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Carrot on - Korean. Is or is not?

Very many love salad carrot “on-Korean“. And what you about it know? Whether this salad is useful? And can at all you should not eat it?

Let`s talk on this subject in more detail and we will understand whether it is worth eating carrot “on-Korean“ or nevertheless it is harmful.

As usual it happens, first of all we will count caloric content. And what? Here also it turned out at us on 100 g of a ready-made product of 134 kcal. It is a lot of or a little? Well, for example, any grain in a dry form contains about 300 kcal, the most low-calorie grain rye, it contains 283 kcal, and buckwheat - 296 kcal, carrots “on - Korean“ already in the prepared type of 134 kcal. If to take carrot separately, then it turns out what 100 kcal would get to an organism, it is necessary to eat 370 g of fresh carrots, these are about 3 average carrots. Not appetizingly, truth??? So if to speak about the caloric content of carrot “on-Korean“, then it is possible to tell that it not such high-calorie, even at contents of oil in it.

Carrots contain many vitamins and minerals, and also carotene, copper, phosphorus, pectins, lycopene and other useful substances. Vitamins contain in carrots of B, C, E, D, P, K, PP groups.

If to eat carrots with fat products, then the keratin which is contained in carrots will do the part, and your retina will be grateful to you. The keratin which is contained in carrots well works for our a peephole. Here and carrot “on-Korean“ in advance prepared product. Carrot and oil are the in advance prepared keratin vitamin which is easily acquired in an organism.

And what only one pluses? And is not present!

Carrots “on-Korean“ - it is a strong irritant for a stomach. This salad contains spices and acetic acid. So with a problem stomach it is better for people to refrain from the use in food of this product.

Because of what contains in salad seasonings and vinegar salad develops a pronounced taste and how many it you do not eat, will be wanted more and more. So by means of this salad to grow thin not the best idea, it very strongly kindles appetite.

We will sum up at last the result. And what at us turned out? And the fact that carrot “on-Korean“ very much even a useful product turned out. But to grow thin with this salad, it will be difficult, because of constant desire is since this salad irritates a stomach, also people who have a sore stomach should not eat it.

If at you all an order with a stomach, dare …. Eat on health!

Bon appetit!

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