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Innovation of the power - the equal relation of two different forces in a power vertical.

Parasites of society do not need the perfect right at all - they all the essence will be against wisdom of the law.
the Fair relations as air are necessary for people decent and responsible. Wanderer.

The steady world is under construction on a potential difference: everything that is connected with a phenomenon of life has TWO POLES between which current flows. A binomial - a condition of pulse of life of existence of Reason. Brain and TWO big hemispheres!!!

The countries of the world even more often shake crises. It is clear, that the reason not in policy, economy, finance … - all this functions and is based on the LAW ESSENCE. The obvious fact that the UNIPOLAR system of the power is not CAPABLE to satisfy conditions of development of modern society. It is necessary to build system, perfect by efficiency, two polarly - the BINOMIAL of the POWER. One branch of the power has to be engaged ONLY in a social society organization, and another - ESPECIALLY public affairs. And to arrange the legislation from TWO DIFFERENT bodies: jurists of the civil rights and legislators of the state laws. To elect legislators of these bodies on - vitally. Both legislature to subordinate to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Such specialization TWO a raznon - pravlenny systems of branches of the power in the activity will protect any society from crises and color revolutions, promoting development of the world of people and the person in it. The Innovation - the BINOMIAL of the POWER! project is stated below … to

That the world of people leads to conflicts, and then to absolutely confused bloody revolutions when vampires in thirst of the power push together the son`s foreheads with the father, the brother with the brother …. The answer is simple - the brain of the power lags behind development about - shchestvo. And what purpose of elections? To increase intelligence of the power, having filled it with fresh minds! Current elections at - bore a consent in the society of Russia which is torn apart by poverty? No!!! Means, wait for new bloody revolution 17 - go years. Will be enough for us to accompany boorish policy and to live by someone else`s rules - reasonable laws are a way of reconciliation.

In live system a product of its functioning is its organization. Transition from parts to whole is a transition from objects to relationship. Self-control of relationship perhaps only with a feedback loop. It consists of ring system prichinno - the connected elements. Initial influence rasprostranya - etsyatsya along knots of a loop of communication of all elements, exerting impact on the subsequent so until the last source brings the message to the first element of communication. The fact that the first link of subbeliefs - gatsya to influence of the last is a consequence of such organization, it also means self-regulation of all system. Fridtjof Capra “A life web“ of

Tendency to obedience and to conform to the rules, to laws, instructions forced cynical observers to look from top to down at “silly“ Swedes and to see that eventually these qualities in wider it is general - stvenny prospect and trust to others, and the belief in the law, and the general institutes get huge advantages. All remained in a prize from big trust which caused decrease in need for police and hell - vokata, and from the fact that the social, political and economic relations were not noted suspiciously - Stew and mistrust. Law-abidingness originates in a fundamental maxim: “The country has to be under construction under the law - and everything, including the king, were under, but not above the law!“ History which connected the law - a ny order with civil liberty and democracy was created. In this history the view of the king and the state accepted that to a spa - a tsifichesky form which is characteristic of Sweden. If in other part of the Western world development of democracy was connected with fight of the nobility and bourgeoisie against royal autocracy, then in Sweden, on - a turn, began to play the central role ALLIANCE between the KING and a class of BONDS to the GENERAL ENEMY - the NOBILITY, - paradise the power of the king tried to limit a cat and to enslave bonds. The NOBILITY in system of alliance appears as THREAT and on - tsionalny independence, and freedom of bonds of enslaving. The king and bonds found a way in this antipathy to each other. So the political culture of Sweden with the strong central power was born, and along with it autocracy of the king paradoxically consisted in a protodemocratic order, based on uni - kalny freedom of the Swedish bonds while inhabitants of other parts of Europe were personally dependent from prikho - ti misters, but not the law. In Sweden the king and bonds combated for independence of the country, and for individual svo - bauds. This fight was directed against overseas enemies and OWN NOBILITY who was considered less stalemate - riotichny it is more than power of the king and freedom of citizens thinking of OWN INTERESTS and constantly seeking for restriction. Force of the state defined a legal framework which creates very favorable a mustache - a loviya for development of civil society, protecting it from a possibility of receiving an absolute power of any party, and even those politicians who are supported by the majority in riksdag. The state undertook joint stock company long ago - tivny policy for the different organizations with a target task to support in every possible way traditional on - the native movements, excepting any inequality among them in legislative and material advantage of this or that factor CENTRALIZING financing of the civil organizations. Professor Lars Tregord, Sweden.

In the country with an election system is only TWO real forces: host of officials of a state machinery and … voters. Ranks - nicknames have the UNIFORM power - they are powerfully rallied by the office of system and FREELY use it for the at - vilegiya as strength of voters dispersed OUT OF the POWER on variegated parties, labor unions …. These formations easily push together foreheads saddled the power - divide and dominate! Therefore it is necessary to bring together voters in other polar force in power. Why? The citizens who received the mandate as a result of elections have then in the hands the omnipotent power with its attributes: legislators, prosecutor`s office, president, prime minister, police …. Other citizens who gave work to these people in system of the state become subject to them because that have initially no system of the power in PRIMARY state body - constituencies. Where the representative power arises? In constituencies!!! As equals with officials of a gosapp - the rat can be spoken only at strict balance of forces of TWO systems of the power: Power of Council of Citizens of districts and Power of officials of a state machinery. Only at such balance of forces of the authorities reasonable and constructive laws will appear!!!

of Overall performance of all power it is possible to achieve if officials of a state machinery are always under a fixed eye of Omniscience. From above under direct control of the President of the country and constant surveillance from below active on - native leaders if to bring together them in uniform force, having conferred on it powers and the power. Against unruliness of ranks - nicknames in offices of the power it is necessary and to direct all power of the people having organized this force, having created sovereign bodies - the Power of Council of Citizens of Districts. It will rally society and will bring it out of a catalepsy stupor from a hopelessness of absolute power of bureaucracy of officials. In this scheme the President entrusted to him by the power from Voters of all country “filters“ the top echelon of officials regarding professional suitability and sense of duty, selecting them from the top floors of a pyramid of the power, at appointment to the highest positions by means of the contract with the indication of duties. And to direct control of the Power of Council of Citizens of Districts from below up from all sole of a pyramid of the power on purpose, to keep DAILY officials under supervision bringing up them in honor devotion to a debt and to business of spirit of life of society “eliminating“ corrupt officials, bureaucrats, clumsies and any evil spirits which are torn to korruptsion - ache the authorities of the bribe-taker. The president is obliged to take the Government and all administrations of Governors under the control and to bear full responsibility to Voters for their activity. Council of Districts all local administration from the district to regional value. The entrance of all politicians to the power is given at elections in selective to an okr - ga: from here they begin the career. There is also uncontrolledly a debauchery of all officials! At but - howl to the scheme officials will appear in a vice between two forces of the authorities. From above presidential, and from below where the power of the President will never be able to reach, the most numerous and ubiquitous Power of Council of Citizens. And that these SUBAUTHORITIES normally functioned, and without being crossed in the powers, the power of the President should be engaged in especially strategic problems of the country, and to Council of Citizens of Districts in social life of citizens. On - it should CREATE TWO different legislature: THOUGHT of CIVIL LAW and THOUGHT of the STATE LAWS. It will begin to solve quality of constructive efficiency of social and state laws in time. ALL laws of the state strategy are obliged to be under construction on social laws of citizens of all country.

In the Constitution there is Article 3 - 2: “The people carry out the power directly, and also through an org - ny … local government“. We create Bodies of Civil Self-government in constituencies on purpose that Voters could influence the local and legislative authorities effectively. What to begin it dy with - stviye? In any district there will be people having the higher education and experience of long-term practice of activity of the head, personnel officer, lawyer, financier, teacher …. In each district to find these people and in their consent a shouting - to ganizovat Meeting of Civil Elders of the constituency. Will be this Sobr`s structure enough - a niya of Elders of 100 - 150 people for one district (on three - five people from each house). At general meeting of a gr - zhdan districts to this Meeting of Elders to confer powers to organize all referenda, elections from the district, to conduct counting of votes making out the Act of trust where the poll given for each candidate and the publication of a result to mass media is specified. The right of a response of those persons who did not justify the trust after a trial period. The vacant position is taken then by the candidate who took the second place on elections. Also the leapfrog of unnecessary by-election is not necessary in this case. The meeting of Elders of the district chooses the Supreme Council of Elders for the management. Hundred - reyshina from among citizens of the district will hardly begin to pursue the mean aims to distort elections, to deceive the fellow citizens as it is done by uncontrolledly nimble directors of management companies. It will serve for month - ta as the structural organization of society by means of well operated system by Elders of districts. For this purpose it is necessary to develop the Civil Charter of Self-government by the Constituency and the Oath of the Deputy. Billions of rubles are spent for the maintenance of the device of officials today, and on self-government institutions it is not released also kopeks!? Independence of quality of self-government it is possible at direct public financing.

The important lesson presented to us by tribes of Indians is that the power goes from the earth, but not from top to down. Meanwhile even the best European laws of that era said: God allocated with the power of the king who on svo - to him to a discretion allocates with the power the NOBILITY - on it all and was managed. The most radical idea which came nepo - sredstvenno - need for the government proceeds from culture of Indians from equal independent citizens who connect themselves by the contract on creation of the society urged to provide the general benefit and prosperity. The people inhale force of the power in the leaders then leaders exist only thanks to support of the people.

The power of the Verdict of Council of Citizens in constituencies
We all live in the state system of PRIMARY POWER - constituencies: District Residence.
1. Administratively - economic service OMZh. The managing director of OMZh and the Power of Council of Citizens of the district with a verdict of a vote the same as it is made in vessels - jurors. This management of OMZh in necessary spheres of the power: the organization of referenda, all elections - counting of votes and publication of result of elections to mass media. To clean electoral commission - the rudiment of system of the power distorting www voices. shurups. livejournal. com/5667. html!!! Members of Electoral commission it is alien people in the district which it is possible to order anything, here they also behave in a queer way with our voices. Elders of the district will not dare to do it.
2. Legal service of OMZh. Current legal proceedings are corrupted with commerce so that - debny affairs just it is too expensive for many citizens of sou. Any business consists of necessary stages. 1. Business bases: schemes, rules, standards, laws …. 2. The technology put: as as it is necessary to do …. 3. The estimate put: as how much is …. 4. Finance - the rovaniye of business is the most important! Here also all stage of sense of business who also for what purpose puts finance consists - “who pays that and orders music“, filling the law with executive force in thirst merkan - tilny or public interests! And big money any business it is possible to seduce from a reasonable way and for - messages in …. Laws have to share on social, motivating with Council of Citizens and strategic proceeding from the representative power. Here therefore Citizens also should create the Legal Power in constituencies for the STATEMENT of the rights. These are consultations of inhabitants of OMZh, drawing up applications, complaints and control of their execution. Free access of this service in participation of Legislative assemblies of the city, area, province, fe - deration. Importance of service of functions of the lawyer of OMZh is that it also will become the main force of feedback as here all offenses which will need to be solved by improvement will begin to be flown down Execute - the telny power and Laws. Changing Laws, Executive system so that it pushed out those who do not wish, are not able and prevent to work normally all hierarchy of control systems of the power. When begin with - to biratsya in these services of the offer, statement, complaint, against all districts the picture of many nedo - a legislation rabotok which should be corrected to exclude intensity in society will open. And in these services all this is reasonable having rethought, then to issue applications of explanatory notes on lacking yours - the ny bills leading to perfection of a law and order in the district, the city, the area, the province and all country if to arrange such services in authorities. These bills move in the Constitutional Supervision where their dorab - is tyvat, being coordinated with the main document of the country the Constitution. In OMZh it is easily possible to organize an anti-advertizing of harmful, dangerous production and protection of the rights of the consumer - that promotes health protection of all people.
3. Health service of OMZh. Explanations on a wide range of medical questions, consultations and the help of the psychologist, the direction on treatment and providing with the monetary certificate, control of medical process.
4. Law-enforcement service OMZh: Policeman of OMZh. Personal employment of security guards, on the basis of the standard contract - to reduce all these posts in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. Round-the-clock protection of OMZh, responsibility for a law and order and territory of OMZh: entrances, sidewalks, squares … The organization of the admission of the construction enterprises to it is repair - to construction works in the territory of OMZh, to make supervision of safety of inhabitants around especially dangerous works.
5. Culturally - the OMZh information service: A press - the center. It is work of the independent correspondent from influence of rich persons, any imperious persons at whom hands itch to impose to society mercantile opinion.

Electing these Heads, inhabitants of OMZh will show the interest and activity in each corner of the country.
I are not necessary everyones rakhitno here - parasitic offices - bloodsuckers of type: ZhEK - and, management companies and … about - chy grabbers - they try to snatch more to themselves, but to make not soundly. And it is absolutely impossible to control them!

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