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What is the personality? Several metaphors. Part 2

If to try still somehow with the personality poopredelyatsya? It turns out all the same multilayeredly. Or schizophrenic. As at everyone - different - there is a lot of persons. On any cases of life.

At someone it is the fixed set, like “time is a Kid, two is a Calf, three is a Bull“... You remember an animated cartoon about the Kid who was able to count up to ten? And all characters whom it counted were up in arms against it and wanted to teach a good lesson him. And then it turned out that in hard times of all ““ to identify and count - very much even useful piece.

At someone persons constantly breed - so that to stock up: suddenly what unexpected happens … But here if all these “masks“ to rake

who there, in the middle?

Perhaps, it someone very vulnerable, vulnerable, trembling and gentle. Who should be muffled up, protected, covered very much. Such swaddled by warm blankets and from it immobilized absolutely? Little someone, weak moreover and in tightly the space closed from “harmful drafts“. The awful horror turns out …

I this sits - inside - small, it is boring for it under all these covers … Stuffy … New impressions any, everything is corked. It turns sour, is capricious, asks to look at the world. And it is terrible to let out it - angry people suddenly will offend!

But here is how happens. Glanced in himself, and there - any it already and not small. And very much even big. And quite such capable to take care of itself. Besides, it there inside sometimes appears such enormous and inflated that protective perimeter to fence, protect is stooolko efforts, cares and efforts, a kuda bech … precisely that it is necessary to protect

A - otherwise suddenly who will prick it with a blurt or gesture, and it, such big, will take and will be blown off! Will turn into a rag! Or all this difficult, carefully built design kaaaak will burst! Also it will turn out that I thought about myself - what I grandiose and bolshenky, and it was - in some situations - insignificant and pretty … at the same time the more yourself you seem to

personally vulnerable, the more you use everyones the different power or distracting maneuvers, protective measures, masks, strengthenings and mechanisms …

I all - wants to think that there, inside, someone such changeable... breathing, the sizes and a form changing. It is good when on a reality context. Well … Give

about variability and modulations now.

The personality - a noun. What exists in a certain form in space. But if to look at the personality from another dimension? From Time? Time is constant in the movement - passes, changing and changing everything through what it proceeds. Yes, our body has the form and, our body - a noun, but every second in our body there are processes which it are every second - though on micron, but change. And maybe, our personality - which nobody ever actually saw - all this is process? These are mental and physical energy which flow in time, getting forms of our feelings, emotions, thoughts?

And then the personality is either a streamlet, or the river, or (at especially advanced) the sea - the ocean where there are certain courses of ours, for example, of beliefs, beliefs, experience, habitual “outflows“ and “inflows“. Which current, undoubtedly, depends on other energiya of the Universe. Also there are in our streams smooth waters and rotten dams, and there are rough thresholds and man-made (read built by ours experience and beliefs) dams.

It is good when our personality all - has more properties of process and U-00BBis guided by changes of all real time in a stream “here and now. But happens so that we over and over again get used to adapt to reality once the forms which were helping out us - the answers to the situation, dangerous to us, repeating “there and then“.

And all - time for us in some sense stops. Repetitions, acting out - a funnel of whirlpools, in which us, slightly that, “tightens“. And circulations of whirlpools strongly differ from a spontaneous stream. Yes, of course, we in the course. But width and depth of this course and freedom of a current in it is mute different energiya - a personal record of everyone.

I like ideas of the movement. Possibilities of changes. Yes, of course, I am often frightened that my stream can carry away me there where there is no bottom... But there are lifebuoys everyones. And coast - in my case precisely - always in a visibility range, and a current with age any more not such rough. And in our streams everything is there is a bottom - it is our experience. Our knowledge. Skills and abilities. What it is possible to lean on. To Zayakoritsya, take rest from the movement. And sometimes it is necessary to get out to the coast - your boat needs rest and repair.

In the movement of a stream of time - it is cool! - so much new it is possible to see, hear, feel. When you in a stream, your feelings, feelings, emotions, thoughts flow too. Change.

If there were many painful situations and incomplete everyone where you were wounded once strongly, then begins to seem to you that a leak - is very dangerous. That it is better to stand. To pretend to be something (or somebody) firm. Heavy it. What any attack of “evil forces“ will break against. Then your personality hardens. And in some parts turns into “monument“ to last troubles and offenses.

Your answers to the World - emotions and thoughts - become fixed, become heavy by last experience. And the freshness of perception, opening on which Time is so generous drop out of your picture of surrounding. You fade in Bezvremenyi, in closeness of repetitions and repetitions of the habitual answers.

Yes, constancy of an internal form and reactions in some sense is safer. But if your reactions to the events remind tags “always“ and “never“ on a time scale, and “suddenly“, “probably“ and “can“ be eradicated as sources of alarm of uncertainty, excessive for you, the boredom becomes your invariable satellite. Like “Floated - we know!“

When feelings, feelings, emotions, thoughts “stiffen“ - you and the truth become too “city“. Then your “wardrobe“ on which I at the very beginning of this opus argued replaces to you wildlife of energiya. Energy of the Universe. Which has many different forms. And in each form there is a particle you.

Precisely I know.