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Why I have a tooth on the American TV?

Me washed away long ago to write a review of the American TV, there was a wish even to order article on this subject to someone from experts. But all - was honored to make it without special arrogance and confidence in result.

So, I am grazed generally on ten channels from nearly hundreds, with 33 on 43 - y.

33 - é - Speed - cars, races, accidents and so forth. This channel confirms representation that the car became a world idol, and American first of all. For an auto racing huge autodromes with the thousand stands in which fans of races waiting for arrivals, results and the coolest - accidents and all other collisions pine are built.

For the sake of what thousands of fans of races gathered on a hippodrome for cars, in tens of times more powerful, than horses?... Here a starting starting signal - and ten two multi-colored small insects in a starting haze directed to a victory. Circle behind a circle they creep as strung on an invisible elastic band, coming nearer, being removed. So expected overtakings - the big rarity, sometimes a small insect begins to turn a skid, happens worse. These races - the real fights of gladiators of the present.

TV of the USA generously shows mass shows, and not only an auto racing. However poets now of thousands of fans as it happened in Luzhniki, do not collect. Forgot about such feasts of spirit.

But we will switch to the following canal, weather, 34 - y. It is, perhaps, the most useful, detailed, faultless channel. Unstable weather in the USA gives plentiful material for information, for an explanation of weather cataclysms. Plots about a tornado and floods prevail, slips also shocking in the American spirit, but it is pardonable.

35 - y we pass as unimpressive.

The following popular - 36 - y - from charming and ready to help Nancey Grace (Nancy Grace). It is crime - the channel: murders, stealing, terrible stories in details and details... Today the horror repeated long - long: in a prison cell the black spindle-legs in a black shirt beat the pathetic, little white man on a trestle bed. On each side the screen action was commented by Nancey and other journalists. Well tell why so long to show and repeat doubtful property shots of cruelty and vulnerability with participants of black - white skin colors? Sense of proportion obviously changes zakopyorshchik of the channel, and not only in this story.

Ooh! We pass to “Channel One“ - CNN, 37 on the account. Today he caused a stir to the best - devoted release to anniversary of the Japanese tsunami. However in other daily occurrence the channel slipped to a sit-round gathering with VIP of different degree of importance and popularity. His creator - Turner reproached with it the channel even. But now many organizers prefer conversations in studio - cheaper, and without vanity.

At the same time there is a wish to note sure work of leaders, and not only CNN. John King (John King) causes trust impartiality, stability. Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper) dominates, occasionally it is substituted by a few Don Lemon (Don Lemon). Both mow under “the guys“. In a sit-round gathering Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan) became skilled, it is beautifully drawn, giving the importance to a topic of conversation.

For some reason all and in the summer, during a heat put on in deaf black suits, than direct an intolerable semi-official organ. Recently Lemon acted in a civil jacket in a fashionable cage - quite another matter, it pulls together the leader with the audience, it becomes ““.

But “on good and me it is not a pity for words“. In children`s transfer Michelle Obama acted, reconsidered three times. It is simply charming! Any importance and pomposity, full contact with children. Communication with dolls - at Valentina Leontyeva`s the professional level. Here it left on basketball pass - the platform, a little with skill played with children a ball, gracefully threw a ball in a basket and left a shot. It is difficult to present the first ladies of the Russian Federation on its place.

Before transfer only there passed credits that there will be Michelle Obama, without any titles.

Not covered were popular Storage Wars Texas, Food, H giving plentiful food for estimates. The whole channels, streams of advertizing exaggerate only satiety, savor pleasure of eating tasty, even the Puteshestviya channel begins reportings on where and that is eaten.

“At the request of workers“ it is possible to continue the review if “cutlet“ the above is digested.