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Whether it is possible to form the future? Part 5

Church, psychotherapists, and UFO - shnik, are skeptical about voices very, finding in this question, generally speaking, a little strange unity (in the theory of church it is supposed that a voice - it is bad and a certain image has to be). From the point of view of psychiatrists - acoustical hallucinations the most hard cases in clinic and the forecast very bad. personally quite I support by
Ya itself this theory. Therefore our method is based on other principles of knowledge. Which, however, are very not original...
1. “we listen to the future“ it is not difficult to make at all. You can imagine any event forthcoming or desirable without any difference and listen to the internal feeling. As soon as the feeling is not really - “the bad forecast“ - or it will not develop, or not as it is planned. The “correct“ answer - feeling of easy pleasure - as a rustle of a warm breeze... Anyway feelings can be trusted...
2. It must be kept in mind that happen to us, and safely there are only those events of life to which we are essentially ready. So, for example, if you are not able to drive the car and took the wheel - consequences are obvious, far will not leave... Respectively, very big share of realization of any event, is just our readiness for its acceptance.
3. And, at last, the last stage when we are not simply ready, but also it is active, we form its prerequisites. There can be both mental, and quite usual phases. But, certainly, to begin to work, it is necessary to consider everything in the beginning - other silly... Therefore mental phases always advance. So, we get used to act with a brain and feelings, but not hands.
So, just we learn to trust our feelings. Somehow I had time very amusing conversation. One “very informed companion“ asked a question on a subject: how to distinguish a black angel from white? - “Just on a heart beat“. So sometimes it is necessary to switch off the brain and it will be good to trust everything to the feelings and!
the Second step

is a step “devoted“ (actually - just “who is aware of those“...) . It cannot be that hard... If you learned to trust your feelings, you more than approached the second stage which assumes absolutely simple action - simply understanding that you can do it. Though a thing very much - very useful...
So... With feelings we accustomed, we carry out diagnostics. Therefore there is an idea that it is not bad to be able to organize something for himself, meaning something good (as there are already enough problems). Therefore at this stage there is a natural question “materializations“. The materialization assumes simple downloading our creative energy in our creative ideas. Respectively a question - from where it to take? (that old kind joke about “desirable coincidence of desires and opportunities“)
And so, energy the sea, even not the sea, but that ocean of our opportunities. And of course there is that idea - to scoop.
of the Mechanic of process is extremely simple, we will imagine that we have the round-the-clock broadcasting of certain television programs. By the way there too energy is radiated and by an expense it energy is determined quantity watching yours the program, simply, by falling of level of a signal. Here only that difference that the signal never falls, just because a source absolutely not of limited power. So, an our task - it is simple to be connected.
Open classroom. Well, here, of course there are nuances. This energy it is possible to materialize a lot of things and not the kindest. Respectively - the world is still live... Why? The secret is simple - it is necessary just to pass into a condition of “radiant pleasure“ or is kind and to be on one wave... But - to “spiteful persons“ such states are essentially inaccessible. At the same time, they not really also aspire - just because “to come over to part of the world and to leave darkness is to become light. Here you will not deceive. Here it is necessary not to show - and just to be. And all... Everything is simple... as we are connected by
A all the time main - to choose the program. To choose the program it is necessary to be adjusted on a broadcasting strip. In this connection, the form and a type of the reception antenna has to be similar to radiating - otherwise just there will be no resonance. And as we are created just like these parameters always coincide. Just it is important to pass into that state of mind, feelings and a body (the last is not essential) which will enter a resonance with a program schedule necessary to us. This idea is known to mankind long ago, and different types of meditation assume just creation of a resonant state.
In Christian religion is on this very spot supposed a state prayful. In non-Christian too... (the principle of action how we will call - sutra, prayers or a mantra does not change...) As a rule, very reliable and very amusing processes are used here. Saying prayers (and also mantras and other...) we automatically start processes of a brain which enter a resonance with transfer necessary for us then connection is made automatically.
For this reason in all religions so important attention is paid to these procedures, whether it be mantras, a prayer or meditation at yogis. Respectively, settings different therefore everyone watches the transmission... (however, all these ways conduct to God...) And that at everyone the way - it is absolutely normal... The main thing, it must be kept in mind what except the main source of broadcasting (from God) is also alternative (not from God). Respectively, being connected to this or that system of broadcasting, you have these or those consequences in the life... On that, by the way, and a freedom of choice...
Is amusing the fact that it was understood in all centuries. Therefore when Muslims began to occupy the former Christian territories, they tolerantly concerned all who glorified God - just for faith in Allah the tax “for belief“ was not levied (the free program), and all other system of broadcasting was paid. Therefore all Christians, the Jew and supporters of other religions paid one coin a year for the choice of other program... (a tariff the owner of hotel always establishes - you do not want - do not look...)