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To be or not to be?

Once the interesting letter came to the website of anonymous questions to me. In it the unfamiliar girl appealed to me to help. According to her, she absolutely got confused and did not find other way out, than to ask council me. And the request was is as follows: to help to decide on the choice of future profession. She graduates from school and does not know, far farther to go to study. Mother sends the girl to economic higher education institution, and heart pulls in theatrical. Meanwhile, the last school call will ring out soon and there will be no time left for thoughts any more. And what to do in such situation? There is no place to wait for council as numerous friends and acquaintances usually advise to listen to “an internal voice“ which will precisely prompt and will direct. But once you only listen to yourself, and at once to “an internal voice“ the voice of our fears increases, uncertainty in correctness of the decision, fear to remain “not destiny“ and still a set of various feelings.
the Letter of the stranger threw me into confusion. It is easy to answer a question: what shoes it is better to buy? or where to go to have a rest this summer? But here the question is much more serious, and, perhaps, my answer will affect future set it.
Ya long thought what to answer. The first thought was to advise to arrive as will prompt heart. I already wrote the impressive size the answer where key phrases were “dreams come true“ and “set the purpose and go to it“, but then I realized that my council will not help it at all in any way. And here I understood that not units, but tens, hundreds and even thousands of school students face a problem of choice of profession. It is lucky the one who else at early age decided on future career and now goes towards the aim. For example, I always knew that I want to become the journalist therefore I never had doubts. And here my schoolmates fine suffered.
Well, let`s understand as to choose the from one thousand professions - one and only.
In - the first, it is necessary to try to execute the dream! If you since the childhood dreamed to become a TV host, then why not to arrive on telejournalism? If you are afraid to be unclaimed, then think that, being an economist or the teacher, you can face work absence also. So dismiss all doubts...
In - the second, consider several options. Submit the application to several higher education institutions, it is possible even the different directions (the benefit is authorized to submit the application to three higher education institutions). Such idea for entrants who cannot solve between two higher education institutions is especially good. Perhaps, you come to one of two, and then the choice will become obvious by itself.
B - the third, do not treat “for the company“ friends. Yes, for the period of training you are provided with the good company, but that further? To suffer at work which you do not love? To be engaged in what does not bring you pleasure? I think that it does not include in your vital plans.
B - the fourth, be not afraid that you do not arrive. “Confidence - a half of a victory“ - you remember?
B - the fifth, for Unified State Examination choose objects which will help you in the future, but not those which you will precisely hand over. In the majority of higher education institutions the social science so just in case it is possible to hand over this subject as “reserve“ is required.
to Parents can wish to pay attention to interests of the children. Certainly, all of us want to see the child the owner of dear and profitable profession how the doctor or the translator, but if it “not him“, then perhaps not to impose the opinion, and to understand and try to reach compromise?

In end of everything I want to tell that numerous forums I will not help the entrant as each person has an own view of that, or other profession and a situation. Nobody knows you better, than you therefore believe in yourself and listen only to yourself!

At the moment enter the list of the most demanded professions: IT - experts, Engineers, and also experts in the field of medicine and construction.
of Good luck!