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How to refresh the long relations?

How periodically to experience youthful nervousness near the person with whom you lived together 10-20-30... years? The most remarkable cordial, close family relations often turn into symbiosis, into full merge when it is already unclear where you and where Another. There is a spread-around image of happiness: we find the half and we supplement ourselves to whole. But, alas, in this condition of merge excitement and interest in Another - is lost as own leg can excite? You notice it, only when comes it is time to do depilation!

Suddenly to see the loved one anew and to feel former romantic awe, the distance, some gap the friend between the friend is necessary. And it appears only at collision with something new and unexpected. Therefore arrange periodically for “half“ day of surprises!

Surprise 1: Anonymous gift

In any day when on you the inspiration condescends, send to the half an unknown gift the courier directly to service. Expensive binding gifts are not necessary here - they will cause only suspicions and burdensome confusion. Something absolutely children`s will approach, naughty: a linking of balloons, the blossoming cactus, a basket with some yum-yum or beautifully packed broom with a note to “the most beautiful witch“. And you will open an intrigue in the evening, at home.

However, such course can be also the test for trust in a family: suddenly presented, having been frightened what you will begin to be jealous, simply will not tell you about a gift? If to risk so terribly - sign a gift, only thrust a note where - nibud is deeper - for example, in one of balloons. Before bursting a ball, all the same it is necessary to it though slightly - slightly to worry enough - and then to be delighted, having understood that you still as once, you try to win its attention!

Surprise 2: The romantic message

If you are sure by

that darling or darling daily checks e-mail, write the long lyrical letter from the unfamiliar address. For creation of the same intrigue at the beginning of the text it has to be absolutely not clear who his author. Then, is closer to the middle, add the gentle details known only to you to two. And by the end of doubts will not remain any more: it you! Also it turns out that despite years of joint life you still have a desire to write him or her love letters with which everything trembles inside!

Surprise 3: Cheerful pictures

it is not obligatory for h2 to Make a declaration of love to

words, all - words is too habitual symbolics, and we want something absolutely unusual! Collect a collage from your general photos under the name “my happy life with you“, or “the husband of dream“, or “the most beautiful woman on the earth“. It is possible the day before secretly, to imperceptibly take a picture of darling in different circumstances that even he never saw before photos of which the collage consists. He will feel your absolutely special attention to every minute of the life at once - as once when you only recognized each other.

By Kompyyuternogramotnye can make of the same photos the video under favourite music. To cook up something similar, there are absolutely unpretentious programs: for example, Windows Movie Maker of special computer literacy also does not demand, it is possible to understand it “to the touch“ for half an hour.

Surprise 4: Something we got hungry!

Will suit the one who is capable to make pies - and such handymen and occur among men! Bake pies by number of the years lived together. Also add to a stuffing of everyone on the curtailed note: “I remember how century. to year we kissed by motor ship“, “I remember how century. to year you threw to me under a door a flowers basket“, “I remember how century. to year we made wishes under the falling stars“, “I remember how you for the first time made a declaration of love to me“... Only warn that there are these pies it is necessary more carefully, and that all romanticism and will be gone in a stomach. Also do not eat everything at once, ahead you have a night more of love!

Surprise 5:

Romantic evenings, of course, it is the best of all for h2 to hold a performance for mother and the father by

together, having sent children to the grandmother. But what to do if it is impossible? Then replace a spirit! It is not obligatory to try to return at that very moment youth with which your love began - and when you were only together. If to try to bring a highlight in today with all its realities, without hiding in the past, then children can quite be included in process of refreshing of the relations. Instigate them to arrange a surprise for mother or the father: to prepare together something tasty, to draw something, to stick together the same collage, to put a small family performance about life of your family, and it is obligatory about love!

Surprise 6: A shock therapy

Many couples feel the special drive when are reconciled after rough scandal. But the real scandals affect a family is destructive - and here the funny, game beating of plates will bring you only a powerful charge of excitement! And will even help to improve the relations in those places where they crackle. Organize “A fair of claims“: whose claim more abruptly! You can even buy the real service for this business and under each claim to bang on a cup:

- I was bothered by your hair in my hairbrush!
- And me - your socks on all house!
- And me - cups from - under coffee on a bedstand!
- And me - the fact that you fall asleep across a bed eternally!

After such grotesque scandal and embrace will be more sweet, and you exhaust in the safe mode. Unexpressed claims destroy the relations much more, than stated. The husband, of course, will not cease to fall asleep after that across a bed, but next time the wife, having seen him in this position, will remember “A fair of claims“ and instead of irritation will feel tenderness...

Surprise 7: And you remember...

Try to recreate the moment of your acquaintance! Of course, if you for the first time met at meeting at office, it will turn out not too romantically and if in construction crew in Murmansk region - that to do the same way will be rather heavy. But cafes in which there took place your first appointments can be visited for certain! Or arrange the whole pilgrimage in those places of the city which meant to your love at the different moments of your general life much. What

the scenario to choose?

Before something to arrange

, it is worth understanding the motives: what do you want to receive from a holiday actually exactly today, at this stage of your relations? Important to you to please the half either to diversify sex, or to receive, at last, apologies for one million offenses caused to you, or just to shout: “Hey! I here! I love you! You remember it? “

I, having oriented in the intentions, you precisely will understand, to give cactuses “just like that“ or chrysanthemums, to arrange fight of ware or a romantic dinner by candlelight, to send children to mother or to include in a holiday... The main thing - to define the desires!