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How “to hook“ on the girl on the first appointment?

For certain such ticklish moment as the first appointment is familiar to each man. And, I think, misses on this soil are familiar to all. It would seem, were prepared greatly, communicated normally, even embraced a little … But - did not give a ride.

Usually from this situation there are three exits. The first - it is simple to sigh and reconcile (“Eh, not on the cards …“). The second - to become angry and accuse her (“the Silly woman!“). The third - to analyse a situation, to reveal mistakes and further to try not to repeat them.

However to analyse, it is necessary to know what courses correct and what are not present. Believe, not all know it (especially younger generation), many act shablonno or it is worse than that - instinctively.

So how “to hook“ on the girl on the first appointment?

1. You do not hurry with conclusions.

If it agreed to appointment, it does not mean that you were pleasant to it. Were pleasant more true, but potentially! It, for example, as in clothing store: many dresses are pleasant, but the girl chooses usually one, the most pleasant. Because it is important that the dress was not only externally attractive, but also strong, comfortable, practical, nice on the touch, more natural etc. (financial factors we will lower). Also it must be kept in mind that criteria of the choice of the soulmate (even if for one night), as a rule, are many times more strict than criteria of the choice of clothes. Now you understand how everything is difficult?

2. Present yourself adequately.

is Met on clothes - in it there is a grain of truth. Of course, it does not mean that you by all means have to be in a strict suit and at a tie. Anyway, if the girl not a neformalka, is better not to come to a meeting in repersky wide trousers and a t-shirt of the XXL size or shaggy and in ripped jeans. Put on neutrally, but stylishly. And surely check footwear. Meet the girl with a smile. And do not creep to it behind at all and do not frighten (“Here I!“).

3. The main thing - behavior and communication. the behavior and communication you just also show to

the “gratefulness to the touch“, “practicality“, “comfort“ etc. Therefore it is necessary to take this point seriously. Present yourself candy. Let visually the girl estimated you, and your bright candy wrapper madly was pleasant to her. Now it is important to be also tasty that it absolutely thawed from pleasure. Your communication and behavior is and there is your taste!

The main objective - to the maximum to be adjusted by on its wave . In this case there are a lot of various methods and options. But we will consider the main.

You do not speak only about yourself. Even if the girl modest, it does not mean that to stir only to you. Ask her, be interested in her. Some young people on appointment only also know: “I … I … I …“. The girl can feel superfluous or just think: “That for samolyub yes the boaster!“.

Find a subject which is interesting to both. Develop it. You cannot find such? Means, dug not deeply. But do not ask at all: “And you on what subjects like to talk?“ do not do to

long pauses. Try to hold constantly conversation afloat, but do not talk any nonsense.

You joke more. the Man with good sense of humour is always very much appreciated. Force the girl to smile, laugh. Let her do not miss during appointment.

Do not abuse abusive words. If the girl does not use foul language, it is better not to do it too.

You treat the girl as to the person, but not as to object of sexual desire. Do more compliments not to her appearance, and to its personal qualities. Do not lose the look on the bared legs or in a decollete zone.

You keep at. Should not interfere in intimate space of the girl ahead of time. Various enclasping (especially kisses) at first is not desirable at all. In other words, behave!

Be not imposed.

it is persistent to b to call the girl to himself home or to suggest it any services (to repair the crane, to make massage, etc.) - not the best idea. And even if you feel that very much it were pleasant to the girl, wait a pause in several days before the following appointment better. Do not keep ringing to it every day.

4. Be attentive.

of the Woman often give to men the hidden signals. One signals as if invite, others, on the contrary, drive away. Perhaps, at people predisposition to any qualities is genetically put (it occurs at the subconscious level). It is very important to learn to catch such signals. For example, plays eyes, makes up lips, bares a neck or shoulders, does up hair and many other things are all this the “inviting“ hidden signals (but it is already separate subject). Of course, it is not necessary to perceive literally each gesture and the movement and to rush like mad to the girl in embraces (if she bared a neck - can, it just hot!) for a start properly analyse a surrounding situation. If you caught and truly apprehended the “inviting“ signal - the girl will estimate it, and to you her sympathy will add cheerfulness and confidence. But everything is farther in your hands (behavior and communication). Once you stumble a little, and appointment can fail.

In the same way from the first hours of your joint pastime the girl can let know that you go an incorrect course. Well for example, if she hardly - hardly makes contact, almost does not talk, constantly corresponds in icq or still where - nibud, continually looks at the watch, yawns - whether an occasion it to reflect?

Of course, all people different, and relationship of people is not mathematics, concrete theorems and algorithms do not exist. And nevertheless, not to miss on appointment, it is desirable to carry out the same rules.