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What is psychology of Spa?

What is psychology? Probably, you thought now: “What is psychology - it is known to all! Of course, it - …“ Well, and is farther what you understand as this word.

But what is actually known to all? Probably, the translation of this word from Ancient Greek - knowledge of soul. Though here (began to doubt at once) “psycho“ is precisely soul? Or still something? It will be necessary to look in the dictionary.

I understand knowledge of what is mentality as it is arranged than what reacts to as this word and what these reactions depend on. For me the mentality is an energy, derivative of a body, processes of its activity. And helping us (with comfort - more than less) to settle in realities of our life.

The body is a background of mentality. Base of mental processes. Very often - the main figure of mentality. Try “to think about high“ when your body hungry or ached, or just “is depressed“. It is unlikely at you it will turn out … And when the body - full, easy, healthy also “smiles“ - that and the soul sings. Precisely I know.

What is Spa? In my understanding such this very pleasant pastime for a body and soul. When your body is in contact with water or with others substances, curative for it. And at the level of energiya - your mentality in contact with water energiya. And it brings very “tasty“ - first of all corporal - feelings.

Ours a pra - a pra - a pra left the World Ocean. Our body arises and formed in water space - in a maternal womb. And feelings of this period of life - from conception till the birth - remain with the majority of us the most pleasant for all times. It is a pity that we can almost not remember it. But our body and mentality precisely remember this caress, luxury and safety in warm water of a bathtub. And many Spa - procedures can give us feelings of this pleasure of care, love and security.

Of course, Spa can indulge itself and without any psychology. And in this option you derive a lot of pleasure. Corporal. And during procedure it is possible to analyse once again the yesterday`s performance at meeting or to complain about the careless secretary, or to be afraid of the angry chief. That is it is habitual “to live in the head“.

We - modern city - live the head and in the head of 99 minutes from everyone 100. To a body generally we treat as it … to adaptation to carry this head - to feed - to indulge. And from a body, first of all, it is necessary for us that it pleased with the forms and appetite the same head.

Though is not present, appetite is just from the head. She nanyukhatsya a miscellaneous tasty - will see enough - will think up to herself rituals around food, and went “to throw“ everything that appetizing will consider without analysis … And to a body to digest all this, to acquire and somehow with all this to live … And it is also guilty then that here - gets fat! Or is ill!

The head - is dissatisfied, the body - is guilty, life goes on … Here such mentality - separately, a body - in itself … And even when the head suddenly decides to take care of a body - it “dips“ it into Spa, and itself - on the got circle …

Or perhaps to try in a different way? If you found forces - time - money for indulging the body, to support him and to fall in love - can, try and to strengthen communications with it? Somehow to feel it - to feel? It very much - very grateful! It will respond instantly! Precisely I know.

And here is how time for this purpose - for consolidation of communications of your mentality with your body, for increase of sensitivity to itself and to the world, for more exact identification and calibration of the corporal and sincere requirements this is also thought up - psychology of Spa.

When a body with mentality become unseparable including in yours about them representations when your head at last calms down apropos “Who at us most important in the yard here?“ and you begin to perceive and realize yourself again and life all the body - you receive absolutely other feelings and impressions. Both from, and from the environment.

What for this purpose is necessary? Simple things.

One of these simple and pleasant things - Spa - a complex, with attention to during procedures. To the corporal feelings and processes. At least for 3-5 minutes. You precisely “will feel a difference“. How to concentrate - to be adjusted - to relax - here and tells Spa about it - the psychologist.

And still - why it is necessary. All our impressions about life, since infancy, live in our body. In the form of habitual poses - blocks - clips - “prints“. And water impacts on a body can staticize the forgotten experiences long ago. Spa weakens. Warms. Masses. So, your body begins “to release“ slowly your suppressed or ignored tears - pain - anger - melancholy.

Even when you accept procedures automatically, “having habitually disconnected“ the head from a body, all the same this “mental material“ can begin “to rise“ and to influence somehow your state. And if you accept procedures consciously, plunging into the corporal feelings, then processes of “otpuskaniye“ a body of your sorrows can go more powerfully.

Clarification of soul begins.

But sometimes it is difficult, sick and terrible to do it alone. Spa - the psychologist will help you with these processes. Will relieve your pain. When both the body and soul is at the same time treated - the effect can be simply amazing.

It is very good to spend holidays to Spa - the resort, being engaged in the in both a body and soul. And Spa - it is possible if finance allows, to invite the psychologist with himself. Or to go together with the group organized for this purpose.