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Whether it is possible to form the future? Part 3

Where to float?

The Taoist theory contains quite amusing wisdom: “It is not necessary to go down stream, it is not necessary to go against the stream, it is not necessary to float across a current. It is necessary to float there where it is necessary for you“ that how many it is clever, so and silly. It must be kept in mind that the Taoism dealt with a problem of existential loneliness, trying to get a full personal freedom, by immersion in itself. Respectively, any communications with the outside world were denied. What practically very is not difficult. Went, poklat a bottom on the mountain and sit. Perhaps, the bodkhisatva from you will also turn out, can be and is not present, but in this theory (which was developed further in a zen - the Buddhism) “it disturbs nobody as cannot disturb“.
Generally speaking, the person went, sat down and sits... Do not touch because has the right. Actually, we investigate absolutely other subject. How to live with people in society and at the same time to be cheerful and whenever possible happy. Whenever possible just because the category of happiness in itself is connected directly good luck and is available to us in the private manifestations: pleasure, comfort, cosiness, wellbeing. So, for example, if the person thinks that he is very unfortunate, and through many or not really many years understand, everything was just the opposite.
So, for us, people of society where to float absolutely clearly - is strict on a current, maneuvering in the direction, necessary, convenient and comfortable for us. Here kayakers or those who were alloyed on rafts very easily will understand me (that personally never before did not happen to me). We go down strictly stream, but “we rummage oars“ and we can choose the beach, the vacation spot, a lodging for the night.
at the same time
and) back you will not return - we go only in one direction and
) respectively all decisions need to be made quickly and effectively. Respectively if gave a ride by the beach, wait for
on the river so far it will appear again. As the Indian wisdom “speaks do not enter one water twice“. Ganges it on that and Ganges that the river one, and water in it all the time different. Also also the river of our life behaves. Therefore to choose a cozy berezhok with the good beach and the place for suntan, it is necessary to possess small professional skills - in time podgrest to necessary a berezhka. Certainly, there are rules of “professional activity“:
1. Especially it is not necessary to hurry. The river bears. On the contrary, it is necessary to look round on the parties, observing beauty and landscapes and in advance choosing the place for the parking.
2. Someone said that “happiness, always at least once in life is knocked on the house of the person, but the person just drinks at this time in a tavern“.
Small lyrical digression. Here culinary approach is very important. So, for example, if you ordered a dish and the cook prepared it for you, the cook tried, and for you. And to refuse, without having tried just ugly. So, technically we try, but if it was not pleasant, it is not obligatory to eat up. Therefore, the rule of the first choice works. In other words, it is necessary to try. And here our feelings and intuition, just are very important because the beach can differ only in the fact that one to be pleasant to you, and another is not present.
So, we see the beach, we try to understand, it is pleasant or it is not pleasant. And if it is pleasant, sharply and intensively we row in this party. It can turn out that it is not really convenient. In this case it is possible to float quietly further. It is only important to remember what did not darken yet, the beach needs to be found and the following beach can be not better at all.