decided to think? She can joked? She can just wanted to look at your reaction? Can still something? Wait … and be not angry with it …
Nikolay thought of words of the friend, without having made the firm decision.
Later Svetlana went several days in the evening home from work.
the weather Standing at that time obviously lightened mood even to the most upset person: in the sky - cloudlets, the sun did not fry, and created pleasant moderate heat, the small wind blew from the South. For changeable spring it was very unexpected phenomenon. our heroine, naturally, had
I the condition of spirit corresponding to the favorable nature. But, when the girl began to approach an entrance of the house, it slightly deteriorated: on the horizon Nikolay`s figure appeared …
the Guy stayed in a nervous tension from long expectation - it was visible on all its shape. It stood, shifting from one foot to the other, holding a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand.
of Light, having only noticed “apostate“, hurried to be developed and go to other party. Her mood sharply deteriorated. But not here - that was: the young man, having seen reaction of the girlfriend, rushed behind it.
Prosecution lasted not for long - the fugitive was caught. Kolya, having taken the beloved by hand, stopped it, kneelt and, having turned away in order to avoid a slap in the face, stretched on an outstretched arm a bouquet with words:
- Forgive me, the darling. I realized the mistake.
That, having thrown an accusatory glance on the offender, said, hardly constraining the escaping rage and hatred:
- You call IT just a mistake?!
It, having finally been confused, answered:
- Well, it is not just a mistake … this terrible crime! Forgive me, please! - turned to “the unaccomplished bride“, having glanced her in eyes.
Svetlana, having pulled out at it from hands a bouquet and having thrown on asphalt, cried out:
- It do not forgive! - also went the own way.
the Young man stiffened waiting for new thoughts concerning further actions:
“To run behind it - there is no sense. Can later still try to arrange our meeting? Or …?“
without having been defined, Nikolay went towards tent with the sign “Live Beer“ …
of Light, having come home and having changed clothes, began to call Milena:
- Hi, girlfriend! You represent, this impudent fellow dared to apologize at me!
the Answer to it was some intense silence. Even it seemed to the girl that she talks to herself, - decided to check this thought:
- You hear me? Why you are silent?
Was distributed an uncertain voice:
- Just I thought here recently …, can to me all this dreamed?
That flashed:
- What does it mean?! What for nonsense you bear?! You understand how it is serious?!
Milena began to calm it:
- He apologized at you? Means - it is guilty! Agree?
the Conclusion was very logical - it was necessary to agree and cool down, but nevertheless such strange statement too confused Svetlana …
Decently drunk Nikolay rose on the elevator to the apartment of “the unaccomplished bride“, arguing:
“Pancake, in general the girl has the right not to forgive for it! I dared to raise a hand against it! I was in the heat of passion. And, maybe, all this dreamed me? Perhaps I then in the subway behind the newspaper … dozed off? And of what I am guilty? She does not want to forgive me - means is guilty! Here some riddle, &ndash is covered; he left the elevator and, having approached to the door of its apartment, pressed the call button.
Soon opened for the young man - on a threshold Svetlana with a wild hair, in a terry dressing gown and in fluffy slippers, adjusted quite in a friendly way appeared:
- You forgot to tell something else to me?
- Sure. To me it is bad without you …, - on a smell at it from a mouth a lot of things became clear:
- Da you is drunk! It was necessary to think earlier! Why you got to it?! - the last phrase was heard in angry tone.
of his eye were rounded from surprise. Soon Kolya carefully asked:
- To whom?
That finally became angry:
- You will deny still IT?! Do not pretend to be! She told everything to me!
the Guy began to come true:
- And why you refused to me? We dreamed of it long ago?
- What I refused to you? What we dreamed long ago of? - now its turn to be surprised came.
This time Nikolay raised the voice:
- Aha! Already forgot perhaps about the kosyachok?! Memory, short at you! - he spat a floor and ran towards a ladder which conducted to an exit to the street.
Milena sat at small small restaurant and drank coffee from a small openwork cup. She was tormented by strange doubts: “Something I do not remember
as I reached this river. And back I do not remember how came. Maybe I just took a nap then behind the TV? Though he runs behind it with apologies - means … Da of nothing it means! It is necessary to talk to it!“ - the girl resolved, finishing drinking the portion of strong fragrant drink.
Nikolay went in the evening home after change. There was rainy windy weather which was making up for grief and boredom. Trees still stood naked (without foliage), but already with kidneys. On the sky with a huge speed a tatter of dark clouds and clouds rushed.
the Young man remembered events of the last days and considered them some unnatural …
Suddenly at it in a pocket the mobile phone rang out - it was Milena:
- Hi, Kohl! We should meet you and which - what to discuss …
- It, incidentally, is not connected with the fact that Svetka does not want to talk to me?
- It is possible. How you guessed?
- Simply, in - the first, you usually idle never call me, and in - the second, I constantly think of this strange situation …
They agreed about time and about the meeting place …
A they met in half an hour in the next square, settling down near the valley just of that river … It was already dark, and along the very narrow avenue lamps were lit. On its perimeter various trees and bushes from which branches rain drops fell grew, shining and being poured on light by all flowers of a rainbow. Rainfall was not, but on the sky shaggy clouds continued to rush, continually baring golden month.
the First, as well as is necessary, the guy came. But also the young lady was quite punctual, having been late all for a couple of minutes.
Young people, having once again greeted each other, began communication with Nikolay`s question:
- Well and why Svetka does not want to talk to me?
- We now will also try to find out It … Tell me about that strange situation which develops … recently
the Friend to it, of course, retold a story about Svetlana`s refusal, having emphasized a fair fog of this event and its obscure fieriness.
Milena deeply reflected, but soon responded:
- Here it that, - also presented the vague history after which termination Kolya just was indignant:
- You that, absolutely already?! Ah here from - for what she does not talk to me! Now - that everything clears up!
That it is guilty asked, having looked down:
- And it, however, was not?
It flared up again:
- Got a false idea of herself Much! You not in my taste, expensive!
the Girl bashfully smiled:
- Here - here! You then so also called me! the Young man did not stop telling
with voices raised:
- Well for nonsense you bear?! When then?! We had with you nothing of that kind - it is precisely! I am not such person! I cannot afford it!
- Da calm down you! - suddenly the young lady, &ndash shouted at it; I not incidentally doubted between reality and a dream. Means, it precisely was a dream! Means, I took a nap then behind a TV set.
- And what you then will tell about my case? - already quietly Nikolay questioned.
- That it dreamed you too! But Svetka does not want to talk to you from - for what I to her naplet. You doubted too over whether there was it actually or not!
- And what to do to us now?
- And now, for full examination, let me call your Svetlana and I will ask: whether you did it the offer or not. If is not present, then we will go to it and everything it is explainable.
- And if yes?
- Well then everything is considerable zaputanny, than we now with you assume. You, probably, very much - very much should apologize. If I in it am kneaded - I will help you! I, probably, more you am guilty of all this …
- Do not blame yourself! Both of us are good! - the guy friendly patted it shoulder.
Svetlana sat on a chair in the room and watched film on the laptop. Suddenly at it the mobile phone rang out - it was necessary to interrupt viewing and to accept a call:
- Hi, Milena! You on business?
- In general yes. And you are busy?
- Not really. Tell what wanted.
- At me to you only one question so I will not detain for a long time in such late time …
- Well do not weary - ask the question!
- Only answer ask nothing more. All right? Then you learn everything.
- It what, it is direct so important? Matter of life or death? - the film semolina giggled.
- Do not sneer, please! - strictly that straightened out it.
- Well I promise …
- Your Nikolay couple of days ago at restaurant did not do You an official proposal to marry it?
- At - at - at! How many at once questions there is a wish to set … From where you have such information? - the question sounded extremely suspiciously.
- I just asked to answer and to ask nothing! - it was distributed in response to the increased indignant tones.
- Ah, well: no, did not do.
- Well then we will come to you, &ndash now; and Milena hung up.
Uneasy Sveta several times dialed the highlighted number, but on the screen the inscription “The Subscriber Is Busy“ constantly appeared. Soon she indifferently waved a hand and continued to watch film.
Milena and Kolya rose on the elevator to Svetlana`s apartment, discussing the plan of further actions.
Later they already sat several minutes on a kitchen corner of the hostess and explained her an event:
- Here very strange story, &ndash happened; there began Milena, - and your groom here at all not and.
- And who and? - that was indignant.
- Anybody. The dream dreamed me that it stuck to me, and dreamed it that he made you the proposal - you refused to it. And both of us did not know: it was in a dream or in reality …
- And you thought that I will believe in it? What for nonsense you uttered, the girlfriend? - extremely mistrustfully the puzzled girl asked.
in reply was necessary to tell it all this story with the slightest details. But even after this Light could not believe in possibility of such situation in any way:
- Well unless it is possible to confuse a dream with reality?
- Of course, it is heavy to You to believe in it, but it is necessary. If it occurred in the afternoon and while you doze off, - it is quite possible. Just at us such situations happened to your Kolya almost at the same time - here and confusion came out. So, the girlfriend, forgive him … to
- Oh, as if I wanted to believe in it! But it is somehow affected and painfully harmoniously it turns out …
- The Girlfriend, forgive him! You know that I for you will kill all!
- All right, persuaded - I forgive, but not for everything …
- And for what you do not forgive? - the question sounded initiatively and not without interest.
in reply that turned to Nikolay, having drawn near it is close - close and having glanced in eyes, asked with mild offense in a voice:
- And why you spat to me under a door yesterday?
- I do not know something? - suspiciously Milena squinted.
the Guy, having slightly been confused, opened it the maintenance of this case on what the girl declared:
- Well you give! - and again addressed the girlfriend with the instruction: - But then we found out nothing yet - he did not know - it is not considered. Forgive him up to the end!
They argued a little more, but nevertheless as a result reconciliation of young couple took place. Though one of them so finally also did not believe in possibility of such excentric situation …