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Whether it is possible to form the future? Part 1

“Do not care for day your tomorrow`s because he will take care of himself...“ (almost literally...)
Always - in general is always necessary a correct translation. on usual. Here to care - it is not obligatory to worry and become hysterical - at all, but it is necessary to prepare...
generally, from the point of view of specially theory of relativity “a condition of system depends on the observer“ - that:
A. Defines God.
B. We can “observe“ too.
generally, time “just like“ - means to us too it is possible... It is necessary to use - weight a practical question as?
In general, is a ratio question we and IT. That in our will, and that in Lord`s. There is a theory of the relations.
Is possible, for someone the thought is strangeness. To enter the relations good luck?! Yes, of course, the matter is that not only each of us grows, and all mankind grows. Respectively at all mankind, as well as at one child the relations with “Father“ gradually change and it is easily traced in the history...
Before Christ`s arrival the pre-Christian world perceived God as the legislator, the teacher and “chief“, and at the same time and the one who not only manages court, but also carries out it (Certainly, in the presence of a certain structure, but history with the Row and Gommora unambiguously fixes this fact). As a matter of fact, the main claim to Christ was the fact that he changed the relations good luck and defined him (i.e. the relations with it) not as Mister and as Father Nebesny. Here it is very important that it though heavenly, but the father - kind, forgiving, loving.
Well and, certainly, if mister or the chief just makes orders which, as well as in the charter of “garrison service“, it is necessary to execute and report - (own opinion of the one who is given an order disturbs a little) here all on the contrary. In - the first, any orders and a full free will. What, generally speaking, put other problem before all mankind: “What to do?“
Rather interesting will be also the fact that Christ`s arrival meant appearance of the new person (a new stage of development of humanity) when in its mentality such concept as conscience appeared, and respectively there was a problem of emergence of mental blocks (complexes and other). So, quite trust us, the attitude towards us more than valid. Here that fact (and this direct instruction) is curious that “all guilty mankind can be rescued by one righteous person“ - that more than specifically designates a new role of the personality in the history.
So, is important each person, each of us, and the behavior, feelings, views, thoughts we can have very significant effect on the course of all world history.
on the other hand as all of us “float in one boat“ arises a question of a ship-handling. The captain by the ship has to be one. Just because if everyone will twist a steering wheel in the party, to sense will not be any. Therefore our place in the history and our influence on surrounding space and development of the world (so big, and very small) is defined strangely enough by an important role of each of us. So, democracy, or free and independent development of each of us, providing the same opportunity with all the rest is defined. In it and a question essence.
As a matter of fact, still classics of Marxism-Leninism noticed that “to live in society and it is impossible to be free from society“. Absolutely free, as well as absolutely unfortunate, it is possible to be on the desert island. But here only jumping on this island always was at pirates punishment, and not encouragement at all. So, there is no freedom and cannot be. So is? Happiness, pleasure, wellbeing. Those components which define every day our life. And here is how time we can quite operate them.