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Fear of air flights: how to support itself at the height of 11 000 meters?

the phobia which is Very extended presently. Quite such natural fear for “given rise to creep“, the wingless beings submitting to laws of terrestrial inclination, i.e. us, people. But at our today`s vital distances without flights all are difficultly to manage. Let`s talk about that, as well as than it is possible to distract itself and to support “at height“.

The most widespread way “relax“ and to distract from quite explainable alarm of feeling of “an abyss under legs“ is “to drink - to have a snack“. But just in air these ways become the most load for an organism. It is connected with the answer of our physiology to the closed “synthetic space“, to pressure differences, the increased level of solar radiation, noise and vibration. Which is hardly notable in big airliners, but all the same rather powerfully influences functioning of our body. And it is connected with the answer of our mentality on again - quite natural fears and alarms of a separation for the earth literally of this word.

Alcohol for certain will distract you and “will encourage“. But here in air you will much quicker get drunk, and hungover “aftertaste“ will be in degree more opposite and long, than your usual such “morning“ state. And mood “to correct“, having oriented a barometer of your emotions on “it is clear and solar“, will be again - more difficultly …

too best of all to abstain From food during all flight. At best it is possible to chew some crouton, absolutely easy for assimilation. Also it is very much recommended to drink as much as possible liquid . Waters. Sweet tea. And there is no coffee -. Since. nervous system already of “perestimulirovan“ a stress, and additives of caffeine can be for it superfluous.

If you and the truth strongly are nervous, then in long flight it is good to support itself by some simple soothing . Or to light hypnotic drugs.

Our state of mind directly depends on comfort of corporal feelings. Of course, if you travel business - a class, then you have good opportunities to “obuyutitsya“. But also in “house-keeper“ there are ways to take care of itself. Take with yourself an inflatable small pillow for the head. Earplugs. A bandage on eyes if decide to take a nap. The soft scarf or a scarf smelling of the house or an almost inaudible note of perfume of your close. It will help you to create though tiny, but an island of the personal space in the compelled neighbourhood with those who will appear in a chair near you. And “the alarm of the traveler“ will become less!

Periodically get up from the place and give the chance to your body - to legs - to a backbone to be straightened at least for a couple of minutes.

It is very good that now practically on all flights was forbidden to be smoked. Since in conditions of alarm the air which is grown poor by oxygen aggravates experience. And “passive smoking“ especially. If to you it is absolutely heavy, you can address crew and ask couple of drinks of oxygen. They have oxygen cylinders on a case of any unforeseen circumstances. And it is quite possible that, “ïðîäûøàâ“ the nervous state, you will lighten.

By the way about unforeseen circumstances. Statistically air flights the safest type of movement in space. In comparison with cars precisely. I think, it is directly connected with the fact that on driving by the car everyone can buy the rights. And then in big cities driving often turns into rather intense and often dramatic game “Evade from “teapot“ or “Carefully, the moron!“ And here the little can only acquire the rights for control of airplane, within the long years which were proving, proved and annually on any tests and examinations confirming the human and professional sanity.

So if at you are though a little basic trust to life, then in response to inflow of the fears you can say to yourself that “your life depends on operation of the clever, hi-tech machine operated by Professionals now“. You look, and will feel better … Though as these tons of metal can come off the earth and long keep in air moreover and move with absolutely unimaginable speed, and the truth it is difficult for us to imagine …

I of course, most of all to us “the brain“ impossibility pulls down though to control something in these processes most. We actually lose ability to influence the events in this small, closed metal box when it “is suspended“ in air. But it is traumatic first of all for those who and the truth still are in illusion of own management of the life. If the fair share of fatalism, then a mantra “To whom is peculiar to you it is fated to be hung up, will hardly drown“ can support you for the period of flight. And of course, if you believe in God, then the prayer on take off and landing, certainly, will calm you.

Take with yourself “toys“. Book. A player with music pleasant to you. Videoplayer or the laptop with the favourite comedy. Some “game boxing“ packed by your favourite solitaires or “shooter games“. Though on many flights both music, and video almost for every taste is now offered … It “will pass away“ flight time.

Still well communication or just a view of the stewardess or the steward “grounds“ alarms. Here they, such live, smiling, quite in appearance healthy and friendly. And fly almost every day. Means, to survive in it, and even to receive some share of pleasure, quite perhaps … And they are precisely trained you to rescue in case of any emergencies. They report to you about it at the very beginning of flight. Also show ways of rescue, pointing to emergency exits and showing you oxygen masks and life jackets.

So if well trained pilots will manage to ground the plane in case of accident or splash down, then these children are quite reliably trained to give all the chance to get out of “box“. In the fastest and safe way. Just refresh this knowledge with supervision over demonstration abnormally - saving means. And it is quite possible, the alarm will become slightly less …

of flights Pleasant to you!