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In soul you will not glance?

On a wattled shop about a smart guest mansion the pretty girl sat. It had long thin legs, a straight yellowish hair to shoulders and sad gray eyes. It periodically blew off the outgrown disobedient bang from a forehead.
Unexpectedly the door of a mansion was opened - the man of years 35 left it and went a bench already known to us aside. It is impossible to tell that it was fantastically beautiful, but it would be unfair to call it the freak the same.
of an Eye of this adult were anxious. Strong gusty wind, lokhmativshy his fluffy ashy hair, gave to a present situation some intense character.
It, approaching the purpose of the visit, tenderly called to the girl:
- Karin, I agreed - we will come around through an hour.
That, having thrown up on it the slightly offended eyes, discontentedly muttered to herself under a snub nose:
- Generally, me in three hours to take up watch …
- Do not worry, I will bring you. Or, you want, I will call a taxi? Here we only for an hour will be late, - told more strictly and suddenly in its pocket of trousers, expensive with outflow, dark-gray color the mobile phone rang out - it was necessary to accept a call unwillingly:
- I listen! - firmly began undesirable conversation.
- Hi, Mark! How are you? your meeting ended?
- Not yet. More precisely it did not begin yet: sponsors are late as their flight was delayed. And what you wanted?
- The car is necessary to me! It is urgently necessary to bring Annushka to hospital!
- And what happened to it? - its tone got is interested - the anxious character, having replaced full detachment.
- Something temperature at it rose … I from school had to take away it earlier, even the class teacher called me! I, of course, reached on foot and took away, but here to hospital, excuse, to finish under the own steam it is unreal.
- What do you make a fool of me?! - suddenly the man flashed. - I to you changed the car only recently!
- Well just I drove away it on painting …
- How?! We specially selected color within several weeks!
- Well it to me already ceased to please - I changed the mind, well!
- The Grief to me with you! - clutched a free hand at the head. - And how I to sponsors will go then to a meeting, tell, please?! You will suggest me to postpone it or to go to a taxi?! - angrily Mark questioned.
- You are forgotten! This is your daughter! For the sake of it you have to take any measures! He this phrase in general ignored
, having continued indifferently:
- And I to you suggested to buy the third car!
- You what so largely grew rich?
- For the sake of the tranquility I am ready even for it!
- I do not want to Hear you any more! - also hung up.
the Man, having shrugged shoulders, stretched priobnyat Karina, but that, having skillfully evaded, discontentedly said, having inflated the chubby sponges:
- Well there again?!
- Annushka should be brought to hospital - the car is necessary.
- Well as always, - in her eyes tears flashed.
- My Girl, I am not guilty that my wife drives every week the car on painting! Do not worry - I will be in time everywhere!
- So buy it one more!
- She does not want. Better I will buy you, - Mark smiled and again tried to embrace her, but similar reaction followed.
- I already said to you that I do not love the car and to go by them - first of all! I love when I am carried!
- You Want, I to you will employ the driver?
- No, I do not want! But I all the same very much love you, - Karina gently looked at the lover and, having slowly approached him, put the hands on big male shoulders - they merged in a passionate kiss …
In cafe on the bank of the small rivulet two women of years 30 sat and heatedly discussed something.
About this entertaining institution was the playground surrounded with a small apple garden from which the wonderful fruit smell and quiet pleasant singing of birds reached.
approached Day the end. From the river to fires of cafe the various insects who were fairly preventing guests to enjoy rest flew. In the sky clouds stiffened, and only the sun changed a serene picture, adding to it the reddish shade. The bright star at the beginning of September already poorly heated, but lit well.
One of women was quite attractive. About such speak “The very picture of health“. It had black straight hair, brown eyes and slightly plump figure. It was quite smiling, but nevertheless the grief did not vanish in eyes.
her girlfriend was less noticeable. And here about such speak “A gray mouse“. This lady it is uninteresting put on, though without it in image had no anything attracting attention, except, of course, blue naive eyes and small growth (155 cm). Eternally carried jet-black hair in some senile bunch which was even more emphasizing fair obesity of a body.
Suddenly from a playground came running to them the nice little girl who for the course cried:
- Mother, mother! I ice cream want!
More attractive of them, having responded to the daughter`s request, addressed the interlocutor:
- Mylae, well what whimsical child at me!
- Listen, Lisa, and you told that Annushka needs to be brought to hospital … Maybe I will give the car to you?
That in reply writhed a dissatisfied grimace and knocked with a finger on a temple, having told:
- Maybe you still will want to ask me: why I decided to recolour the car? Mila`s
scornfully waved a hand, but then, having ordered ice cream for Annushka and having asked it to take a walk still, returned to former conversation:
- I do not understand at all why you constantly do everything in defiance to Mark? To you what with it is bad?
Lisa, having gloomily smiled and having disappointedly sighed, closed eyes through which eyelashes tears began to flow.
“Gray mouse“, having seen it, rushed to ask the girlfriend:
- Well so it happened - that? Something with Anna?
the Woman, having instantly calmed down, a sepulchral voice said:
- I feel that Mark changes me …
several minutes Later Mark and Karina already sat in a sauna waiting room, having begun the short rest in the accelerated mode …
the Man tried to seem extremely reserved what you will not tell about the girl (she continually flew on it in passion rushes).
Mark was driving therefore it had to drink the ordered alcohol one. Literally later minutes 15 from the beginning of a so-called meeting that already decently became tipsy and began to stick to the beloved with everyones questions foolish (in his opinion):
- Darling, and why you always Annushka call the daughter? Why not Anka or Ania, Anna at least? And me you are always Karina, Karinka …
- You Understand, it was moved since those times when you were at infantile age …
- By the way, your Anka already studies at high school, and I at college! - it flashed from indignation.
- What you now from me want to achieve all this? - cold the man asked.
- That you, at last, told that you love me most on light, - even closed eyes from imaginary pleasure.
- I already said to you that I love nobody more Annushka, - strictly he declared.
- And how I? - shed a tear.
- And you are pleasant to me, - silly smiled, but, having seen angrily - a compassionate look of the girlfriend, hurried to recover: - Yes I love, I love you, - also embraced her.
Karina directly thawed, having blurred in truly happy smile and affection. The girl dragged on a cigarette and thought: “What he would not say yes whom he would not love any more with whom he would not live - I all the same very much love him and I want to be near always him … and his tremendous body …, - she with admiration looked at a naked torso of the partner and even itself was confused the emotions.
her Following question beat out Mark finally from his habitual track of relative spiritual tranquility:
- And you are not going to divorce Lizka?
- Why it to you? - strictly he asked.
- I want to be only with you and that you were ONLY with me …
That roughly tore off:
- To Want not harmfully! - but in several seconds thought: “I, probably, offended her, but what I can tell it in the justification?“
Mark hurried to take the girl by hand and to apologize:
- Forgive me the fool, Karinochk, Karinushka, my angel. I did not want it to speak … just escaped. You not really are angry with me, my dear?
In response to it red eyes rose, and the low whisper was distributed:
- Of course, no, my dear. I already got used …
In turn the man began to reflect:
“Naturally, she says that she does not take offense. Just very much loves me and it is ready to forgive everything to me. And I, cattle that I afford. At it at heart now, precisely, cats scrape. I think, regrets that in general contacted me. And suddenly all in a different way? Suddenly it artful knot? Suddenly plans to open my business plans and strategy for our competitors? Suddenly it to me was sent by these freaks from UBEPA or from tax? But it cannot then with such pleasure every time caress my body … What, interestingly, she thinks now of? In soul you will not glance …“ At this moment Karina was
all eyes on the beloved and too deliberated: “Interestingly, and he, however, loves me or pretends to be? Really I, really, so hooked on it? The cool man all - got to me! By the way, he did not tell me: will get divorced from the wife or not … What thinks now of? Nobody can tell what goes in another person`s mind …“
At this moment Mila already asked the girlfriend on her unclear and unreasonable suspicions:
- Lise, from what you took all this? You caught it?
- Well, just I feel …
- Aha, very thorough reason for suspicions! - directly the woman was indignant, and that sadly continued:
- Some it another became: ceased to worry about me, ceased to give gifts and in general attention became us with the daughter less to give as though now for all this it had another …
- Do not make a fool! He is a busy man! There can be at it problems at work? You did not try to ask about it?
- That`s just the point what earlier he told about everything, and now from him will not extend the word … Ranshe and Annushka so many gifts brought …
- By the way, about your daughter, - killed it Mila, - what happened to it - that? Something serious? Maybe I can help?
- Silly woman you, girlfriend, - the answer followed after a sad sigh, - with it - anything! I just wanted that Mark arrived to us, and that suddenly he again there with the passion has a good time …
- At - at - at, - crafty and carefree that stretched.
- Well again? And about the car I invented for the same …
- And you do not think that you indeed should paint the car?
- Naive washing, I can tell everything that I will want …
- You Will tell lies? And for example?
- For example, that I scratched the car and that not to upset him, told about the next painting …
- Well you, I look, the dreamer! Liar, if frankly …
- And I as it!
- Yes stop you! You have no proofs neither for yourself, nor for it!
- And what it you it protect all the time? - suspiciously Lisa squinted eyes.
- You see in general sense of our talk if I in everything agreed with you?
- Well, perhaps, you are right. By the way, I read article on the Internet that when men begin to change, they change a view of all past … Though you correctly told that there are no proofs. Well he hides? Well at it there inside?
- Glance in his soul! - with a smile offered Mila.
came running Annushka behind ice cream Here, and just the waiter brought it. The girl began to eat a delicacy with the great pleasure, joyfully smacking the lips, - Lisa looked at the daughter and thought: “My darling, you so far such happy that you do not know adult problems … And you, probably, your father all the same changes me or not … As if I wanted to rummage in a brain of this geek …“ Soon the child finished with
meal, and girlfriends, having said goodbye, left, and mother with the child went towards the house. On the road senior of them in thoughts argued: “Oh I will arrange to it now! For the sake of the daughter could not throw on the couple of hours to a knot! Interestingly, and it is younger than me? Probably! Well I definitely know nothing … I want though with half an eye to look at his soul …“
In that second at it the mobile phone rang out. The woman looked at the display - it was Mark - only with relief sighed, and did not begin to answer a call and looked towards the taxi passing by painted in pink color. It just floated along the very narrow small street. On its perimeter behind very tall fences only roofs of magnificent mansions at one of which this taxi and stopped were visible. It left the pretty girl with long thin legs, a straight yellowish hair to shoulders... Lisa thought:
“Can at my Mark the same coquette“, - with these thoughts she darted a glance at the short plump legs - it became even more offensive for her.
But when the girl called the on-door speakerphone about an entrance door - a rough man`s voice answered “Well and where you, the servant, so long carried?!“, at the woman the mood improved a little: “So she is servants! And I with myself equal it!“ - took Annushka by hand more strong and it is proud proceeded by this contemptuous person what that and considered.

After a while Lisa and Mark met already at home in the room for guests. The woman tried to pretend that she took offense at it or just does not notice. It, having sat down on a smart leather sofa, lowered the look in a floor. That girl about the mansion on-door speakerphone for some reason was always on her mind …
When Annushka ran away to herself into the room, Mark decided to approach the wife, having mistrustfully asked:
- Unless Annushka is sick? That answered
, without reflecting:
- No! Until you reached, she already recovered as you see …
- And why you did not call me and did not warn about it? - with hardly constrained rage in a voice the man responded, walking up and down to and fro on the room with great strides.
- And why I had to you call? We are with you, it seems, did not agree about anything, - with detachment Lisa answered.
- Well, - stupidly that agreed, - and what color you were going to paint the car this time? - sharply he gave the conversation another turn.
- You Know, darling, - tenderly there began a woman and told the husband that sob-story which is thought up a few hours ago.
Communication of a married couple became quite friendly and peaceful, daily contradictions were forgotten for a short time. Mark regretted the soulmate, caressed even … the wife quietly asked
After some minutes, having closed eyes to a second:
- And you change me?
the Man, having a little been confused, shortly apart answered:
- No, and to what such question? That attentively looked at
on his look full running on the room on the one hand - offenses, with the second - hatred and rage, with the third - regrets and apologies … She was very much frightened by such reaction. She did not expect to see in only one look such kaleidoscope of feelings and feelings of darling in response to such simple question. Lisa deeply reflected:
“EUwhether it was guilty, only surprise, and so was read … I though by training and the psychologist … but by profession never worked. Can try to remember former knowledge and to carry out psychoanalysis? Though he is a clever man - will understand that I want from it. I - that do not believe in this psychoanalysis. Just I want to glance in his soul: though with half an eye, though in a small shchyolochka, though for several seconds, though in the back street. Foolish desire, I know …“ the Woman once again looked of
into his face - surprisingly it any more similar except scattered serenity expressed nothing. Having pretended the silent viewer, the upset spouse turned away to a window and began to consider the landscape which appeared before her … the early autumn Was
just, but yellowness already concerned foliage on dejected trees which bright light of streetlights lit. In houses light opposite burned, rejecting the beams on the next pools. To the sky there ascended the full moon scaring some unconscious stiff and clearly reflected in a small twig in their yard. All this together created very gloomy picture from which at the lady goosebumps ran, and she hurried to draw curtains. But on the street wind continued to howl and to bring fine drops of rain on a windowpane. It very much wanted to be appeared in a warm bed, in embraces of darling and to forget about all this …
So soon and occurred: Lisa, having put the daughter to bed, afterwards and itself went to a bedroom. While she waited from Mark`s bathroom, strange bad presentiments continued to torment her … Even fast appearance of the husband could not dispel them. At night the woman slept very badly: nightmares … with

*** tormented with
… Lisa sits with Mila in the same cafe. They discuss continuous changes of Mark. But the purpose of their conversation is not just condemnation of its unclear spontaneous acts, and search of the internal intimate reasons inducing the man on commission of these disgusting defiant actions. That the faithful wife did not speak, her girlfriend constantly went on same by some voice beyond the grave: “You cannot judge it: nobody can tell what goes in another person`s mind!“
… Lisa passes by a mansion which leaves that yellowish blonde with long thin legs. The girl, having contemptuously looked at the stranger, approaches her and with an evil grin asks:
- It you perhaps Mark`s wife?! - impudently smiles.
the Woman, not ozhidav such pressure, only whispers:
- Yes …
On what that loudly floutingly laughs, in any case - it is filled in, and shouts at all street:
- I thought that at it taste is better!
the Frightened lady wants to cry from offense, with hatred, from rage … but at it the voice vanishes.
the Artful stranger, reading her speech lips, answers:
- In soul you will not glance! - again just begins to choke in a hysterics, gradually increasing in sizes … Soon she, the huge sizes, runs down the street for the taciturn person, trying to crush it …
… Lisa stays at home and waits for Mark. Suddenly he comes and at once rushes to it with words:
- We get divorced!
At the faithful wife begins a hysterics:
- All this from - for it?! From - for this silly woman?! Or I bothered you?! Can we just for a while we will leave to have a rest from each other?! Well you hide?! Well at you there inside?! Be not silent!
A the man does not answer, only looks, it seems at it, and actually - through. It represents on a face absolute indifference to the wife.
Even Mark concerns to the running-in daughter similarly. Answers all their arrangements with the terrible silence, collecting suitcases …
Lisa begins to roar and shout even more loudly:
- Well do not leave!!! Well with you?!!!
Unexpectedly that gives up the affairs and goes to the reckless woman whom it soon painfully grabs shoulders and furiously shakes, sparkling mad eyes and keeping saying: “Well glance to me in soul! You so want it! You already just dream of it! Well try - glance!“ - begins to tear a shirt at itself to breasts.
of his spouse, frightened to death, whispers:
- I do not want, I do not want, I want nothing, - and through couple of moments faints and wakes up …
Lisa woke up in cold sweat and in tears. The husband was not near. She was upset even more, having presented a dream reality. But here the spouse came into a bedroom and, having seen a tear-stained face of the wife, rushed to embrace, kiss, calm her:
- Well it happened, my angel? I just went to the dining room of water to drink. Well what you? I here, I - nearby! I always am near you, the darling! The bad dream dreamed you? in reply that began to nod
the head and smiled, and Mark thought:
“I, however, always - always with you will be! To me with you it is very good. I for anybody will never exchange you. But all - is good that in soul you will not glance …“