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What excites us? Let`s understand...

We - live. And life, in my opinion, is given us in various conditions of our energy. Which we identify through fluctuations of our excitement. So, excitement is, first of all, energy of life. Initially it is shown through corporal feelings. Which our mentality transforms to requirements and desires. And here the most interesting begins.

The baby of the first month of life endures the corporal feelings as chaos. It is helpless in satisfaction of the vital needs. It entirely depends on care of the Adult. Which, besides feeding and basic leaving, from the very first days of life sets mental values of this or that corporal feeling of the baby. Forms ability to identify in what now a shortcoming in what - surplus of its organism and as with these feelings it is possible to manage. In what requirement to convert them. Of course, we study it all the life, but basic concepts are put in the early childhood. Significant adults. And if mother offered food every time when the cub just wanted corporal contact and heat or when something frightened him and disturbed, the food can become for a long time “cure“ for alarms and fears and convenient “key“ to satisfaction of need for proximity and heat … the Range of manifestation of vital energy is very wide

. Besides purely physiological needs - for lack of direct threats for life, in food, a dream, maintenance of the tolerant thermal mode, we as beings social and reasonable, we need a heap of purely human “ideas“ - in communication with similar, in their acceptance, support. In satisfaction of the curiosity to life. In any pleasures. In self-realization. And the further our requirements leave from direct physiology, the criteria of their identification and satisfaction become more subjective and more difficult.

Our immemorial question: “What do I want actually? Here and now? There and then?“

Life is a contact. With and with the world. If absolutely everything to simplify, then types of contact only two - secretory and absorbing. They practically are always mixed among themselves, but if though sometimes to be in time “on an entrance“ to be defined that right now there is a wish - it becomes simpler to live. And still, having decided, for example, on what I will absorb now, it is good to identify that I want to absorb. Attention? Care? Recognition? Or it is banal to eat?

The most habitual for us ways of registration of the excitement - read to vital energy - it is food and sexual requirements. So it was moved … And for satisfaction of these requirements, as a rule, it is hardly necessary to invent “Newton binomial“. And the result is obvious practically at once.

Absorption of food results in satiety and a pacification. Precisely extinguishes excitement since digestion takes a lot of energy. And sexual contact guarantees illusion - or reality - feelings of heat of Another. Proximity of Another. It in you interest. Well and pleasure from satisfaction of these requirements the most obvious. Without special efforts and expenses. To place, for example, - to write creative energy there that, to compose - demands a lot of work. Concentrations. Self-discipline … And to devour or “seksanut“ - rrrraz - and it is ready. Discharged energy, derived pleasure, excitement calmed. Beauty!

To penetrate into nuances of the feelings to us often the lack of time. And it is dangerous. Suddenly you will face such desire which for the to recognize dangerous? Or it is awkward? Or in general it at first sight will seem impracticable? Therefore as soon as that inside “began to move“ - it is necessary on - fast to give to this movement habitual sense. And to discharge the excitement in the habitual, proved during life ways.

Excitement is a fuel of our action. And through action we can reduce excitement level to limits of its shipping. While our desire for ourselves remains in an uncertainty zone, its energy is read as chaotic. And this entropy - serious threat to feeling of balance of soul and a body. Perhaps, therefore instead of spending time for a nyuansirovka and distinction of the excitement, more exact definition of what action is necessary for us to realize now the true requirement, we so hurry “to put out“ it though some action for receiving though some result.

The feeling is the stopped action. When energy accumulates in feelings. Also goes on better to orient in itself, in the values, priorities now. In more exact definition of the desire in the context of the current situation. It demands sensitivity both to itself, and to the field of the activity. And still tolerance to a condition of uncertainty.

And if absolutely to feel unbearable, then, maybe, to make the most direct action - namely to move? Hyperactive children are the children overflowed with excitement. They rush, shout - generally, in the continuous movement. We “are extinguished“ by anything, except quite clear, simple action - for example, on excitement from alarm to walk hour or so a fast pace. Or the exercise machine some to saddle … and so far the body works - is sure, the alarm will become much less. And it is quite probable, you will see the solution of the today`s, causing tension problem …