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Woman and uniform: combination or nonsense?

Female professions … Man`s professions … Interestingly, now there was at least one profession purely man`s? Or purely female? Unless firefighter? Though at once I remember one of the series “Lie to me“ where in a fire brigade the girl … with

Well worked, we will talk about “strict“ professions. And how to women it is and worked in a uniform. It seems to me that the uniform, first of all, emphasizes border, division of “life“ and “work“. And the person in a uniform - as a beacon for people around. Competence beacon. Or protection. Or opportunities to receive the help. Or restriction and possible punishment.

The form, on the one hand, limits “carrier“ to duty regulations and instructions. On the other hand, protects. Strangely enough, protects the same instructions to which limits. And still draws attention to it.

But all - let`s talk about “bearers“ of a uniform. How in it “is to them - it is worked“?

In my experience there is a period of “uniform“. When worked as the stewardess. I remember how came to service before flight. In “slippers“ barefoot, in something soft and knitted (these are my preferences in clothes for all times). And as as changed clothes in a strict direct skirt as buttoned a uniform blouse, my feeling began to change. And already I left service another, “not - kabluchny“ gait. Collected such. As hair in a hard “uniform“ hairdress were collected.

The form was the good instrument of control, transition from “me - for itself“ in “me - for work“. Of course, I was oneself, with the risibility, mobility, rather steady resistance to “external pressure“. But the form as though was for me feet - a signal in my often impetuous freedom “to be in itself“. And at the same time set a clear boundary of my working interactions. At each employer demanding from the worker of observance external “uni - formal“ regulations “The charter of guard duty“ is always developed. Always. It is the set of instructions, rules, permissions and bans that is possible and that cannot be done when you “at execution“. And it, as well as each rule, on the one hand, limits, and on the other hand, protects, setting an accurate framework, “that it is good and that it is bad“.

But here that it is important to tell. When you have accurately registered framework, you can dare to settle down in them quite freely. You should come to work in shape? OK, “as you will tell, your Honour“. But here the underwear is your personal, personal matter. And here you are able to afford both to play pranks and to be indulged. “I have spotted pants! Unless you do not know?!“ Or if width and “tightness“ of a skirt allows, instead of tights to put on stockings on lacy garters. It is sure, some men will be image, pleasant for you, sensitive to your very strict externally, but at the same time with internal “highlight“, to a look and behavior. You - that know that at you under a skirt! And this your hardly noticeable slyness very much will refresh the field of business duties, habitual for you.

Points . Again - if you want to be “super today - business“ why and is not present? Irrespective of quality of your sight you can pick up to yourself couple of frames reflecting different shades of your health and mood.

Of course, make-up . It is better to refrain from strongly smelling perfume at work, but to play here with color of lipstick, with an eyeliner quite even it is possible.

Accessories . It is unlikely the employer insisting on a uniform will approve abundance of jewelry on hands / legs / fingers and the employee`s neck. But if your “toys“ are expensive to you, then the part them can be kept “closer to a body“, under the buttoned blouse, for example. Also it is quite possible to afford ridiculous, ridiculous, but lovely to your heart brelka for keys, colorful, all in “camomiles“ a cosmetics bag in the bag corresponding to strogost of the form, a bag of lollipops or fruit jelly for “podslashcheniye“ of “uniform burdens“.

In favor of a uniform there can be a disposal from daily, sometimes painful thoughts: “That to put on work today?!“ Agree, it and the truth facilitates morning life.

About drawing attention , when you in a uniform. If on you a uniform of the militiaman, a pogranichnitsa or tamozhennitsa, you for this time become “the representative of the power“. And here already much depends on your personal qualities what you place emphasis on. On “Here I am what! Now be afraid of me! Here is how I will forbid - I will not let - I will punish!!!“ or on “As I can help you to cope with your fear / alarm? To protect you? To check you and yours, for example, baggage so that at the same time you quite kept self-respect?“ I do not know

how you, but I often notice a difference in expression of faces of “bearers“ of a form. From strictly - it is inaccessible - haughty, to friendly - inviting to contact. And it is similar, the second becomes over time more. Well!.