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Communication as work? Intravert and the extrovert of

Probably, at least once heard everything about introverts and extroverts. About those for whom the most valuable state in life - a privacy and absorption in the inner world, and about those whom “do not feed with bread let`s talk!“. That is about those who are so shipped in the world of society that even alone with itself continues to carry on internal dialogues, finishing speaking “tails“ of incomplete talk with Others.

In pure form these types meet rather seldom. But all - in each of us it is possible to track tendency to this or that pole.

Well to consider these features in choice of profession. As if communication with Others for today the obligatory element of your working process, and begins to feel sick you already on the interlocutor, the second in a day, and your only desire approximately since midday is to come back home, make to itself tea, to curtain off windows, to switch off all possible “loudspeakers“, to get under a blanket and to plunge into silence of the personal space, then, most likely, of the introvert into you now much more, than the extrovert. And would treat it with understanding kindly and it is careful … Give

about extroverts . About those to whom communication with Others is vital. Such in modern society everything is more. And if you lead city life, then “domination“ of extroverts does your life comfortable and convenient.

All services industry keeps on their availability to Others and “durability“ in contacts with clients. That personal pleasure to be “in the thick of things“, to communicate with people is “lining“ of their uniform. And in difficult working situations where the degree of disgust of the introvert “will read off scale“ to a mark of total misanthropy, the extrovert will consider the events as quite resource opportunity for himself to show skill of communication.

In my opinion, it is just healthy that in the last years 10-15 skills to build contacts with people are appreciated above and above in a complex of business qualities of the personality. The tendency to estimate workers on intelligence quotient concedes to “fitting“ of emotional intelligence of the candidate - read skill of communication with others - to this or that professional activity. It quite corresponds to basic statements of psychologists that life is a continuous and many-sided contact of the person with environment and that business is, first of all, human relations.

Yes, of course, and for introverts many areas of self-realization in which the privacy and absorption in themselves are simply necessary are. Scientists, philosophers, representatives of the majority of creative professions. But that products of their reflections and creativity left to the Big World, it contact with the extrovert who will sincerely admire their creation and joyfully will begin to tell about it to the “necessary“ and not really necessary people is simply necessary for . At the same time deriving pleasure as from the priobshchennost to sacrament of creativity, by the birth something new, and from the abilities “to light“ this pleasure of Others. And the most successful business unions just and are under construction. “The creator + the Benefit - the Messenger“.

But all - to any, even to the most successful in contacts with Others to the extrovert is good to find time for contact with Itself periodically. With the world. Restoring borders “I - not I“.

Otherwise sounds of its internal space can more and more “ēąųóģė˙ņüń˙“ any hindrances of “others voices“. And the salutary privacy as a way to restore forces and again to feel pleasure from an involvement into Other Lives will turn into polyphony of untold - not finished thinking - left unfinished by it in the outside world … And it very much and very tiresomely.

Here well the Nature helps. When there is an opportunity to come up from city bustle at least for a couple of hours. To walk on park. Or to be passed to the country. In silence, or at least in a pause between calls, importunity of bright spots of city advertizing and aggressive city smells. To feel the earth under legs in literal sense of this word. And to feel “plant“? That who grows, breathes, changes, having taken roots in the soil … Relying in the openness and curiosity to the world on internal sacraments of the soul.