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The fairy tale - lie and in it a hint? Miracles in a socialist realism of

We see that the fairy tale does not do without miracles. The people who are engaged in magic use a special formula of the address to the inhabitants of the world of spirits called as helpers. It is the abracadabra which is not made up at all! It is the phrase constructed in a certain order.

These spells seem to the modern person unclear though it is easy to explain them by means of system Indo-Aryan linguistic roots. Over time, after alleged Babel, the people began to move away from each other, some of them kept practice of communication with spirits, and people from other tribes also addressed their priests and shamans in case of need. Even the floor “abracadabra“ taken at ancient Jews represents the phrase “I created as I told“. Spirits, they, you know, not any language will be understood. And if understand, then not necessarily recognize for the. They long since patronized certain tribes.

The word “mutabor“ at Gauf is pronounced with an accent on the second syllable and translated from Latin as “I turn“. The modern Azerbaijani writer Maksud Ibragimbekov opened for us that quite we realize the recipe of an elixir from the ancient manuscript in practice, all necessary herbs can be collected in city park or as a last resort on a cemetery where the modern person can go even at night quite quietly, and Hour of the Bull - quite certain time of day, at this time horses lay down, and bulls get up. The rhinoceros horn can be found on a flea market or in a store room of the museum too. Generally, with skill it is possible to understand the fairy tale not worse, than today`s newspaper, and all these of Bova Korolevichi, Churila Plenkovichi and White to the Glade appear as quite living and tangible persons, it is not worse, than Putin or Philip Kirkorov.

And all because the fairy tale was not composed. It was composed from the known material and told word for word, without missing any moment. The writers of a new wave who decided to orient on most as it was represented to them, undemanding public - on children could not understand it. Children are capable to apprehend everything just because each word is perceived seriously and literally and infinitely trust seniors. It does easy manipulation with their consciousness.

I easily intimidated in due time neighbour`s children by the phrase thrown casually that in an oven there live devils who can break off claws a stomach. It that they in ashes did not izvozitsya and did not dump linen from a rope. Quite unscrupulously, of course, for my part. But all these authors even less so did not aggravate themselves any responsibility. The rank of a serious genre passed to heroic novels about Red Army men and polar explorers, and the fairy tale had a consumer goods role. Respectively, these consumer goods began to be stamped also in large numbers - just composed the invention which is not caused by any laws and decorated with branchy morals. Representing standard pionersko - the oktyabryatsky slogan.

At the Soviet power still remained many talented writers seriously treating the printing word and protesting against consumer goods in any genre. In particular, Chukovsky. In spite of the fact that it frankly quickly modified quite fundamental work of Loftinga in six books about doctor Dulitle, Chukovsky quite clearly understood value of the fairy tale for children and formation of their attitude. He urged to avoid stamped phrases, stamped moraly, on a scientific basis specified in what order and in what combinations to use words, syllables, sounds that for “ãðåìó÷åñòüþ“ phrases the meaning was not lost.

Also writers of an old school noted that the fairy tale has to develop under the laws which the storyteller has no right to break. One of laws - making a wish, the hero has to represent in accuracy what he wants to receive. Even wizards are not capable to create what they have no idea of. Hottabych, for example, without knowing phone device, creates only its similarity from an integral piece of marble. But, having mastered radio business, can work wonders available to the modern person. In the modern movie he does dollars of the papyrus - from where to it to know about the production technology of paper, especially that that he is used in modern banking? However, Login created the fairy tale on the basis of work of the writer Ensti from the Victorian England, but sovetsko - entered pioneer attributes quite organically.

“the Steel Alchemist“ shows to an anime the important law - to receive something, it is necessary to give equivalent in exchange. The wizard Alyosha from Prokofieva`s fairy tales has to untangle difficult sequences. There are enough not one wave of a hand, magic wand or intricate word to Schwartz`s heroes for victory over evil and rescue of friends and relatives. And on this background a frank chiterstvo tricks of the tipchik which jumped out of the vacuum cleaner or the refrigerator and smoothly distributing mopeds, tape recorders, ice cream and chewing gum for what the meaning and noncommittal phrases like “toba - a lobby - Koko Nor“ are only required for it nothing, “shakhar - batar - kuzhuy“ and “abes - fabes - kartoflyabes“ look.

The hero of “The tale of a paint brush“ needed to learn at least the lakes of Africa from the textbook of elder sister. And the preschool child will learn “magic spells“ in five minutes, but will not be able to create with their help of a miracle and for a long time if he not forever, is disappointed in the magic world of the fairy tale. Unfortunately.