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what to watch? what is AUTHOR`S CINEMA? my preferences...


what to watch film? I would advise author`s
of ==============================================

business and art - things not joint
(“ the inspiration » is not on sale; - Pushkin) and will be compared nothing by
to the independent film
- independent and proud and true...

I remember the conflict of the great genius
of all times and the people - Akiro Kurosawa
with the American industry of cinema

he received the invitation to arrive to the USA
and began to work there and right there tore the contract and went to Japan

to it it was necessary to sell also the house and everything that was
to open the
studio but he proved that it is better to do the cinema
which at first abuse
and then lift to heaven
what to do the industry which collects money supply
and then about it all forget...

“the main thing it to burn and burning down
not be distressed about volume
there can to be who will condemn at first
but will not forget then“

(Bulat Okudzhava) of

the independent film... author`s cinema
is Bergman and Kurosawa first of all and of course our Bortko

also history with other independent film « is memorable; White sun of the desert “
to the Crank was not succeeded to enter a holder of the directors conducting the countries
and he received crumbs from a rich man`s table
- only those scenarios which all refused

when it finished the movie - the commission from leading
rejected it as unfortunate
but fortunately one of citizens
had nothing to look and showed it “ White sun of the desert “
and it jumped up from delight and told is that it is necessary to
- so Leonid Brezhnev allowed for display
that the management of the Union of Cinematography considered
as unusable creative failure

so statements are vain that communists prevented art
- even more businessmen - cinematographers

in accuracy disturbed as the Academy of realists - peredvizhniki
rejected Vrubel`s canvas with the demon
and ordered to remove it from an exhibition at the International Fair in Nizhny Novgorod
and Savva Morozov built to it the certain pavilion a row

here that the crowd of commercial authors
and the true great art going along one road amicably going unique expensive

means I gather in Google:
author`s cinema art without borders of cinema WITHOUT borders

or just always mentally I look for Bergman... Kurosawa... Bortko... etc.