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Whether it is possible to form the future? Part 2

of the Practician of a question

So, arises a question as how it is possible and it is necessary to do? But we will begin with nuances. That it is correct to do something, it is necessary to be to it ready, simply the nobility as. And as it is not possible to learn the whole world, we are inclined to be mistaken. What occurs in this case?
arise different “accidents“ Here. All these accidents undertake in very simple way. The Lord is almighty. He created the earth, air, the rivers and us and, certainly, it operates all this. As to provide a free will in these conditions - actually full management? Here it is very important, giving help, not to show it. As if on each of the events happening to us there was a press “Volya Boga“, as if we felt? By small, insignificant, which I cannot do anything, except as to observe this will. Respectively this help will be given more, than unostentatiously.
Again - - not that it was revelation. Somehow time in “box“ - to one priest approached the correspondent on the subject “Volya Boga - as Is Shown?“ - “Well as? The sun ascends and sets - therefore we observe small signs... As though accidents...“ Certainly, it is quite good to learn to define these signs - well here, of course, is which - what reasons.
1. We begin something, but business does not go. Actually right sign of the fact that we not really also need it. On this very spot it is necessary to stop, have a rest and to consider everything. Perhaps idea good, but not at the right time. And perhaps at the right time, but not really good. And, certainly, to solve it only to us.
2. “Do not brake!“ Well actually can always arise simple going if business does not go, we will just increase our efforts (we will press through a question). Here those strangenesses and accidents which will inevitably brake us on this way begin (just it did not develop). Different group of weight... in sense of the scheme of fixation...
3. Well and at last, if we begin to peret on a breach also here, there is a need of soft parachuting. I.e. to make so that this idea was gone. The fatigue or even hospitalization is possible. While everything is good, there is an amusing thing: at all seeming tragic element of the events, actually any consequences. Scheme: “nearly lost baggage, but it suddenly it was“
4. Bad point of a comment (for those who understand nothing at all). In this case the scheme of reaction “the baggage was lost and was not“ that in principle is absolutely normal. Normally - it is if we lose - and, certainly, we do not find any more...
5. Well and at last, a possibility of a call on “top“ - in case the person is not compatible to world around in any way. Here too there are different options.
5. 1. The “safe“ unfortunate case is always an urgent call. For those who are familiar with this theory, do not remain doubts that all passengers of the crashed plane had to fly in it. This option was safe for relatives (family). As just on independent circumstances... And the tragedy the general - social support is provided...
5. 2. “The agenda with the indication of date of a call“ - here still is an opportunity everything to consider. It is simple to consider how to live further. On the question “How?“, the answer the simplest - oncology. Here you will be always told “date of a call“. Just according to “clinical indications“...
5. 3. We will not investigate other clinical options. Not because they are absent but because they not on a subject of our website.
So, according to the specified signs we can “think“ where and how exactly we move, (on a current, or against...)