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What is the personality? Several metaphors. Part 1

Personality, mask, personal … At first about “masks“. Peel, external covers, masks, any “mundirchik“ and uniforms. The fact that we show to society similar in these or those situations. “I am a woman“, “I am a man“, “I - clever“, “I am a numskull“, “I - fragile“, “I - strong“...

Ways of orientation, ways of the self-presentation, ways of behavior.

It seems as everyone has a store-room in which - or on shelves (on “coat hanger“), or the lump (in dusty chaos) - stores all this properties. And the most important - there “to dive“ in time and to orient quickly: what exactly “here and now“ on itself “to get on“. What to be covered with. Or in what “to make impression“.

It is good when in wardrobe the order, is enough lighting and it is possible to remember quickly where what is stored. And that you will grab in vanity prikid “the Poor Crumb“, and to throw off hoofs and a tail from previous “carnival“ you will tarry. Also you will be surprised then what it instead of the expected pity and sympathy you people avoid and eyes in confusion take away. Or in general - giggle... What people - angry, angry!!

But here it is interesting - and what we will cover with all these “clothes“?

What (and the most important - who) at us under “masks“?

And here again in a metaphor I go - to a bulb. It is a lot of - many layers, it is a lot of - many “masks“. A mature bulb - rough, firm, but at the same time external “skin“ fragile. Fleshy and juicy intermediate layers. And in depth will curtail a sprout - in literal and figurative sense “escape“ - connecting terrestrial roots to a scope of the Sun and the Sky. You will cry at ease until you reach it.

Onions - seasoning. Giving aroma - taste - sharpness to food “life“ in the world. And if through a metaphor to look, you “open“ the masks - you cry, but when, having cried at ease, you “flavour“ with “depth“ impressions, events, World around, it becomes much more tasty. And is more nutritious … And not only for yourself, but also for those with whom you divide this “feast of soul“ now.

The most sad, in my opinion, it when external and intermediate layers quite “nothing to themselves“, but so dense, so “glossy“ that on this luster all its juice and forces leave at a bulb … And roots and an internal sprout, a core, choke and decay.

So happens: you begin to clean - it seems all such elastic, strong, and in depth - blackness, emptiness, decay … Yes, external layers too “in food“ quite suitable, but … If to put such bulb to the earth, fertilize it or not, all the same will decay without sprout. There is nothing it to reach for the Sun and light. There is nothing … for

I very much, in my opinion, it is nice when an external rough layer therefore also rough that to it is what to protect in the depth. And intermediate layers - read our any our social occupations and roles - accumulate forces for a root and escapes of our “core“. Escapes from routine. From persuasive alarms, doubts and fears. To creativity. To love. To itself - (forgive) - realization.

It is good when our occupations in life - for themselves, for others, for livelihood, eventually, - though partly, but “resursit“ our depth. That place to which - through a knife of resistance and a tear of fears - all - it is possible to get sometimes.

And to feel implanted - in the history of some kind of, in belonging to “the place“. In feeling of present - though sometimes. In more than less pleasure of the life and surrounding you with - lives - communications with those who, maybe, now nearby or maybe far.

Be continued.