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Why the Sochi drivers can safely be sent to space? About transport of the Olympic capital

“Inhabitants of Sochi stole the train from Muscovites!“ - for an instant this opening blew my mind. I with suspicion looked at a baklazhka with local casting wine that held in hand: than they give to drink to tourists here?! The real feeling of a dezh - vyu visited me when I went in an electric train of “Sochi-Tuapse“. It seemed to me that I again in Moscow!

Business is in that, on walls of the car of this short train I saw perfectly pasted scheme of Moscow Metro moreover the scheme of the movement of local trains from one Moscow station. So, I will repeat: I - to Sochi, go in an electric train towards Tuapse. And the train obviously goes from where - that from the Moscow railroads! Even the scheme of the subway of the capital and local trains was not managed to be scratched off!

I what to hide, even for an instant was frightened that Moscow did not leave anywhere, and all these the sea, mountains, palm trees - are a mirage! As in the desert. The summer was, as in the desert, roast. So I paid more concentrated attention to the Sochi transport, roads, drivers. Exotically everything! But - no, here and again - Sochi. It appears, the Sochi office of the Russian Railway leased small suburban structure at the Moscow railroad. Here also plies between Sochi and Tuapse comfortable, on now - Moscow the issued train.

It is necessary to tell that per se it is few electric trains in Sochi. Few times in day the short structure from Sochi to Tuapse, and back goes. Easy chairs. It is often possible to find an empty seat. The main plus of an electric train in Sochi in the following: you go on a straight line! But not on the mountain serpentine on a minibus, say, where you directly - turns out for want of habit from a huge number of abrupt turns and rises - descents.

The electric train knocks wheels according to the schedule. In structure carry cold waters. The electric train does not toil in traffic jams. The electric train is cheaper, at last, than buses and minibuses. The electric train is safer than all types of land transport. But it goes very seldom, I repeat. And it is a pity. Advice to the tourist: use this simple type of transport in Sochi and vicinities to the maximum.

Now to what most of all struck in the motor transport. It is about a human factor. Speaking about local, Sochi drivers, I cannot but pay these people a compliment. They as I saw, real masters of driving! As they manage to part with oncoming cars on very narrow mountain roads, for me remains a riddle. Sometimes millimeters make a lateral interval, and they go and pass each other without troubles. I saw how sometimes wheels of cars, buses rustle directly on the brow of a roadside (and there the roadside is one hundred meters of an inclined surface of a hillside).

Go, for example, to Small Akhun or to the village of Orekhovka. Yes it is almost expensive everywhere - the serpentine. If turn, then abrupt, also follows one by one. Can really throw up, especially children. Moreover heat. So if you the visitor from the plain - surely buy in a drugstore of a tablet from a motion sickness. Local, obviously, got used to this whirl. I even can safely offer now: if and to send whom to space, then take the inhabitant of Sochi! Or Sochi driver. To it (or it) these centrifugal forces - as to an elephant a pellet. Here who has an excellent vestibular mechanism! Here whom it is possible to twist - to twirl in zero gravity as chicken a grill on a skewer. And nothing to it will be!

In general, despite difficulties in driving, difficulty of service conditions of fleet of vehicles, local drivers do not despond. Traffic jams in Sochi now the everyday occurrence, and here is also shown folk art. In one of minibuses I read the instruction on the announcement of the intention to leave the minibus consisting of one offer: “The more silent you will call the stop, the further it will pass“. I did not want to miss each other with the stop therefore when we approached it, I loudly barked at all salon: “At Shopping center brake!“. All passengers for some reason shuddered, the driver bellowed at first: “Wow!“, then discontentedly with the Caucasian accent asked: “- Zachem so you shout? I am Chita - glyukhy?“ I say

Ya to it that here is written at you: “The more silent you will call the stop, the further it will pass!“. He says that everything is truly written, but why so to shout? Why people to frighten? Then I literally in a whisper missed lips: “At Shopping center brake!“. This time, the driver smiled and muttered: “- Speak louder, the road!“ Is not present, not such and beeches these versatile Sochi drivers! We giggled with inhabitants of Sochi, and I left salon of a minibus to walk according to the prospectus and to look narrowly at vehicle fleet of the city.

It is necessary to notice that Sochi - that rare region where almost you will not meet old jalopies. Believe, the vehicle fleet is not worse Moscow here, almost all private cars are well-groomed, glint in the sun. The vast majority - new foreign cars. Rusty tarantayek it is not visible at all: they just do not get out, obviously, on a roadbed. Really Sochi - the dynamic, respectable, violently developing region. Development - is the movement and on what inhabitants of Sochi in the bulk move, causes satisfaction. Good fresh cars of different brands. And still - from the most different regions! Even from Belarus vacationers on cars go here.

The movement in the city very dense. Roads, I will repeat, very narrow, as well as everywhere in old areas there are a lot of holes, hollows. It is heavy, dangerous to drive here. Therefore still it would be desirable to designate a certain problem: the tourist uncomfortably feels in a minibus or the bus when the driver goes at a high speed on the mountain serpentine. At the same time speaks by the cell phone, manages to smoke, and as a result drives nearly one hand! And nearly calculated, did not fit into turn … In Sochi and vicinities it means to fly under a slope from the huge mountain. I understand that local to it got used - to say driving on cellular. But all this seems to visitors (I talked to vacationers from different regions of Russia) discomfortable. And moreover - dangerous.

There is a wish to give not absolutely serious advice: you go across Sochi on foot. Lack of excess weight with guarantee. However, the extent of Sochi makes more than 140 km... Miraculously, but - the fact. And if there is no wish to stamp so much, you sit down in the Sochi minibuses, and masters - drivers will bring you from point A in point B whole. Or parts. It doesn`t matter. The main thing - will be brought. They drive really cool.