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Whether it is possible to form the future? Part 4

the First step

It is the scheme of knowledge of life.
So, the first step does not assume any knowledge. Just because as we are created “just like“, in us everything is already put from the moment of the birth. As is already absolutely other question. The modern science cannot answer it.
Researchers noticed long ago that each living being has information on behavioural structures, in other words “as to me to live further“. By itself, there is a training element, but again - they keep within this program of development. So, child (human cub...) receives ability to actively absorb language approximately in 3 years. Just such stage of development. And if in a family speak different languages, at the child multilingualism is formed. At the same time, that very funny, it cannot translate from one language on another. Therefore if in a family several children, they can easily communicate, beginning the phrase in one language, and finishing absolutely on another. Besides, in this period that is also very amusing, these volumes of knowledge are not limited. There were cases when the child in 3 years freely talked in 5 - 6 languages. It must be kept in mind that the translation function, is a top - function which specially trains. Therefore the main type of training in an injyaza is a cross translation at which we translate from Russian into German, from German into English, from English into Russian, further in any order.
This effect is based that our brain is aimed at communication function. Therefore to master languages to communicate is one, and here the translator`s profession in our brain lays down difficult because initially in it there is no need. Therefore these communications are formed long and hard on the basis of conscious mental activity.
Again - what we did not study in three years then we will long hollow with corresponding classes as the natural stage was already closed, the rest - violence over own brain.
at the same time needs to be meant that it is so powerful and capacious information structures that they cannot essentially be described a genotype (by means of genes). It as on a megabyte diskette or a flash card to try to roll up 1 gigabyte of information. The effect is clear...
So, except gene system of information transfer which, certainly, exists and forms structure and functions of an organism is also other ways of knowledge.
Actually, the director of institute of a brain Bekhtereva always spoke about two ways of knowledge - logical and intuitive, and, by the way, went to well-known Vange. The person she was scientific and easily established that “the effect takes place to be though the reasons and consequences are not clear at all“.
the Person it was a believer, and she few times in life had prophetic dreams (from her words) when the dream picture completely materialized in the near future.
In the beginning concerning Vangi. There is a number of basic reasons. The matter is that a number of modern sciences, including and psychological, at the correct and correct research of a subject raise one question in which they all and meet: “What is it? Obtaining information on the future or its coding? “
The matter is that from the point of view of information sciences, the model of the future can be considered as a certain ocean of opportunities which represent a certain destiny of mankind and each of us separately as a part of this ocean. And so, laboratory researches, and such were carried out, showed that this ocean all the time changes, and if probability of a certain event of 90% now, then in a moment it can be 0% or in general any. It is very dynamic and plastic structure in which there are certain processes all the time. At the same time, here is present as a certain Divine will in connection with the general regularities of development and our private processes which can merge in the general streams and also influence a condition of this ocean. And as the system principle of similarity of structure of the person and the Universe are known for a long time (are described in It - a jing 4000 years ago), forming groups, we can form the corresponding flows of information, feelings, consciousnesses.
naturally leads All this to model of the noosphere developed still by Vernadsky when we live in the live world and are capable to influence its development.
All this theory is necessary only in order that we could understand that the world around is very plastic. Its structure depends on us, in communication with what we and have that kind opportunity “to take advantage of the opportunity“. Otherwise we just would dangle in some cells without any opportunity to change that - or. By itself, there is a question “How to Work?“
everything extremely simply Here - will use our feelings or subconsciousness. As a matter of fact, the good fighter “hears whistle of a sword before it is taken out from a sheath... “, as this whistle which he will hear - will be his last in life impression. So, all of us have certain presentiments which can or be trusted, or is not present.
concerning Vangi - a nebezjizvestny voice, as well as Vanga was heard still by Blavattskaya. This is our Russian girl the 19th centuries which zapilit to Tibet in due time and there learned separate sciences then she with guarantee could arrive in two places at once - in London and Bombay. And as all this occurred at a meeting of the British Royal society, all its performance was recorded protokolno. A meeting of an academic council on that and a meeting that everything is accurately fixed. Inevitably the term “white brotherhood“ occurs. By the way, Blavattskaya as well as Vanga died from oncology.
the Only difference that shortly before death she saw the “light image“ - that image with whom it mentally communicated in physical option (just in the form of the bearded dude with usual attributes of a body physical...)